"Tsarskiy" salad: a wonderful dish to the festive table

On holidays, I always want to surprise family and friends with some culinary delights. However, I also want to save time, too. As is known, guests prefer, first of all, the dishes of the "cold" table: salads, slicing and other snacks. This means that salads should be given special attention.

Tsar's dish

king salad "Tsarsky" salad, undoubtedly, can become a "nail" of any feast. His exquisite ingredients will taste like many gourmets. A low caloric value of the dish will delight those who strictly follow their figure. True, there is one "but".Salad "Tsar" is known in several versions, and it is difficult to say which of them is considered classic. In any case, each is delicious in its own way, and therefore we will give some original recipes. It is only necessary to mention that salads include expensive varieties of fish or other seafood, in others - red caviar.

Recipe 1

king Immediately in the festive salad bowl, 5 hard-boiled eggs are finely crumbled or rubbed on a large grater. Is taken

mayonnaise( brand - your favorite, habitual, tried and tested), puts it into a container, 2 garlic cloves of medium size are squeezed out into the same garlic. Eggs are smeared with garlic paste. As you probably guessed, the ingredients are laid out in layers. For the second layer, any hard cheese is taken into the "Royal" salad. Again, the one that you already know and love is better. A slice of grams in 200 is also rubbed, topped with black pepper( for taste and smell) and also smeared with "garlic" mayonnaise. Then turn the fish. Suitable red salted fish( trout, salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon) or smoked herring. The amount needed is the same as that of cheese - 200 g. In the salad "Tsarsky" fish cut into small pieces or straws, of course, pulling all the bones and releasing the meat from the skin. Put on the fish butter - gram 50, not more. It will give the salad the necessary softness and tenderness of taste, a special juiciness. Only a piece should be, of course, from the freezer, otherwise the oil will not rub on the grater. And it should be done right before serving. The last layer is olives. They should be cut into circles, neatly laid out on the fish, and on top of the salad "King's" sprinkle with herbs. Look your dish will be very beautiful, spectacular, smell - tempting, and taste will charm any gourmet!

Recipe 2

royal salad recipe Another recipe variant - without fish, but with shrimp, squid and other seafood. So, the meat of squid is cut into strips. Suitable canned, from a can. You need to boil and peel the shrimp( enough for one package), add to the squid. Now in the "royal" salad, crab sticks are cut( 200 g).Everything is mixed, sprinkled with black pepper and dressed with mayonnaise. Before serving, you can sprinkle with lemon juice. On top of the salad is decorated with a pattern of red caviar. Tasty - you lick your fingers, and get ready quickly!

Recipe 3

royal salad sandwich And finally, the salad "Tsarsky", the recipe of which is unusual in that it includes not only fish and caviar, but also fresh cucumber. But - in order. Slightly salted fish( again red), for example, salmon, cut into small cubes. Fish need a little, 100-150 grams. We shred two types of onions - regular and leek. Mix with salmon. Next, turn half the average cucumber or a whole small size. It must be cut into cubes and added to the rest of the products. Put the contents of a can of red caviar in the salad. Stir everything, sprinkle with lemon, salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle with parsley and dill. Fill with a small amount of vegetable oil. This salad is spread out with spoons on the dried slices of white bread. Snack - better not think!