Russian oven with your own hands: diagram and instruction

Traditional Russian dishes are delicious and exquisite, they are famous throughout the world. And the "culprit" of such impeccable taste is the Russian stove, because it allows you to cook numerous delicacies and please yourself and your family with something original. The Russian stove had time to prove itself in ancient times, because without this element life of the average person was unthinkable.
Russian oven with own hands

A bit from the history of

Russian masters have always been famous for the so-called "golden hands" in any craft, and stove work is no exception. That only there is a famous Russian oven, which will warm and nourish. Russia has been the leader of stove art for many years, and this fact is documented. After all, Russian stoves have always been in demand not only on the territory of Russia, but also abroad. The large-scale development of stove business was promoted by Peter the Great. In 1718, an edict was issued, according to which the construction of houses with stove ovens was forbidden. And if at

first this decree spread to St. Petersburg, then the case concerned Moscow, which was a very strong impetus for the architects, who did not lose their heads and began to think about new solutions. At present, many people want to make a Russian oven with their own hands, so that it shows a high and decent taste of the owner of the house and became an attribute of luxury.

Doing it yourself

Now this device is still popular, and has not lost its properties. Very many owners of their own homes are wondering how the Russian oven is made with their own hands, since it will not only get a quality product, but also be involved in the manufacturing process, which promises to be interesting. In order to understand the device and the very principle of its operation, it is necessary to consider the process in stages. It should be noted that for a long time in different parts of Russia the technology of making furnaces has also been different. Sometimes it was possible to meet ordinary models. If we talk about the average Russian stove, it had dimensions: width 2 arshina, length - 3, height - 2.5.It is not easy to lay down a Russian stove with your own hands, but if you observe a special technology, this work may seem not only simple, but creative.

If the oven had dimensions above these, then with its help it was possible to heat 30 square meters. As a rule, it was located in a corner, and next to the door. It is very important for the manufacture of the kiln to determine the place in which it will be located, since some aspects of the masonry depend on this. Masonry began with a foundation, which was made of bricks. The Russian oven was made differently, but in general the technology was the same. But in the distant past, the foundation was made of logs.

Previously, as a material used stones, bricks and even clay, and an indispensable element in each stove was podpek. It kept special equipment. To ensure that the Russian stove could retain heat for a long period of time, a wide variety of materials were placed between the walls. Most often used for manufacturing ceramic brick, which was made by firing ordinary brick. The firing gave the original brick some characteristics of strength and reliability, as a result, the oven was durable.

Thanks to a special design, the Russian oven will be made by hand with your own hands, and the whole process will not make you too difficult.

Roasting in a Russian oven

Russian oven housekeeper own hands

A Russian kiln was used to bake pottery for various purposes. This work was carried out in a certain way, when first they took firewood and laid them, and on top they put dishes that needed to be burned. The furnace was heated until the temperature in it reached about 900 degrees. Then it was stopped to heat and waited for the moment, until it cooled down. A cooled such an oven only the next day. Burned in the Russian oven, not only dishes, but toys, and it was done not by special technology, but during ordinary firewood.

So, Russian ovens were made with their own hands very simply, if you take into account the recommendations for erection. In order to determine the temperature in it, the peasants used a very interesting method. To do this, they took a piece of paper, put it in the oven and watched how quickly it would become charred. If the charring occurred immediately, then the temperature was more than 300 degrees, if the process was delayed for a few seconds, then 270 degrees, if the delay was 15 seconds, then 250 degrees. Russian stove at all times was an indispensable assistant, and human life was inseparable from this attribute.


The Russian oven with its own hands is done quite simply, moreover, this process will be interesting if you understand its device correctly. So, in the traditional oven, the following elements are included:

  • sub-furnace, it stores and dried wood;
  • a shelf, in this device pots and pans with cooked food were put, which were taken out from the oven;
  • cooking chamber in which the cooking process is carried out;
  • stove, it stores dishes;
  • Dryer;
  • Lounger - an unusual invention, it can be laid and heated;
  • view - this is the door that covers the chimney.

The design of the Russian kiln is very well thought out, for this reason many disadvantages are a priori excluded. As possible disadvantages is a large fuel consumption, uneven heating and so on. Russian furnaces can be made by their own very different, instead of the traditional version, a Russian mini-stove can be used, which has smaller dimensions, but is no less qualitative when it comes to heating the room. The mini version consumes much less fuel, and to create a perfect temperature in the house you can use not only firewood.

building a Russian stove with your own hands

The main stages of the

The construction of the Russian kiln by one's own hands is carried out in a number of stages. It is necessary to do the preparation of materials that will be needed for manufacturing, and then you can do other work. As materials will be used:

  • red brick;
  • sand and clay;
  • ruberoid;
  • latches;
  • asbestos.

In order to competently perform all operations, you need to have a level and construction pencils at hand. Despite all the difficulties, with a great desire, absolutely every idea can be easily and simply realized.

So, let's look at the basic steps:

  • Perform drawings, determine the location of the device in the house, select and evaluate the type of soil.
  • Arrange the foundation. For this, a dig is excavated, in which sand and gravel must be laid, then all the layers are poured with concrete.
  • Prepare mortar for masonry. In this case, it is very important to choose the right and optimal ratio of sand and clay. But one should also remember the fact that clay can have completely different quality. For this reason, you need to test the solution for fat content, rolling the ball and throwing it. If it crumbles, then the amount of sand exceeds the norm, and if the ball is whole, then the consistency is normal.
  • If you want to make such an assembly as a small Russian stove with your own hands, then if you have a design scheme, you will cope with the task quickly and simply. The first row of orders must be laid from solid brick, and then the remaining rows form a subterranean place - a place for storing firewood. Then you need to lay out a cold stove, a place for ashes and a cooking chamber. Lastly, the grate and doors are installed.

After laying out all the rows, you can start building the pipe and laying out the remaining elements. So, we build a Russian oven with our own hands, while respecting all the basic rules and recommendations from specialists.

a little Russian oven with your own hands

Construction Rules

To ensure that the finished product has turned out to be of high quality and has served the wearer for a long time, it is necessary to perform each step carefully, while observing the instructions and technology. When building it is very important to choose only high-quality materials, as well as to competently determine the place in which the furnace will be located. Laying layers should be done strictly at certain stages. With the right approach to the case, the result will not take long.

After laying numerous layers it is necessary to carry out work on decorating the furnace, as well as to check it for workability.

How to decorate the

oven Decoration is an integral element of the stove business, as it can tell about the taste and prosperity of the owner and, in addition, create a special interior at home. There are many options for its decoration. Masonry of heating elements is carried out using refractory brick, and this brick does not differ elegant appearance. In addition, when using its rough surface, it will collect dust and do not succumb to cleaning. Finishing of the Russian oven can be done in several ways:

  • To paint or whiten. In this case, the outer surface of the furnace is treated with a primer, which can be purchased in stores. After complete drying of the primer, you can do painting. For such purposes, a paint is used that is heat-resistant. If it is decided to whitewash, you can use slaked lime and blue. It is important to remember that elements such as dampers, doors, are processed using silicone paint.
  • Plaster. It is made using clay, whitewash can be carried out in the future. However, this method has its drawbacks.
  • Tiles. Such decoration of the oven can be performed by anyone who wishes. This process does not have anything complicated, tiles need to be moistened beforehand in the water, and then hold the cladding.
  • Cladding using ceramic tiles. This process begins with preparatory moments, as a result of which dust is removed from the surface. Next, the mesh is fastened to the cells, and when tiling, the tile will be pummeled using a rubber hammer.
  • Painting. You can make a painting of the oven yourself. In order to apply the ornament, you must have a minimal set of tools and a little imagination. Russian oven housekeeper own hands

So, the Russian oven housekeeper can be made and decorated by the owner. You can build a large stove, it all depends on personal preferences.

How to repair a Russian oven

The effectiveness of a particular building depends on its condition. The furnace did not become an exception. During its long use, some problems may occur:

  • Cracks. They arise due to the fact that the furnace material is exposed to high temperatures. Repair of cracks should be carried out without fail, since with their large availability, the efficiency is reduced.
  • Deterioration of the chimney. Thrust as a result of prolonged exploitation is weakening. Therefore, we need to follow this moment.
  • The doors fall off. In order to eliminate such problems, it is necessary to repel the plaster and clean the seams. Then you need to carefully get the bricks.
  • If necessary, replace the grille.

In any case, an easy repair of the device can be done. The Russian oven( by oneself) ordering is a perfectly feasible task for a beginner master. However, if restoration is necessary, this process is best entrusted to professionals.

Russian oven with own hands

The basic stages of the

So, if you do not know the theoretical fundamentals of manufacturing this unit, then the Russian oven with your own hands( scheme to help) can become a reality if you follow the instructions. In general, we can distinguish several series, laid out gradually:

1) Underground.
2-4) Well, in this case the binding of the joints is mandatory.
5) Above the baking can begin laying the vault. Laying of lateral rows with heels for supporting the arch is also carried out. Formwork is being built on these elements.
6-7) Summary. With it, overlapping sublimation.
8) A vault lock is installed, which plays an important role in the design.
9-10) Brick masonry.
11) The overlapping of the stove is laid out. It is located above the bower. The space that is inside the masonry is leveled with the slope.
12) Floor laying is carried out.
13) The cooking chamber is placed, in this row it is very important to carry out the dressing of the joints.
14-16) All procedures are performed in the same way as the previous row.
17) The arch of the estuary.
18) Walls of the oven and pechurok.
19) The walls of the arch.
20) Reducing the hole above the pole.
21) The walls are leveled.
22) Reduces the overtube.
23) Samovarnik.
24-32) Latches. Russian oven with own hands scheme

Next laying the pipe.

So, each novice Russian oven with their own hands( the scheme will help) by force, if you understand the whole mechanism. If you are not sure that you can do everything yourself, then it is better to entrust the work to real professionals.

With the right approach to all works you can get a quality product that will differ in such parameters as reliability and durability. In addition, with the proper clutching and decorating of the finished product, you will get an excellent stove, which does not have to be repaired for a long time. It is quite simple to make a Russian mini-oven with its own hands, which will have a high quality of performance and a wide range of functions. With the right approach to manufacturing, it will be able to heat a large area.

Rules for operating the

Furnace In order for your home-made furnace to last for a long time, it is necessary to follow the basic operating rules:

  • It must be produced strictly according to the instructions. If you can not deal with the oven yourself, ask for assistance from a specialist. If the wrong approach to the performance of a certain set of works, the product can quickly fail.
  • Clean the oven regularly. This requirement is key, as contaminated elements contribute to numerous breakdowns and quick failure.
  • Quality of raw materials. The materials from which the furnace is made must be sound, this affects the quality of the product as a whole.
  • Regularly repair the Russian oven with your own hands, and do it at the initial stage. If you approach the process correctly, you can get what you want quickly.

    So, to build a Russian oven with your own hands will not be difficult, if you do everything strictly according to the instructions. Moreover, the process will become for you really interesting and exciting if you follow all the recommended actions and enjoy the erection.

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