The Swedish wall with your own hands: drawings and photos

Children have always been very active, they are avid fans of outdoor games and unusual pastime. But, unfortunately, not every parent can afford to equip a child with a separate room with a training area, a sports corner( which is especially necessary for the younger generation) and provide a comfortable place for privacy. the Swedish wall with your own hands

An excellent option even for a small apartment will be the Swedish wall. It is not difficult to make it with your own hands. But it will allow children to have fun, without harm to health and the surrounding space.

Required materials

To equip a sports corner you will need:

  • lumber - two main wooden racks of about two meters long( pine will fit well) and two 0.7 meter long bars;
  • material for the crossbeams - it is possible to use cuttings for shovels, they are convenient to select by diameter and do not need to be processed further;
  • fasteners - furniture bolts, metal corners, screws;
  • surface treatment materials - paint, varnish, primer, sandpaper;
  • tools - drill, screwdriver, keys, screwdrivers.

Having prepared all the necessary materials and tools, you can start work. You can make a Swedish wall with your own hands for any project, but you can think over the layout yourself and complement the design with the elements you like( for example, a rope, rings, rope ladder, crossbar for a press or a bar).

The creation of such a sporting corner at home makes it possible to maximize the imagination in both the configuration and the finish, creating, for example, a multi-colored wall or a monochrome one, covering it with varnish.

Order of work

Preliminary thought of the sequence of the necessary steps, you can save a lot of time. Any construction project or repair requires careful preparation, including the Swedish wall. Drawing their own hands, too, have to be done, but it's not difficult. But they will help reduce preparation time and avoid possible defects due to inaccuracies in parameters and non-compliance with relevant indicators.

Preparing sawn timber

When buying racks, you need to immediately think about the way to fix them and if possible ask for additional rounds in the factory, make cuts, so that the crossbeams are more firmly fastened.

Mount the crossbar to the posts at an angle of about eighty degrees. This arrangement will ensure the greatest strength of the structure and will enable it to withstand a sufficient weight.

The choice of material for the Swedish wall should be based on the estimated weight of the children, since each kind of tree has its strength. The more babies will play there, the more reliable the design should be, so that there will not be any trauma.

The Swedish wall with its own hands is most often made of pine sawn timber and pine cuttings( for arrangement of steps).Fastening of racks and crossbeams is carried out by means of furniture bolts. They firmly hold the structure and withstand heavy loads. On each side it is necessary to use 4-5 such bolts.

Preparation of steps

To save money and not to waste time on complex processing, it is possible to use ready-made shanks for shovels of suitable diameter as steps. For young children, it will be enough to purchase about one and a half dozen cuttings with a length of 120 cm. Depending on the chosen width of the ladder( most often it is 80 or 100 cm), the material is cut, in the main racks, with a drill and a suitable feather,which will be inserted steps. If the diameter of the cuttings is slightly larger than the hole, you can grind off the butt.

Important! It is necessary to pay special attention to the depth of the holes, since in order to avoid defects, it must be identical absolutely in all the notches. The Swedish wall with their own hands, although done, but involves the preservation of all sizes with exact observance of them.

To ensure that the crossbeams do not scroll and, accordingly, the wall is as safe as possible, you need to glue the ends to the holes of the racks. For convenience of this stage it is recommended to prepare a template in advance, then there will be no inaccuracies with measurements and the work will take much less time.

Surface treatment

Depending on the possibilities and personal preferences, you can choose to paint the wall or varnish it. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Painting allows you to create various color combinations, decorate the racks with patterns or patterns. Before the finish, all surfaces must be thoroughly primed, this will prolong the life of the structure and improve its characteristics.

It is advisable to paint in two layers. In this case, the first must dry completely( it takes about two days).It is a great time expenditure is a disadvantage in this method of decoration.

Cover the Swedish wall with varnish much faster. But such a sporting corner will look traditional, there will be no opportunity to express its imagination with might and main.

Having dealt with this issue, everyone must choose a suitable option for themselves. Children's Swedish wall, built with their own hands, will please not only your children, but you, as it will become a real masterpiece.

Wall mounting

Attaching the structure to the wall is carried out using metal corners. To each rack at different heights fasten the fastening elements, ideally they should be three pieces. In the wall, pre-drilled suitable holes, in which the anchor bolts will then be driven.

Swedish wall with my own hands photo

Having arranged the Swedish wall in the prepared place with a hammer, it is necessary to hammer the anchors into the wall through the holes in the metal corner. At this stage, almost made the Swedish wall with their own hands.

Wall installation with additional elements

For added comfort and variety, additional elements can be installed on the Swedish wall. As they can act rings, rope ladder and more.

Self-made rings can cause great difficulties, so it will be more rational to buy them in a sports shop. Alternatively, they can be ordered from the factory.

You can also purchase ready-made ropes for fixing the ladder and rope and fix them yourself on the crossbar. The rope ladder must be firmly fixed to the crossbar, and its steps must be tied in a special way so that they do not drive and reliably hold in the established place. Swedish wall with my own hands photo

With proper approach to the case, you will get a comfortable, compact and beautiful Swedish wall. With their own hands, the dimensions can be calculated and the drawing will be easy to compile, as well as constructing the wall itself. In addition, the parameters can be changed to the individual characteristics of the apartment. You can create an additional crossbar for pull-ups. For its arrangement it is possible to use a stalk of a larger diameter or a metal crossbeam.

The Swedish wall with your own hands: photo

Photos of the ready sports corner will help you understand how it is more convenient to equip it in your apartment without spending a lot of effort and money. make a Swedish wall with your own hands

The photo below shows a complete sports corner for children of all ages. Swedish wall with own hands

Alternatively, you can create a simple wall-wide width structure. Swedish wall by own size

This variety of options makes it possible to create a combined version in which all the necessary elements will be present.

The cost of the Swedish wall

You can buy such a corner in the store for an amount of about ten thousand rubles. Own production of the Swedish wall will cost several times cheaper. According to preliminary calculations:

Material name

Price, rub .

Lumber( pine)


Cuttings for steps


Fastening material




This saving will create an amazingly useful place for children to play with, without causing significant harm to the family budget.

Experienced workers can use metal reinforcement as a basis for the design, welding its elements. A metal Swedish wall with its own hands can also be made if desired, it is also more durable and durable. Due to the characteristics of the material, the design is able to withstand much greater weight. metal wall

However, having equipped such a corner in your apartment, you should carefully study the strength of the walls, so as not to cause significant damage, which can entail a danger to health and life.