Stewed pink salmon - it's simple and tasty

One of the most favorite fish, preferred by Russians today is pink salmon. On the shelves of stores we can watch it in freshly frozen, chilled, salted form, and in cafes and restaurants we will be offered a huge variety of dishes from this fish: roasted salmon, roasted salmon, roasted salmon, etc.

Stewed pink salmon

If you have never faced the preparation of dishes based on pink salmon, then this article is especially for you. In it, I will share with you several recipes that will allow you to please yourself and your loved ones with the delights of cooking.

So, the first recipe on the list is "Stewed Stewed Salmon".Perhaps, this is the simplest thing that you can easily create with a fish.

Let's start cooking. First we need one kilogram of pink salmon. Immediately I will explain that this weight is calculated only for already defrosted fish. If there is a frozen product available, it will require a little more, taking into account the error in the loss of water during defrosting. First, the fish mu

st be cleaned, thoroughly washed and cut into future portions. Next, lay the bottom of a medium-sized saucepan with a bay leaf. Moderate salted salmon and lightly rub it with black pepper. If desired, fish sidewalls can be greased with mustard, which will add spice and flavor to the future dish. Vertically dip pieces of fish into a pot, and put half the average potatoes in the space between them. All this charm pour a small amount of liquid, about two centimeters. By the liquid I mean water or any( vegetable, meat, chicken) broth. Stew the dish on medium heat for about thirty minutes under the lid. After that, extinguish the fire and give the pink salmon to infuse and soak with all the juices. This process will take about 15 minutes, also under the closed lid.

As I said before, this is an ordinary fish dish, which is useful for the usual diet. In this case, in addition to fish, we used potatoes, but nobody forbids taking absolutely any vegetables: carrots, onions, beets, etc. Stewed salmon with vegetables is also an excellent option for those who do not have time for garnish.

If you decide to make a festive dish of fish, then the next recipe will have just the way.

Stewed salmon in sour cream

Let's begin, the pink salmon stewed in sour cream.

About half a kilogram of pre-defrosted fish, clean and thoroughly wash. Cut the hunchback into slices, two to three centimeters thick, and rub it with a small amount of salt and salt solution. Then one medium bulb should be finely chopped and fried in vegetable oil until half-ready. After the process with the onion is completed, it is necessary to lay the fish pieces on top of it and pour the pre-prepared sour cream sauce. For him, about a hundred and fifty grams of sour cream is needed to dissolve a small amount of boiled water, and add the preferred spices. Stew the dish under the lid for about twenty minutes on a moderate fire.

Pink salmon, stewed in this way, is much softer and juicier than usual.

Stewed salmon with vegetables

Here are two of the simplest recipes from pink salmon. As you have already understood, the cooking process takes a minimum of time. If we talk about pork, beef or even chicken, then it will take much more time! And what is the taste of such a dish, like salmon stewed in spices or a variety of sauces! Bon Appetit!

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