Stoves for the bath with their own hands made of metal. We make a metal oven for a bath

Bath is not just a building made of wood or brick. Such a structure has long been valued by our people, it has special significance. Virtually every owner dreams of building his own bathhouse. Naturally, it must be adequately equipped. For example, you will need to choose a stove for the bath. They can also make metal with their own hands. This is the question you will consider.

Basic requirements for the product

So, before you actually go on to manufacture the product, you need to understand how it should be.

furnace for bath with their own hands from metal

The basic design requirements include:

- Stability .This parameter should be observed in any case. It is very important to properly install the oven so that it works as efficiently as possible.

- Security .There are a number of additional measures that will help you effectively use the unit without fear of causing a fire. For example, isolate the chimney and walls in the bath.

- Operating principle. Homemade metal furnaces should work constantly to maintain the necessary

temperature in the room, steam was provided. However, facing with a brick helps to improve the performance of the device.

- Heating rate. Naturally, the presented device is heated very quickly. However, it cools down too slowly. It is necessary to take any action to prevent the rapid cooling of the furnace.

- Heating area. Do not install this structure in large rooms. Please note that the unit should not be very large. Otherwise, it will consume too much fuel at low efficiency.

Device of

how to make a stove for a bath

device Before starting the manufacture of a sauna oven with your own hands made of metal, it is necessary to find out what parts it consists of:

1. The fuel compartment, where the combustion of firewood takes place. Naturally, it should have a door through which the logs will be fed, as well as an ashtray through which air will flow to the fire.

2. Bunker with stones that must be heated. It is above the furnace. Naturally, it should be arranged so that the water, which will be poured stones, not spilled on the fire.

3. Tank with water. Usually it joins the chimney. In order for the water to drain, a valve must be provided in the lower part of the tank.

4. Chimney .It will ensure the removal of combustion products.

Kinds of

furnaces Naturally, before starting work you will need to decide what and how you will build the structure.

furnaces for a sauna on wood

Metal furnaces for a bath can be as follows:

- Sheet steel. Its feature is that the structure must be protected and reinforced with brick walls.

- Sheet iron. However, note that the material should have a thickness of about 5 mm. In this case, too, need a brick.

- From the furnace and housing. They are separated from each other by a grate.

- With a furnace inside the case.

- From a pipe or used gas cylinder.

The furnaces are also open and closed. Often the design is of a combined type. Each type of construction has the right to exist. The choice of variety depends on the size of the bath and your requirements for the device.

Advantages of the

design Before you start making a bath oven for yourself with a metal hand, you first need to understand whether you need to use this material.

metal furnaces for a bath

Such units have certain advantages:

- Fast heating. Metal is an excellent conductor of heat.

- Possibility to make oven with own hands from improvised materials.

- Different types of structures.

- Low cost. If we consider that practically everyone can get an empty gas cylinder, then such a design can be generally free.

- Lack of possibility of human injury by carbon monoxide.

- If you use insufficiently dried wood for firing, there is no room fogging.

These advantages make metal stoves for baths popular.

Disadvantages of

Naturally, nothing in this world is perfect. The presented design has some drawbacks:

1. If the manufacture is incorrect, the efficiency of the stove can be very low. At the same time, fuel consumption will be quite large.

2. Possibility of getting a burn, as the metal is very hot. Although such a shortcoming is easy to eliminate.

3. Quick cooling. oven for a bath with a tank

In principle, such defects are subject to elimination, so the popularity of such designs does not fall.

Required tool

For the manufacture of a sauna oven with your own hands, you need to collect all the technical devices from the metal, without which it is impossible to perform the actions. So, you will need:

- Bulgarian.

- Scissors for metal or jig saw with a suitable cloth.

- Roulette and building level.

- Welding machine.

Naturally, before you make a stove for a bath, you need to draw her drawing. Also, you can find a ready-made drawing that shows all the calculations.

What materials will be needed?

cast-iron stoves for a bath

As it is quite easy to make a stove for a sauna with your own hands, before starting work you will need to decide on the materials that will be useful in the process of making the device. To build a standard design, you need:

1. A pipe with a wall thickness of 1 cm and a length of 160 cm.

2. A sheet of steel. Its thickness should not be less than 1 cm.

3. Chimney. The diameter of this element can be different. The minimum is 10 cm.

4. For a wood-burning sauna, a steel rod is also needed.

5. Valve with a valve for the tank with water.

6. The fire-bar. The most commonly used is a grate made of cast iron.

7. Doors for the ash-stove and firebox, as well as the corresponding number of loops to fix them on the structure.

Now you can start making a stove for a sauna on the wood.

Instruction for manufacturing

All work should be done carefully. Try to prepare protective gloves, clothes, as well as a welding mask.

blueprints for the sauna

If you already have drawings of the stoves for the sauna, you can start making:

1. First you have to cut the pipe into two parts, one of which will be bigger than the other. Of these, you can make the main body element and a water tank. It is better if the height of the parts will be 0.7 and 0.9 m.

2. Now proceed to the construction of the furnace. Take into account that under it there must be an ashtray, which serves to ensure traction and harvesting ash. Its height is about 10 cm. The hole for the ash-pit has the following dimensions: 20 * 5 cm. Above it, try to cut the furnace.

3. Now you can attach the ears and loops to the edges of the holes with a welding machine. They will subsequently be locked doors.

4. Drawings of furnaces for a bath provide for the installation of a grate. To do this, cut out a circle of steel sheet, to which the represented element will be welded. It is installed inside the pipe just above the blower. That is, a hole is made in the circle around the lattice size and is welded to the pipe. Further on it the lattice is fixed.

5. Now we need to build a special platform, on which the stones will be laid. For this you need metal bars. At 90 ° from the furnace door you need to make a hole for watering the stones.

6. From above the oven is covered with a steel circle, in which a chimney is installed. Please note that this element must be fixed very firmly. Further the chimney is removed to the ceiling. Its height should not be too large.

7. Next, you need to build a water tank. To do this, weld the remainder of the pipe to the top of the structure. Please note that a chimney will pass through the tank. In the lower part of it, you need to fix the tap to lower the water. Here, pay special attention to the welding seams, so that the liquid does not fall into the furnace. The tank should be covered unevenly. Most of the circle must be fixed by welding, and the other( smaller) must be attached to the hinges. It will be opened, and water will flow through it.

Cast iron ovens for a bath are made on the same principle. However, work with such material is more complex. Although cast iron stoves for the bath are considered more durable and durable.

Features of the

After the device has been made, it should be properly installed in its rightful place.

oven for a bath with a tank

Regardless of whether the oven for a bath with a tank or not, the installation rules are the same. For example:

- First, decide whether you will overlay your machine with a brick. If so, you will have to build a foundation. Note that the brick must be fireproof. Its height should not be too large. During construction, use the building level.

- The device should be installed at a distance of 1 m from the walls. In addition, if the bath is internally sheathed with wood, then it should be additionally protected with foil, which has a layer of insulation.

- Please note that the chimney must be insulated.

- Always place the oven at a level that does not warp, especially if it has a water tank.

- Both the walls and the floor in the place where the oven will be installed must be made fireproof.

While using such a device, try to do it carefully, so as not to get injured and not burn your bath.

Useful advices for

During the manufacturing process, perform all operations very carefully. For example, those pieces of metal that you cut out can be used as doors for firebox and ash. During welding, check whether the seams are well made.

During operation, do all the actions in order. Do not hurry, because one lost centimeter is already a marriage. In order to keep the furnace well kept warm, it is desirable to brick it.

Use protective equipment when working and observe the safety rules. Homemade ovens can work for a long time, as the quality is not inferior to purchased copies. That's all the features of the arrangement of a metal stove-heater.

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