How to build a house from a bar with your own hands( photo)

Many people today are thinking about how to build a house from a bar with their own hands. This question is relevant, because the wooden buildings are very warm, in addition, they are completely ecological and look very unusual.

How to choose high-quality material

how to build a house from a bar with your own hands

Compliance with all construction technologies does not guarantee that the house will be durable and durable. As one of the most important requirements for obtaining a reliable construction is the use of quality material. Most often for the construction of a wooden house used coniferous wood. This is due to the fact that such material meets sanitary and hygienic standards. In addition, it is more resistant than others to decay processes, it does not show cracks( under the condition of proper operation), and it is easy to process it, as well as to mount it, which is explained by insignificant weight.

Before you build a house from a bar with your own hands, you need to select the material that has undergone the process of high-quali

ty drying. This will make shrinkage not so significant. After all, it not only makes the initial height of the building less, but is accompanied by the formation of grooves between the logs, which are then to be filled.

In addition, for the erection of a house you can choose a solid or profiled beam( the latter, by the way, assumes only the assembly in the work area).After the completion of the process, you will receive a construction that is resistant to deformations. External weather effects are not dangerous to the profiled beam, as logs are as tightly fitted as possible. After shrinking the walls of the house do not have to caulk, which makes operation more pleasant.

Characteristics of a solid beam

how to build a house from a bar with your own hands photo

Before proceeding directly to the discussion of the question "how to build a house from a log with your own hands"( photo of ready-made buildings, for example, you can see in the article), say a couple of words about such an option as a solid beam. It looks, of course, not so attractive, as profiled, but it also has a lot of advantages. Among the main ones, one can identify the affordable value. But before buying it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material, since it has natural moisture and can be affected by a fungus. In order for the building to retain heat, it will have to be insulated even at the stage of erection, moreover, the process should be repeated even after shrinkage.

Construction of the foundation

how to build a house from a bar with your own hands projects

Before you can build a house from a bar yourself, you need to build a foundation. An excellent base will be the ribbon construction. Initially, the markup is produced. The territory is cleared, the top layer of soil is removed from it, the thickness of which is about 7-10 cm. Then you can dig a 1.5 m wide trench, while its depth should be equal to 2.5 m. Now you can install the formwork. It should contain reinforcement of steel bars Ø1.5 cm, their length is limited to 2-2.5 m.

If a private developer is faced with the question of how to build a house from a bar with his own hands, then he should know that the foundation mustto be as high as possible. It can not be made so if you do not put a padding on the bottom of the trench, which must consist of a hydrogen material and have a thickness of 30-50 cm. The next step is pouring concrete. It is more preferable to order a solution at the factory or to rent a concrete mixer. As a prerequisite for the formation of the foundation is the filling of the next layer before it is covered with a crust previous. In the flooded state, the base is left for a period of up to five days. The foundation is recommended to be covered with waterproofing before the construction of the walls, for this purpose, a roll roofing felt, which fits into the bituminous mastic.

Construction of walls

how to build a house from a bar with your own hands where to start

You should know what kind of work to be done at the stage of erection of walls before you can build a house from a bar yourself. Photos of such buildings are presented in the article, so you have the visual material. For this, you can purchase a beam with a cross section of 200x200 or 150x150 mm. First you have to choose one of the ways of cutting. For example, the walls can be assembled into a paw. For cutting by this technology it is necessary to put a pair of logs opposite each other on the foundation. After another couple folds perpendicularly, so that a square is obtained. The next step in each log should be to form a "nest", designed for attachment. It must have the form of a trapezium. In the resulting cavity it is necessary to install the next log, and in it to make the same "nest".Such work is necessary until the walls reach their projected height.

Alternative options for cutting

how to build a house from a bar with your own hands in detail

If you still think how to build a house of logs with your own hands, you can learn more about this in this article.

So, one more variant of cutting is called "swallowtail".It is similar to the previous one. But the "nest" in this case should not be perpendicular, it must be done at an incline, which will allow each subsequent log to be laid in the groove of the previous one. In order to perform the chopping "in the bowl", you will use a tool called a "dash".It resembles a compass and is used to perform correct markup. In each log a "bowl" is made from below. At the next stage, it is necessary to put the following log so that the "bowl" repeats the outlines of the lower one on top of the installed beam. This cutting technology makes it possible to obtain excellent

Before you build a house from a bar with your own hands with a basement floor, you need to lay the foundation. Suitable for this, for example, a tape base. After the construction of the foundation, you can proceed to the construction of the walls, they can be collected by the method of cutting "in half a tree".This technology involves the need to make small holes for the keys. They are recommended to be located in places that are near the connection of corners. When choosing the length of the veneer, it is necessary to take into account that it should not be enough for one crown. You can apply a more popular version of this technology, which requires the need to fold and install the key in the joints of logs. This will increase the reliability of the corners.

Features of the wall assembly

how to build a house from a beam with your own hands ceiling

What else is needed to solve the problem in practical terms: "How to build a house from a bar with your own hands?"Projects! Take as a basis can be those that are presented in the article. The simplest way is to assemble the walls from the profiled beam. The crowns can be fastened together using nagels. They will prevent the twisting of the log. It is possible to make such a fastening element by applying wood or steel. The latter option will serve much longer, since it is distinguished by increased strength. Their installation is made through two crowns, and after - through one. For this purpose, a hole is made in the log, the diameter of which is 3 cm. The step between the nagels must be at least 1.5 m.

The seal should be laid between the rows. At points where the outer walls are mating, it is recommended to use the so-called "warm corner" lock. To form it, a spike is made in one log, and in the other - a groove. Both elements must correspond exactly to each other in terms of parameters. This makes it possible to obtain a rigid structure.

Installation of partitions

how to build a house from a bar with your own hands in stages

Partitions should be embedded in the construction of the main walls. In order to build them, you need to apply a bar, the cross-section of which is equal to 100x150 mm. It is necessary to engage in the formation of partitions only after the erection of the frame. If you have chosen a project of a house consisting of two floors, then the first one must have at least one partition. It will act as a support.

Work on floor

Before you build a house from a bar with your own hands, you need to sort out the processes that are to be performed step-by-step. For example, to collect the floor is recommended with the use of heat insulators. The design of the floor must be double, this will guarantee the preservation of heat in the rooms even in cold weather. Initially, a black overlap is mounted. For this purpose it is recommended to use the edging board. Usually, the material is hemmed in from below. But it should be taken into account that this technology does not guarantee a reliable construction, and the boards can come off. In order to exclude such a phenomenon, it is necessary to connect the boards together. At the next stage the cranial bar enters into the matter, the fixation of which is made to the lags. Between the two layers of the floor is covered with a heater.

Ceiling and roof erection

If you are thinking about how to build a house out of a bar with your own hands, the ceiling, or rather the method of its arrangement, must be thought through to the smallest detail. It is also important what material will be used as a roofing material. It can be roofing felt or metal roofing. But initially it is necessary to install the ceiling beams and rafters, which is done after the construction of the walls. The logs should extend somewhat beyond the wall, approximately 50 cm. In the role of material for them it is recommended to use a bar, the cross-section of which is equal to 150x100 mm. Its installation is made on an edge in steps of 100 cm.

Then you can proceed to the installation of boards, which will form the basis of the rafter system. The attachment must be rigid. Now you can lay gables that are formed from a bar 150x150 mm. Do not forget about the waterproofing, which should be laid before the arrangement of the ceiling tie. For a log house, it is best to use a jelly or roll waterproofing.

Forming the apertures

If you are thinking about how to build a house from a bar with your own hands, the instruction will not hurt you. You can read about it in this article. It is also important to know how the window is made. Doing openings is recommended after the complete completion of construction, then the work will be simplified, compared with the implementation of marking and cutting the openings during the installation of walls. One should not forget about the window: this is due to the fact that this process will allow the construction to remain intact. Among other things, this manipulation has one more advantage, which is to prevent the lateral dislocations of the crowns from being displaced during shrinkage.

Completion of the construction process

So, you already know almost everything about how to build a house from a bar with your own hands. Where to start, we have considered, now we will discuss how to finish. One of the advantages of a wooden house is that its walls do not imply the need to finish them. This applies to both the inner surface and the outside. Moreover, in the first year after the completion of construction, this can not be done at all, since the house will be seated. The only thing to be done with the log is to cover it with protective means, which will not allow the wood to rot and burn. Of course, the walls will not be absolutely fireproof, but if the treatment is carried out with the appropriate compositions, then the tree will ignite with direct exposure to the flame not so quickly.

Tools and materials

Finally, we will pay attention to one more important point, without which it will not be possible to solve the problem of how to build a house from a bar with our own hands. Tools( and they need a lot) will need any master - both beginner and professional. So, you need to prepare the following minimum set:

  • electric or chainsaw;
  • hacksaws with large and small teeth;
  • drills of different diameters;
  • hammers;
  • level;
  • nail driver;
  • several roulettes;
  • jointer for processing, etc.

After completion of work in the house you can immediately enter, which is very appreciated by consumers. And if you choose a unique project, then your housing will look very interesting.

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