The recipe for fritters on kefir is delicious, simple and economical

Sometimes in the morning I want to have something baked for tea or a cup of coffee. For example, pancakes or pancakes, but there is no one to run after the milk. However, there is a sachet or a jar of kefir in the fridge. Perfectly, there is an occasion to check the recipe for fritters on yogurt. It will be great if there are still some berries or fruits, for example, blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. Some people like vegetable pastries - it is also good, in this case, add grated zucchini or carrots to the dough. It turns out useful and tasty.

Preparation of fritters on kefir recipe for fritters on yogurt Berries or fruit to wash and put to dry. Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix two cups of fermented milk product and egg, in a separate container sift two glasses of flour, add a pinch of salt, a couple of spoons of baking powder and three tablespoons of sugar( if you add more, it is likely that the finished products will stick to the frying pan).Now add the dry mixture to kefir and carefully place, you can even enter it port

ionwise and mix it gradually. If not, use the mixer, but at a slow speed. The dough for fritters on kefir is ready, it is left to introduce berries, that is blueberries. Next, you need to warm up the pan and pour a little vegetable oil( it should be odorless), after the liquid has heated up, spread a few spoons of dough on the surface and fry until a ruddy crust. Since small pancakes are sweet, for feeding it is better to use condensed milk or sour cream, you can honey.

The recipe for fritters on yogurt preparation of fritters on yogurt

The following dish is a little unusual in that the ingredients at first glance are slightly incongruous, but the result is magnificent. So. Tin a can of canned corn with a fork( without liquid), add chopped boiled chicken meat( gram 150) and a few spoons of vegetable oil. In a separate container, mix 75 ml of water and the same amount of yogurt, introduce a yolk and a spoonful of oil. Mix the mixture well and bring in the flour with spices. The yolk must be treated with a mixer until foam is obtained. We introduce it into the dough, add the corn-chicken mixture. Stir the dough. We spread the frying pan with butter and lay out on a spoon - a half of the mixture, fry until a beautiful brownish-gold shade.

Recipe for fritters on kefir with soda and dried fruits dough for pancakes on yogurt Keep in mind: if you decide to use dried fruit, before adding to the dough they are steamed in boiling water so that when cooking they are soft. While the raisins, for example, lies in the water, we prepare the dough. In half a liter of kefir, add soda( half a dessert spoon) and a half cup of sifted flour, stir well. Enter the sugar. Please note that the height of the future product depends on the density of the dough. So, from a thick mass, you will get lush pancakes( which is suitable for filling).But from the liquid mass you will get small pancakes, which usually do without anything. In this case, the mixture should be like fatty sour cream. Then heat the pan on the fire, pour in the oil. We spread it and spread out one and a half tablespoons of the mixture. As the dough is thick, pancakes will be magnificent, try to fill the pan not completely, so that there was a place and tasty pancakes could come up.


A similar recipe for fritters on kefir can be modified, for example, by adding pumpkin or green peas to the dough. Also topical is the filling of greenery( in this case, the bakery should be fresh) or fern( for true gourmets), and, of course, you can not fail to note pancakes with seafood. As a result, you get a delicious breakfast or a fine tea with airy and sweet pastries.

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