The most beautiful breeds of dogs in the world. The most beautiful dog( photo)

For every owner the most beautiful dog is, of course, his own. Because he invests in it money, soul and strength. But in the world there are many other, equally beautiful dogs, about which we will talk today. Although, regardless of appearance, any dog ​​needs love and attention. Many dogs do not have perfect pedigrees, but they have a good heart.

Top of the most beautiful dogs

Now consider the beautiful dogs. We will compile a small list consisting of 15 breeds. All of them are beautiful in their own way.

First we will consider such as the Afghan greyhound. This dog is distinguished by its exquisite exterior, but it is difficult to train with great difficulty. The representatives of the breed have thick wool, a long muzzle and drooping ears. Color can be different. It is necessary to spend a lot of time to keep the coat clean and beautiful.

Long-haired collie - sweet and kind

When considering the most beautiful breeds of dogs, one can not help but touch these dogs. Collies are magnificent

shepherds, they have a high level of learning ability, quickly memorize and execute commands on the owner's first request. By nature are kind, fair. Dogs are very active, they need a lot of physical exertion, as well as games. For wool should be properly tended, otherwise there will be coots.

English and American cocker spaniel

The appearance of dogs makes one think that a cocker spaniel is bred as a companion. Although this is not true - the breed is hunting. Aggression these dogs show only in the process of catching game.

Cockers are very friendly, they literally "stick" to their owners, constantly want to be with them. Separation from the host is difficult. Such a dog needs to be given time, you have to play with it. This dog is simply impossible to get bored. The coat is thick and needs care, especially after rain or snow.

the most beautiful dog

Pomeranian Spitz

What else is the most beautiful dog in the world? Of course it's Pomeranian Spitz. This breed can not be forgotten. Her most popular representative is a puppy named Bu. The appearance of this creature touches. But his coat requires special care. For one puppy of this breed, you need to give an average of 2500-3000 dollars. The dog is expensive, but the popularity of this breed increases every year.

Australian Shepherd Dog

This breed also belongs to the most beautiful. Originally, representatives were used as shepherds. Dogs have good watchful qualities, they are loyal and affectionate. This active breed, therefore, representatives need increased physical exertion. It is necessary to engage in such a dog, teaching it to different commands and tricks.


If you are interested in the most beautiful breeds of dogs, then such a pet, of course, you will like. Photo of the representatives of the breed causes only a smile. Dogs have very thick wool, which covers even the muzzle. It would seem that the animal should see badly, but it is not so. Moreover, these dogs are excellent guards for cattle.
Such a dog can become a good friend for a family in which there are children. Because she has a kind and balanced character.

Dog, of course, needs physical exertion, but more she needs careful care of the coat.

St. Bernard

the most beautiful dogs

St. Bernard is one of the most beautiful dogs. By nature these dogs are kind, calm, self-confident.

This breed is often associated with children. The dog can sleep peacefully, even when the kids are creeping over it.

The dog needs a good care of the coat, otherwise there may be collars.

Yorkshire terrier

the most beautiful dogs in the world

Yorkie is the most beautiful dog. Photos of these cute dogs filled magazines( not only about animals, but also women's).These funny dogs cause only emotion. The breed is expensive, but still does not lose its popularity. Such dogs are very energetic, mobile and affectionate. Although sometimes they can try to show their anger when they see an unfamiliar dog or person. This is a hypoallergenic breed. Therefore, it is often planted in apartments.

Samoyed dog

No one will argue that Samoyed is a very beautiful dog. But she needs proper care. An animal can be a hunter, a shepherd, a driving dog and a good nanny for little children.

Samoyed is very active, needs a lot of physical exertion.

Japanese Akita

What are the most beautiful dogs in the world? Of course, they are representatives of the Akita breed. Such dogs are active and dexterous, they can be great hunters. They have the strength and unlimited devotion to the master. Note that the Akitas are independent and independent, excessive caress is unacceptable for them.

We examined 10 of the most beautiful dogs, there are five more.


the most beautiful dogs photos

Doberman is distinguished by a strong, "downed", embossed, muscular, yet elegant body. Outwardly, this dog is undoubtedly very beautiful. Although around the world of this breed tell frightening stories.

Usually with loved ones the dog is agreeable. For the owner and his relatives, the Doberman can intercede safely for his life.

The jaws of the breed are very strong. The dog has strong guard instincts. Such a dog can be used as a bodyguard.
Dobermans are good at learning, but they are very sensitive and cunning. They also have good vigilance. Such dogs will all be controlled by their own eyes.

This breed is quite active, therefore the owner should be so. It is necessary to give the dog to splash out his energy, to direct it to the right channel, otherwise the pet will find a job for himself.

From a young age, these handsome men also need large mental loads, since the breed's representatives are very independent and willful, which in the future can lead to not particularly good consequences.

German Shepherd Dog

the most beautiful breeds of dogs

A well-groomed sheepdog is an amazingly beautiful dog. She needs a lot of exercise. The animal can become a good guard for the owner, needs special training at the rate of OKD( it is also possible to protect and guard after registering).

Golden retriever

top of the most beautiful dogs

If you are interested in the most beautiful dogs, then the next breed is just what you need. In front of us is a golden retriever - a dog with a well-formed elongated body and soft silky hair. By nature, such an animal is harmless and friendly. This breed is very popular in the US, where its representatives are used as dog therapists.

Retrievers love their hosts, they need physical activity. With them you need to play, long to walk. Such dogs are easy-going, well trained, they treat children very well, they can become a nanny for them. With pets, too, get along well.
The dog is suitable for active people, as well as for those who dreamed that his dog would bring him a ball.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is one of the most beautiful dogs. Despite the fact that the animal is like a wolf, it does not have the slightest aggression towards people. The attractive appearance perfectly harmonizes with the friendly character. Though sometimes such dogs can also be on guard, seeing outsiders. Representatives of the breed need great physical exertion, otherwise they will begin to mess it up at home.

Alaskan Malamute

10 most beautiful dogs

The Alaskan Malamute is the most beautiful dog. Although the tastes, of course, do not argue. Representatives of the breed first gained popularity in Alaska, becoming its symbol, then became known throughout the world. These dogs are funny and playful, but as they grow older they become calmer, more sedate. The only drawback of the breed is that the malamute is used to getting food, digging rodents from under the ground, so do not be surprised if there are holes near the house.

A small conclusion

Now you know which are the most beautiful dogs. Photos of representatives of a variety of breeds are used in the article so that you can visually get acquainted with potential pets. Of course, our top is based on subjective opinion. But all the rocks considered have excellent external data. We hope that thanks to our article you will still be able to choose for yourself a beautiful and loyal friend. Good luck to you!

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