Artificial snow: how to make it yourself with the help of handy tools

Everyone knows the situation when you want snow in the summer, and in the winter - heat. Change the weather is impossible, but some elements can be easily arranged by themselves. Such an element is artificial snow. It is about him that will be discussed in this article.

Unnatural snow

The most constant attribute of everyone's favorite holiday, namely the new year, is snow. By special impatience, children are waiting for him, and adults are not much behind them. To the great regret, not always on New Year's holiday it is snowing, but it can be fixed. Artificial snow - this is exactly what you need to fix the situation. With its help you can create a festive atmosphere in the house and give the children a lot of fun and joy. artificial snow

How to make artificial snow from baby diapers?

For the manufacture of snow, we need sodium polyacrylate, which is contained in children's diapers. The idea seems strange to many, but it's really true. This material produces excellent artificial snow.

We will need:

  • deep dishes;
  • diapers;
  • water;
  • scissors.

The amount of material depends on how much snow you want to get.

1. Take the diaper and cut it. Then pour all of its contents into a bowl.

2. If you use one diaper, it must be filled with one glass of water. If more, then the proportions should be appropriate. Then mix everything.

3. Leave our mass for a while and let it swell. Then stir again.

Our artificial snow is ready! As you can see, it's quite easy to make.

We master the snow with our own hands from the tools

There are several ways to create artificial snow, and we will consider the most common ones. how to make artificial snow

Artificial snow can be made with own hands from materials available in every house:

  • paper confetti;
  • wool;
  • of laundry soap;
  • of starch;
  • crushed foam;
  • paraffin and talc;
  • Christmas tree.

If you want to create the effect of snow-covered twigs, you must put them in a tank with salt water. The branches will begin to accumulate with crystals, and you yourself can watch it.

Another recipe:

  • shaving cream - 1 can;
  • packing of soda.

With their help you will be able to create a fairly voluminous mass. Gradually mix these ingredients. This is the whole secret of making artificial snow with the help of these tools. It should be noted that in the end we get a soft and airy snowball. You can add sequins to it, and then the snow will look more fun.

Snow from packaging polyethylene, polystyrene and starch

This material is ideal for creating a simple decoration. It is very easy to get it. Everyone in the house can find polyester or polystyrene, because they are wrapped in breaking things. This snow is excellent for decorating balls, Christmas trees, New Year's compositions and twigs. artificial snow with your own hands

This is quite simple, you just need to grate the material on the grater.

You can mix shaving foam, sequins and 200 g of starch.

You need:

1. Fold all in a large container and mix well.

2. To blind small lumps.

3. Sprinkle the resulting balls with sequins.

You're done! How to dispose of snow, it's up to you.

Creating artificial snow - it's quite simple. Bring the children to work, and this will bring you great joy. The procedure requires very little time and money, and the effect is achieved remarkable. Having done all the above procedures, you will create a festive atmosphere and give your friends a real holiday.

As you can see, it's quite easy to decorate a house with artificial snow, the main thing is to want it!

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