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Our dream can not be imagined without a soft comfortable pillow. However, in the history of mankind there were times when the possession of this object was a luxury. For the ancient Egyptians, the purpose of the pillow was to maintain the hairstyles of noble ladies. But in Greece, this soft subject emphasized the luxury and comfort of a bedroom. The pillows were most popular among the peoples of the Ancient East. Beautiful, painted, decorated with fringes and brushes, they constantly lay on the sofa, standing in the living rooms of the sultans. In Russia, pillows were part of a dowry girl. They had to be embroidered with different patterns.

which pillows are better

How to choose a good pillow

what pillow filler is better

In a dream, a person spends almost half of his life. That is why it is necessary to approach with special care the choice of a pillow. After all, it will serve as an indispensable component of night rest and pleasant sleep. Which pillows are better? The choice of this accessory is individual. Some prefer harder op

tions, while others prefer milder options. And only selected individually, they are able to provide a deep healthy sleep and a full rest. Experts recommend buying only quality pillows. At the same time every two years you need to change them. If the filler of the accessory for sleep is a feather material, then it becomes necessary to dry the pillow for two to three days with a half-yearly periodicity. The dream of any person should be strong, deep and full. At night, no one should be bothered by pains in the neck or back that are possible due to a pillow that is too high. However, there are cases when when you fall asleep, the hand stretches under your cheek. This indicates that your pillow is too low. Such an accessory is not able to provide a full sleep. Which pillows are best for you? Those that allow to relax the body during the rest. This object should support the cervical spine and head. Only then will the body be able to relax and rest. If a person is accustomed to sleeping on his side, then to the question of which pillow is the best for him. And you can answer unequivocally - high. If preference is given to rest on the stomach or back, then it is recommended to buy it lower. A higher pillow is better to use and in the presence of soft mattresses. The same size is recommended when you purchase this accessory by broad-shouldered people. Which pillows are better in rigidity? It also depends on the pose that is preferred during sleep. If a person is most comfortable resting on his side, then a hard pillow is needed. A softer accessory will avoid overstrain of the muscles during sleep on the abdomen. If a person likes to rest, lying on his back, then he is best suited pillow, which has medium rigidity. Which pillows are better in size? Here there is a basic rule. The length of the pillow should match the width of the mattress, and the height - the width of the person's shoulder, which uses it for rest. Only in this case can a healthy full-fledged sleep be provided.

what pill is the best

Which pillow filler is best

The elasticity and softness of such an important accessory for sleep depends directly on the material used for its manufacture. The filler must ensure the normal position of the spine. In this case, the muscles of the back and neck should be in a relaxed state, and the position of the body to promote normal blood flow. Traditionally, a mixture of down and feathers is used to stuff pillows. Such an accessory for sleep excellently absorbs and evaporates moisture, and also recovers in volume. However, pillows with this filler can not be used by people prone to allergic diseases. Symptoms of this pathology are caused by ticks living in feathers. Cushions are produced, which contain sheep wool as a filler. They have a positive effect on human health. The cheapest pillows are filled with cotton. Such material does not cause allergic reactions, but quickly rolls down. Fill the pillows and sinteponom, komforelom, latex. Choosing such an important accessory for sleep, you need to pay attention to the seams. They should be frequent and strong. This will not allow the filler to come out.

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