How to plant carrots properly so that the harvest is excellent

Sweet and crispy

Carrots are a useful vegetable that is used to prepare various dishes, from soups to desserts. And many like to simply eat sweet young roots.

How to plant carrots?

Consider some aspects. To begin with, this is a two-year-old plant, and if you decide to get your own seeds, you can do this by planting one of the root crops in the soil in the spring. But is there any sense in this? Today, a large number of seeds of any sort are sold. They can have a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, growing your own seeds does not make sense, unless you decide to do breeding.

Seed selection

How to plant carrots correctly

So, how to plant carrots correctly? Before planting it is necessary to loosen the soil in the garden beforehand. The root crop has very small seeds, so their sowing should be done using home methods, for example, by gluing them one at a time to the tape. This method makes it possible in the future not to engage in rather troublesome work, which consists in thinning out th

e shoots. There is another option - it is to buy already drained seeds, but note that they are more expensive than conventional ones. In which month to plant carrots

Its secrets

After the preparation of the garden we proceed directly to the sowing. How to plant carrots correctly? Everyone has their own secrets. One of them is soil compaction in rows, prepared for sowing. Why is this necessary? Since the seeds are very small, when sowing in loose soil, they can fall into deeper layers. This is fraught with the fact that carrots can not get through to the sun. With compacted soil, all the seeds will be on the same level, which means they will ascend well.

In which month to plant carrots?

There are many different varieties of this delicious and healthy vegetable. They are divided into three types: early, middle, late. Depending on this type, the timing of sowing is chosen. To produce early carrots, you can plant in winter or early spring, as soon as the soil is warmed and warmed. If the carrot is intended for long-term storage, then it is sown from the end of May to the middle of June. And in the first case, using early varieties, and in the second - medium and late.

After that, plant the carrots

Proper care

How to plant carrots, every vegetable grower and summer house knows. Everyone has long known that any plant requires weeding, watering and fertilizing. And this root is not an exception. He requires special care at the stage of appearance of germs. Since they are very small and tender, regular weeding and, if necessary, watering are necessary. But in the stage of increasing the mass of excessive moisture leads to the cracking of the root, which must be taken into account.

Prophylaxis of

Carrots can be affected by diseases and pests. To avoid them, it is necessary to observe crop rotation and sowing terms. It will not be superfluous to mulch the soil with a layer of mown grass or straw. This will prevent the germination of weeds and retain moisture in the soil. This method is especially good for small household plots.

Good predecessors of

When sowing, it is also superfluous to know about what to do and then plant carrots. The best predecessors are: cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, in general, all the tops. But after rootlets it should not be sown.

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