The recipe for halibut cooking in different nations

This fatty fish is truly universal. With it you can make soups, cook, fry, grill, cook in a double boiler and even eat raw, like the Japanese do with their "hirame".Every people living by the sea, there must be a recipe for cooking halibut. But all of them are united by one common tendency: to soften the expressive taste of fish oil with horseradish, mustard or vinegar. Also tried to refresh the smell of a twig of pine or other coniferous tree. In Russia, from ancient times, this fish was served in fried form with horseradish. But how is it prepared in other countries?

Recipe for cooking halibut in Scandinavian

The recipe for halibut

Fish is cut into fillets, greased slightly with horseradish and mustard and baked. Finally, impregnate with a gentle creamy sauce Olandez or Beshamel. If you have a steamer, then here's another northern way: pour water on the bottom, add the lemon and ginger cut into halves, throw a twig of pine needles. In the basket, hang a carcass of halibut and so steam under the l

id for ten minutes. Check for availability with a fork. It is very suitable for this dish garnish of steamed vegetables.

Recipe for cooking halibut in Icelandic

Islanders who live in the distant land of snows and geysers are very fond of this type of fish. In an old culinary book, which dates back to 1783, the dish lúdusúpa - halibut soup is mentioned. This fish is so fatty that even its bones, with long cooking, give a gelatinous fat - just like a cold of pork legs. Icelanders differ in their strange taste preferences - everyone knows their love for rotten meat. They rehearse and in the soup recipe: ten minutes before the end of cooking, a rhubarb throws into the pan, a handful of raisins and prunes.

Recipe for cooking halibut in Turkish

Halibut fried

The very word "balyk" came to us from Turkey. But if we associate it with smoked meat and fish, on the ground of Roksolana and Suleiman the Magnificent, "balik" means only one thing - "fish".Spin, abdomen and particularly fatty flanks of turbot Turks are salted, then subjected to cold smoking, then spread on the counter and start to extolling their products wordly. And you, unable to resist the soft beige look of this delicacy, its divine smell of haze and the sea, silently agree to any price. ..

Halibut fried in Izmir

In the Turkish city of Izmir with a halibut arrive so. First it is cleaned and refreshed. Slice the skin at the tail so that you can grasp it. Then they tear it off in the direction of the head with a sharp movement. From the freshened fish, large bones are removed. The fillets are dumped in flour, then in a salted mixture of milk and eggs, then in crackers. Lay the carcass on a baking tray with rings of tomatoes and onions, pieces of sweet pepper, and also with cubes of special hard cheese kasar and bake in the oven.

Halibut in foil

Halibut in foil in Moroccan style

The Maghreb kitchen is often cooked in a special cone-shaped dish, but this dish can also be baked in a conventional oven with foil. We will need, except a pound of fish fillets, lime, red onion, ginger root, a spoonful of special Tamarind paste, chili, coriander, curry, garlic and olive oil. The oven is heated up to 180 °.Sliced ​​ginger( allowed as a powder), pepper and garlic are ground in a mortar with curry, coriander, salt and pepper. We add Tamarind and a spoonful of olive oil, all the time we shove. Bulb cut slices, and lime - thin circles. The tray is covered with foil in order to close and protect the contents with the envelope. We spread the halibut, grease it with a dressing from the mortar. Top with onion and lime. We close the foil and set it on for 20 minutes.

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