The mustard recipe is as simple as cooking it!

Mustard undeservedly forgotten by the Russians. Now in the shops there are a lot of different sauces, ketchups that have done their work. The consumer refused mustard in their favor. It is not profitable for producers to sell cheap mustard. But in its usefulness, it far exceeds all other sauces. In the dining rooms under the Soviet Union, always lay free bread, and next to it there were salt and mustard. Knowingly the government gave such an order. Mustard is not as simple as it seems. Although in our time the mustard recipe is not known to everyone. But if you follow the proportions of the recipe, you can surprise the guests with a delicious freshly prepared "seasoning".Mustard Recipe

Useful properties of mustard

In addition to the fact that mustard increases immunity, it contains vitamins, fatty acids and substances that improve digestion. This product is completely natural. He "disinfects" the body, acting as an antiseptic. It is helped by mustard to improve the cerebral circulation. It is worth menti

oning that mustard is a universal product. It is used for washing dishes. It perfectly copes with fat, and also is used for cosmetic purposes. Irreplaceable mustard in the cold season, when you need to get your feet stuck or put mustard plasters. To small children at cold catch a dry mustard in socks. It helps to sweat properly. Medicine recognized the effect of mustard in bronchitis. In each pharmacy, already sold mustard plasters are being sold. Preparing mustard in the home

Mustard Recipe

In supermarkets a huge selection of ready-made mustard, already created for you. But in terms of nutritional value, it is much inferior to the product cooked at home. After all, to increase the shelf life of the manufacturers can add preservatives, and for a beautiful color - dyes. An attentive buyer will notice that there is mustard powder on the market. Most people do not know how to make mustard from powder at home. There is nothing complicated here! Preparing mustard at home will not take long. This is better done in the evening, then the next morning you will be able to enjoy the product. The mustard recipe is simple, like all ingenious. It is necessary to take a jar of baby food, pour half of its volume of cucumber brine. It must be warm. With a teaspoon stir the mustard to a consistency resembling sour cream. It is also worth adding half a teaspoon of sugar to speed up the cooking process. You can salt a little if you are cooking on ordinary water. After this, the jar is closed with a lid, put for a few hours in a warm place, and then in the refrigerator. The next morning everything is ready. Such a mustard recipe is suitable for any kind of mustard powder. The burning rate depends on the amount of powder added during cooking and on its quality. Each experienced hostess has her own mustard recipe. It is passed on from generation to generation. How to make mustard from powder

In conclusion

Mustard is used with meat dishes, sliced. Most often the mustard is served to a chill or homemade sausages. But we must remember that any product is good in moderation. So do not abuse this "seasoning"!It is better to eat it in small quantities, enjoying the taste.

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