Ichpichmaki: delicious triangles with meat and potatoes

This delicious Tatar dish( it is also called "ishpishmaki", "uchpochmaki" or "ochpochmaki") is very similar to Russian pies. Patties are usually served with tea with butter or broth. In the middle of the product put a spoonful of butter or broth. So itchichmaki become even juicier. The article contains a recipe for triangles with meat, following which you can get a whole tray of patties. Triangles with meat and potatoes


Here we need a yeast dough. You can buy it as a semi-finished product or knead it in a bread maker, or you can make it yourself so that the warmth and diligence of our hands are passed on to the pies, which makes them even more delicious. Some Tatar housewives bake triangles with meat and without yeast. To prepare the basics, they take a pack of softened margarine, pour it a glass of warm water with 5-6 spoons of vegetable oil, add a spoonful of sour cream or mayonnaise, baking soda, salt, sprinkle with flour and knead the soft dough. According to the same classical recipe, you need to take a bag

of dry yeast, dilute them in a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt, drive in the egg, add 6 spoons of sunflower oil and pour gradually half a kilo of flour. Cover with clean gauze and put in a warm place to grow.

Preparation of the filling

Recipe for triangles with meat The very name of the dish - triangles with meat and potatoes - eloquently speaks about what we will stuff our ypichmaki. Tatars traditionally use lamb for these pies, but, in principle, you can take beef or even pork. It is best to purchase the category of meat "for goulash", but then we need to grind it into cubes the size of hazelnuts. If you took 500 grams of flour for a dough, then 300-400 grams of mutton will be needed for the filling, 3-4 medium potatoes, a large onion. All the ingredients are cut equally small pieces, salt and pepper. Under the action of salt, juice will begin to be released. We give minced meat for half an hour or an hour.

We make triangles with meat and potatoes

When the dough is suitable, and the filling swims in its own juice, we proceed to making pies. Remove the liquid from the stuffing. We take the dough and again mnem his hands. We will not need a rolling pin in the process of preparation. We pluck from the kolobok pieces by about 80 g and form cakes of a triangular shape. They should not be very thin, as the dough can tear, and the juice can flow out. In the middle of the cake we put a spoonful of stuffing and tear it on three sides, leaving only the top of the "pyramid" open. Triangles with meat


Flat pan is greased with any fat and put on it our triangles with meat and potatoes so that the hole is at the top. For beauty, we lubricate the products with egg yolk, so that they come out ruddy and do not crack. Leave it for another 20 minutes. Oven is heated to 190 C. Bake itchichmaki need at least 25 minutes. Since such products as raw meat and potatoes are inside, the readiness of the products should be checked not only by the test. A wooden toothpick is pierced and stuffed( through the slightly open top of the "pyramid").

"Recycling" extra products

Triangles with meat and potatoes are served, as already mentioned, with broth or butter. It often happens that there is a filling. Dont be upset. Transfer it to the pot, fill it with protein( you should have it after the lubrication of ychichmak), sour cream with a few spoons of ketchup, and send after the patties in the oven. An excellent second course!

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