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Very often when decorating the interiors of modern living rooms use fireplaces. They can perform only a decorative role, and in some cases, they are responsible for heating the entire house. Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of a wide variety of models. The most popular of these is the corner fireplace. Thanks to the characteristic form, you can place it in a large room or in a small room. Angular models are so compact that they can easily fit into any area.

The fireplace looks most harmoniously in the living room. With properly chosen finish, it will become a worthy decoration of the room, giving it elegance and grandeur.

corner fireplace

Rules for choosing a fireplace for the living room

The variety of fireplaces can sometimes make it very difficult to choose. It is enough for a non-person to get lost in a wide range of models. What should I look for for the right choice?

  1. Buying a corner fireplace, you need to calculate the financial costs, because only by buying it is not limited. It wil
    l be necessary to conduct special training of the place where it will be subsequently installed, and also to coat it appropriately. It is worth noting that this pleasure is not cheap.
  2. Choosing a place for installing a fireplace. This must be done before the acquisition, as the location will directly affect the dimensions of the preferred model. What is also important, the approach to it should be free, and for safety reasons, flammable items should be located at a certain distance.
  3. Internal device models. The corner furnaces-fireplaces have a furnace made of cast iron. Their installation and subsequent finishing will not be very difficult. Also at the initial stage it is necessary to determine the type of furnace( open or closed).This will determine the need for additional floor finishing in order to give it the maximum level of fire resistance. However, fireplaces can also be laid out independently. Such a process will take, of course, a lot of time and will require major repairs. Basically, this method is relevant during the design of the house.

These are the three main criteria that you will need to decide on at the initial stage. The remaining nuances are not so important and can easily be solved during the direct installation of the fireplace.

Types of fireplaces

Angular furnaces-fireplaces - a common name, and directly the model, depending on the purpose, can be of different types. As a rule, the differences are in the structure, function, materials and finishes. So, you can identify the main subspecies:

  1. Traditional oven-fireplace. For its construction, it is necessary to conduct a number of special preparatory works: check ventilation and ducts for the circulation of warm air, if not provided, then it will be necessary to design them. It is also very important that the floor in front of the fireplace and the walls be faced with refractory material. In general, such a corner fireplace in the interior of country houses performs, in addition to decorative functions, also heating. However, its installation is quite complicated, and without the help of qualified builders it is unlikely to manage.
  2. Electric fireplaces. Such models can only heat small rooms, so most often they are used as decoration. Sometimes a plasterboard is built to make the fireplace natural. For its finishing select special materials: decorative stone, flexible brick, tiles. Electric angular fireplace works from a normal home network with a voltage of 220 watts. Such models do not need special ventilation channels and are not considered more dangerous than any other electrical appliance.
  3. False fireplaces. These are quite new models that have not yet gained wide demand. Their main purpose - the interior decor of the living room. Such fireplaces are original plasma TVs with the image of a living fire. They are not intended for heating the room. Their installation is easy enough and simple, so you can manage this work yourself.

corner stoves fireplaces

Features of the fireplace placement

The model name "corner fireplace" does not mean that it should only be installed in a corner of the living room. There are many variants of its location. Its peculiarity is that it can help to perform zoning of the room. The corner fireplace in the interior of the living room type HD is ideal for these purposes. To do this, it will be sufficient to install a special partition, to which it will be directly attached. Such an art object will dramatically transform the space, giving it harmony and sophistication. But with high-grade fireplaces it is necessary to be extremely accurate. They are located away from other objects of the environment in order to completely eliminate undesirable fires. It will also be necessary to build a capital foundation, since the construction itself is rather heavy. Decorative electric models can be used as a stand for TV or other household appliances. If the fireplace is installed to heat the room, it is necessary to calculate the volume of incoming air and ensure its good circulation. electric angular fireplace

Mounting details

The corner fireplace is installed only strictly following certain requirements:

  • Chimney. It is very important that his pipe, going to the roof, is above the ridge. In this way it will be possible to provide good traction.
  • Wall cladding. With the angular arrangement of the fireplace, all closely spaced surfaces will heat up. The greatest impact of temperatures will be on two adjacent to the fireplace wall. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide them with fireproof insulation( for example, brick, foam block, basalt wool or gypsum board).
  • Installation of floor covering. The floor in front of the fireplace must be covered with tin to prevent the spread of fire.
  • Strengthening the foundation. Cast-iron fireplaces are quite heavy, and after full-scale finishing works their weight is significantly increased.

corner fireplace in the interior of the living room

Advantages of corner models

The corner fireplace in the interior of the living room has many advantages compared to other models:

  1. Compact.
  2. Zoning room space.
  3. Ease of operation.
  4. High level of heating due to the impact immediately on two walls of the house.
  5. Stylish design.
  6. Can be installed in small rooms or large.

Choosing the optimum dimensions for the

When choosing an electric fireplace, its technical characteristics must be taken into account. Each product is accompanied by an instruction that indicates the maximum volume of the room for heating. Dimensions of HD-models do not have any practical value, and their choice can be guided by personal preferences and the design of the living room. But wood burning fireplace during the combustion absorbs oxygen, so it is important to choose the dimensions of the model, proportional to the area of ​​the room. corner fireplace made of bricks

Brick fireplace

Professionals advise the construction of fireplaces made of bricks to be pawned at the design stage of the house. So it turns out to provide for all the nuances and fulfill the necessary requirements. A specific plan is drawn up, taking into account not only the location of the chimney, the strength of the foundation, but also the exact location of each brick. From these calculations, the productivity of the work will depend. An angular fireplace made of bricks should be built only by an experienced and qualified stove-maker.

Kinds of electric fireplaces

Electric models of fireplaces come in different sizes, capacities and forms, they also differ in the way of fastening:

  • Portable. Compact model, which can easily be transferred to any place. As a rule, its base is equipped with wheels, which greatly simplifies the movement. The electric corner fireplace has a power regulator that allows you to control the radiated heat. The mobility of the device and affordable cost make it the most in demand.
  • Fireplace Portals. They have the form of a wall and a corner. When installing the appropriate design and a certain finish, it is believable to imitate traditional wood fireplaces. Modern models are equipped with remote control. The room is heated quickly enough. They can be installed not only in private houses, but also in apartments.
  • Plasma fireplaces. In appearance they are more like liquid crystal TVs. In the kit for these models are special fasteners, which allow you to install them directly on the wall. They do not have heating functions and act only as decor.

corner fireplace in the interior

Rules for the operation of fireplaces

  1. When installing a traditional fireplace, fire safety rules must be observed.
  2. Models with an open firebox must never fall under direct draft.
  3. Additional insulation must be laid on the walls and floor.
  4. Curtains, carpets and other textiles should not be located in close proximity to the fireplace.
  5. Electric models are only connected by experienced electricians in compliance with safety regulations.

corner fireplace in the living room

Corner fireplace in the living room: design solutions

As a rule, the fireplace is decorated in accordance with the rest of the interior. In large and spacious rooms it is customary to decorate this element with a natural stone: marble, granite. For summer residences, the wood is actual, sometimes the fireplaces are tiled with ceramic tiles. Some styles of interiors allow brickwork or simply plastered surfaces, which can be painted if desired. When decorating a fireplace, it must be remembered that it will be the central object of the room, therefore its appearance should correspond to the general style and atmosphere of space.