Autobus for newborns: doctors' reviews, photo

As you know, the number of cars in our country is growing day by day, as a result, the number of emergency situations on the roads is increasing. To protect your child during transportation on a motor vehicle, you need to use special children's cradles and chairs. And today this is not only a private matter for parents, but also the requirement of paragraph 22.9 of the Road Safety Rules. Despite the fact that there is a huge variety of such devices on the market, it is quite difficult to make a choice, especially since many popes and mothers do not know what a proper car for a newborn should be. To understand this issue will help the article presented below.

how to choose a car spy for newborns

Anatomical features of young children

Newborns are fragile creatures that should be protected in every possible way. At the age of up to one year the skeleton of the baby is flexible and soft, and its bones consist predominantly of cartilaginous tissue. A quarter of the child's body weight falls on his head, while in adults the head occup

ies only 6% of the total weight. In this case, the cervix in babies is a very vulnerable place, since the spine in this area of ​​the skeleton is almost not protected by muscles. This means that even weak shocks from which no one is insured when traveling in a car can lead to serious injuries.


Car safety seats and car seats

Devices to ensure the safety of children during road transport are of two types and depend on the child's age. If the family is expected to replenish, you will need a children's car for the newborn. It is a special chair that is mounted inside the car. Such a cradle has an optimal orthopedic shape, excluding excessive load on the baby's spine, and belts designed to securely fix the body inside the device. As for children older than 6 months, they will need a car seat. The main difference between these devices is that the classic car is fixed perpendicular to the direction of travel, while the chair for older children is with a back or face to the windshield of the car.

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Transformers and wheelchair variants

Today you can find a variety of universal models. Such a car for the newborn, if necessary, easily turns into an armchair in which you can transport a child older. There are also special strollers with removable cradles, in which children can be conveniently and safely transported by car. In the case of their purchase, parents can postpone the purchase of a device to transport the baby in the car for 5-6 months. However, remember that their choice should be taken with great responsibility and not use models in which the child is not fixed properly.


The classic baby car is presented in several variants. All devices are divided into two categories, marked with the symbols "0" and "0+".In the first case, the model is designed for kids weighing less than 10-13 kg, as for the second - they can carry children up to a year and a half. In addition, as already mentioned, the devices we are considering can be installed in a different way in the machine. Those who are interested in how to choose a car for newborns, experts advise paying particular attention to this circumstance, so the specifics of each option should be told in more detail.

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Features of classic models

Traditional cradles for cars are installed along the rear seat of the car. In them, the baby is in a semi-horizontal position and feels exactly the same as when walking in a stroller. In this case, such models have a significant drawback - when used in a car, except the driver, can fit only one passenger. The devices are secured by means of two seatbelts, which are in the car, and another one, belonging to the car, runs across the baby's chest. It is wide enough and does not give the child any anxiety. Doctors with such assurances of producers completely agree.

"Longitudinal" models

Specialists believe that the safest option is a car park for newborns, attached to the driver's seat against the movement of the car. In addition, in this case, the space for the second passenger in the back seat remains free, and the person who occupies it can communicate with the baby on the way. If the mother travels with her little son or daughter, the cradle can be secured in the front seat so that she can observe the crumbs on the road. However, the rules forbid doing this when the airbag is on.

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As for the universal chair-transformers, while the child is small( with a weight of less than 13 kg), they attach the back to the direction of movement, and then turn over, and the grown-up kid travels, facing the windshield.

Baby carcall: doctor's reviews

As doctors say, almost all avtolyubki provide the right position for the baby's spine. Even if it seems that the newborn is inside this device in a sitting position, from the point of view of distributing the load on the skeleton, this posture poses no danger. As for what should be the safest baby car, the doctors' comments indicate that from the dangerous frontal injuries the best model will be protected in the direction opposite to the movement and equipped with five-point belts. This option reliably fixes the shoulders, waist and pelvis of the baby and excludes the possibility of it "flying out" from the cradle or bending the body in the event of an emergency. Experts advise also to give preference to a cradle with a handle, as it is an additional protection for a side impact.

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What else to consider when choosing

Baby car collars, photos of which can only give an idea of ​​their design, are not always able to provide proper safety for the child due to the use of an insufficiently strong frame. In particular, when choosing a car, you need to make sure that it is made of high-impact plastic. Also the device must meet the following criteria:

  • have a document confirming that the model is approved by orthopedists;
  • presence in the complete set of headrests, platens under a head and a neck;
  • corresponds to the size of the baby, i.e. the cradle should not be cramped;
  • presence in the device of a protective visor, in case the cradle will be used as a carrying case;
  • model should be equipped with seat belts with special soft lining, and in the head area have enlarged sides for its additional protection.

In addition, the device that passed the crash test must have a document confirming compliance with the requirements of GOST R41.44-2005, or the European certificate ECE R44 / 04.

It is also important to pay attention to the country that produces baby cars. Customer testimonials confirm that it is best to purchase models produced in EU countries. As for Chinese autolifts, their main disadvantage is the fragility of the carcass.

baby car

As for which option to mount the device, experts recommend: if the car has an ISO FIX system, you should buy a model that is compatible with it.

Where to buy

Since car plugs can be used for a year and a half, parents often look for offers on sites where various household items that are already in use are offered. Doctors unanimously say that this is not the most correct decision. After all, in this case, even if the baby car looks almost like a new one, you can not know how long it was used and whether its important mechanisms ensuring the safety of the baby were worn. Moreover, you can sell a deformed device that has already been in an accident. To avoid such trouble, it is better not to try to save a couple of thousand rubles at the expense of the safety of your baby and go to a specialized children's store. Autoloo for newborns can be purchased and in some car dealerships. In this case, experts will show how to properly install it, and help you choose the model that best suits the particular machine.

Now you know what kind of autobusks for newborns. Photos of such products allow you to make some representation only about the size and appearance of a particular model. Therefore, when purchasing such devices via the Internet, it is necessary to get acquainted with the reviews of physicians and those who already used such devices.