Fish menu: how to cook zander

Sudak - delicious sea and river fish - depending on the breed and habitats. Large, not very bony, it takes a worthy place in cooking due to the special value of meat. It is considered dietary;has a minimum fat content and more than 18% contains protein. It also contains all the existing amino acids and a huge amount of valuable minerals, without which a person's full life is simply impossible. Therefore, nutritionists believe that the dishes from the pike perch must necessarily appear regularly on our table. how to cook zander

Boiled pike-perch with vegetables garnish

How to cook pike-perch, if it is not yet finished? Naturally, first the fish should be cleaned: remove the dorsal fin( cut in both directions and wrap the hand with a towel so as not to cut it), then scales, etc. Then cut into portions. Prepare vegetables. Their number depends on the weight of the fish.

Ingredients per 1 kg of meat

  1. carrots, buryak, bulb - 1 piece( therefore, 2 kg of fish for 2 pieces in total, etc.);
  2. half a glass of milk of usual fat content;
  3. 1 tablespoon of butter. Oil is very important, becausesoftens rather hard pike perch, makes it more tender;
  4. potatoes - 800 gr.

We continue to prepare

The second stage is how to cook the pike perch with vegetable garnish - the vegetables themselves are cut into thin mugs, and the potatoes - rather large slices. The ingredients are laid in layers in a saucepan: first beets, then carrots, onions, potatoes. Then pour a half cup of water. Everything is salted( then you can add), and the top is laid fish. Spices and condiments are added: several laurel leaves, 5-6 peas of sweet-scented pepper, caraway seeds, and other aromatic seasonings. The third stage, how to cook zander, stewed in vegetables, - put the pan on a weak fire for about an hour. That nothing burned, every 10-12 dishes should be stopped. Just do not do it with a spoon - the pot is taken with potholders and gently shaken. Our last stage of how to cook pike-perch is to add water to the pan, and put pieces of butter on the meat, and let it boil for another 20 minutes. Try the sauce, if there is enough salt. You can add ground pepper. Then, when the pan is off the fire, it should be tilted and gently scooped up the sauce, pour on the fish and leave to stand before serving.

Pike perch with white wine sauce

how to cook zander in the oven Often, wine, white or red is used to deliciously cook zander, as well as other fish. Pike perch with white wine can become an ornament of your table, an excellent festive dish. We need: fish fillets( it is better to buy it than to cut it ourselves, because all large and small bones should be pulled out of meat), a half kilogram or a little more;100 grams of white wine;200 grams of mushrooms, better than fresh champignons or white, because.their taste is better combined with fish. Still need: a tablespoon of flour, raw chicken egg, white loaf - 200 grams, butter - 4 tablespoons. And do not worry that the fish should not be cooked, but put out in the oven. There is nothing difficult in how to cook zander in the oven.

Step-by-step cooking

In shallow, heat-resistant dishes, combine the fillet pieces, mushrooms, cut into slices, add salt, pepper, sprinkle with spices. Then pour all the wine and add a third of a glass of water, and preferably - broth, if any, you have in the fridge. Place the dishes in the oven, preheated, and cook until ready. The two halves are cut off from the loaf, the crust is peeled off, and the crump is cut into slices of different sizes. The cut must be observed obliquely. Bake the bread in a frying pan. With the finished fish, merge the broth, and on its basis make the sauce. To do this: boil the broth so that it evaporates a little. Pour, stirring, a spoonful of flour, as much oil, and boil another 4-5 minutes. Then the sauce is removed from the fire, it puts a little more butter, everything is mixed until a uniform consistency. Rub with a spoonful of butter yolk and add to the sauce, try, salt. Strain through a sieve. Serve the dish so: on a flat large plate to lay out large slices of our loaf, between them - small. At large expand the pieces of pike perch, lay mushrooms on top. All pour the prepared sauce. With such a fish, the asparagus beans, green peas are well combined.

Result of

As you can see, and the fish table can be varied, tasty, in no way inferior to the meat kitchen!

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