Shefler at home: the features of care

As in the wild, the shepherd at home can develop up to the size of an adult tree, whose height can be 2 and a half meters. The plant has dense, large, mottled or dark green leaves of complex shape resembling the palm of a person or a fan. chefler at home Shefler as an indoor plant is quite popular. It differs unpretentiousness and looks very impressive in the house.


The tree prefers diffuse light and attentive content. Sheflera at home will feel great in any lighted places. A tub with a plant should preferably be placed on the western or eastern windows. On the south side, it will also grow, but then it is necessary to hide the sun's rays with the help of a curtain. Shrubs are well developed in the halls of various institutions, where large, wide openings are installed.


Shefler at home is afraid of drafts. Intensive airflows lead to diseases. The plant is best developed in a warm temperate climate. The room standard temperature for a tree will be somewhat high. It is best for t

he plant at 18-20 degrees. However, the proper care of the head of the house will help the tree to adapt to the room conditions. However, the pot should not be placed near the battery, it can damage the plant in winter. care of the chief of the house

Microclimate and watering

Air humidity is important for the steward. At normal temperature, the plant develops well. But at elevated temperatures it needs spraying. To avoid disease in the dry period, moisturizing is done twice a day.

Watering is necessary in a moderate amount, when a lump of earth from the top will dry well. Sheflera at home pours abundantly twice a week. After moistening excess water should be removed from the pan, otherwise the soil may sour.

Transplant and primer

Usually, young plants are transplanted into a large container every two years. The best time for relocation is spring, but sometimes it is done in the fall. When performing the procedure, not only change the soil, but also increase the volume of the pot. content of the checker at home If the maintenance of a plant at home is done correctly, then the bush quickly turns into a tree. An intensively growing culture should be transplanted more often. The soil will need a weakly acidic nutritious. You can buy it ready-made or mixed yourself. To do this, take three parts of the compost land, one - the bottom peat and one and a half - coarse sand. Add to the substrate baking powder - vermiculite or perlite. For the steward will have to build a good drainage so that the water does not turn the land into a swamp.

Reproduction of

It is best to plant a plant with the help of cuttings. To do this, they are soaked in a special growth stimulant and put in a substrate. At a high temperature of soil and humidity cuttings quickly take root. Therefore, it is better to place them in a greenhouse or provide heating from below. After the cuttings take root, they are seated in small pots and transferred to a cool place.

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