How to make the glaze for homemade cakes?

Cakes, pastries, buns and muffins are just a small part of the variety offered to us by pastry shops and cafes. But all this baking has something in common that makes it even more appetizing and attractive - glaze. And it is not the prerogative of purchased confectionery. You can easily decorate it with your home cake or other creation from the dough. About how to make the icing at home, we will detail in this article.

how to make icing

Decorating a cake - a matter of several minutes

First of all, we need to decide what we need this decoration for. So, cakes, sweet rolls and cakes are better covered with chocolate icing. It will not only make more beautiful home baking, but also successfully complement its taste. How to make chocolate icing? Very simple. You can choose an economical option - use cocoa powder as a basis. Take two tablespoons with a glass of cocoa. At this amount, you need 50 grams of butter, a glass of sugar or sugar powder, and a little cream( gram 70).Make the cake glaze lighter o

r, conversely, thicker, adding more or less cream or milk.

how to make white icing

Preparation of

We will cook on a water bath. To do this, put a pan with hot water under a bowl with our ingredients. First, melt the butter, and then add dry ingredients and cream to it. Thoroughly mix and cook for about 5 minutes to get a homogeneous shiny thick mass. Remove the bowl from the fire with the finished fragrant frosting and let it cool. Cover our cake. Instead of cocoa powder, you can use real chocolate - black, milk or white. Now you know how to make the icing for a cake in just a few minutes.

Sugar glaze from childhood

But what about buns and cakes? For them, the combination with chocolate will not be as successful as for cakes. Surely in your childhood you bought pastries with fondant from above. We'll cook it. How to make white icing from sugar? Just add milk to it. Only two ingredients, plus a pinch of salt - and our sugar fondant is ready. It is better to take the powdered sugar, gradually mixing it in hot milk until a homogeneous mass is obtained. We have not yet cooled down the glaze with buns and, if desired, sprinkle them with a confectionery powder.

to make icing for a cake

Adding paints

By the way, your pastry can look very fashionable and creative. All that is needed is food coloring. Dissolve them beforehand in warm water and add to the glaze. You can make a muffin or roll with red, orange, blue "caps" of colored glaze. It will look very funny.

Decent decoration for cakes

However, for cakes such a recipe does not work. For them we will need a merengue. It is made very easily from two components - egg whites and sugar. Beat them with a pinch of salt, then pour sugar or powder and continue to whisk. On the surface of the protein mass, peaks will begin to form, and it will not pour out if the bowl is turned over. This is a sign that the glaze is ready, and you can safely smear it kulichiki. It will harden very quickly, and the bakery can be served to the table. Now that you know how to make the icing for a cake, sugar icing or merengue, you can go to the kitchen and embody your culinary fantasies in masterpieces of baking!