Is pregnancy possible with a negative test?

Recently, increasingly young, nulliparous women at various specialized forums and network portals ask the question: "Is pregnancy possible with a negative test?"As practice shows, not always the test shows the right result. For some women, this answer is quite acceptable, but for others with all their desire is not at all understandable. Why is this happening? Let's try to understand this article, whether there is a place to be pregnancy with a negative test?

pregnancy with a negative test Pregnancy with a negative test. Scientific Justification

  1. First of all, we note that the test is the most common litmus test that reacts directly to all stimuli from the outside, and in our case to urine. So, some experts are inclined to believe that pregnancy with a negative test can be if the girl has been taking contraceptives for a long time. In this regard, the body there are serious changes at the hormonal level.
  2. On the other hand, if HCG is negative, and there is a pregnancy, most likely, you just got a defective litm
    us test. The thing is that this is perhaps one of the most common reasons why girls do not know about their new changed situation. Gynecologists around the world recommend buying tests of only well-known brands that have already proved themselves in this market exclusively on the positive side. In addition, you can immediately purchase several indicators, in order to conduct analysis repeatedly.
  3. There is also a so-called false-negative pregnancy test. The thing is that there are cases when a frozen pregnancy is fixed. Consequently, hCG does not increase. On the other hand, it also happens that this hormone is present in insufficient quantity, then the probability of miscarriage is high.

xgch negative and pregnancy is External signs of

If you are still concerned about this issue, it is recommended to undergo an independent examination. First of all, special attention should be paid to the breast, since when the embryo is born in the womb it has the property of increasing in size and subsequently becoming denser. It is important to note that even delays in the menstrual cycle and changes in the mammary glands are not always an accurate indicator of the new position. Banal stress, birth control pills, weight loss, climate change - all this can affect the appearance of false symptoms.

false-negative pregnancy test The best solution?

If you believe the experts, the most effective and best option is still considered an HCG test. An important role is played by ultrasound examination of the pelvis. These two simple manipulations with 100% probability can assure you in the presence or absence of an embryo in the uterus. In addition, if the child is undesirable, it is better not to postpone visiting a gynecologist and be examined as early as possible. So your nerves will be calm.