How to understand that you are pregnant in the early stages?

Is pregnancy for you an event that you are waiting with great impatience? Do you want to see these two cherished stripes on the test sooner and understand that a small miracle is growing inside? We will show you how to understand that you are pregnant.


In anticipation of pregnancy, you probably perfectly know your cycle. Of course, his how to understand whether you are pregnant or not violation does not always indicate a successful fertilization, but this is the most accurate indication. Monthly can not come at all, or instead of them bloody or brown discharge will begin, indicating that the embryo is attached to the uterus. But do not forget that the delay of up to five days is considered the norm, so do not rush to reassure her husband.


Vaginal discharge is another way to understand that you are pregnant. They become abundant, mostly transparent. There may be white discharge, this is also the norm. If on the underwear the greenish traces are found out, it is necessary to address to the doctor and t

o treat an inflammation that can be the reason of absence of pregnancy.


A fairly common phenomenon - toxicosis - in some cases begins how to understand that you are pregnant to manifest from the first days of conception. The organism is reconstructed and reacts to a new condition very painfully. If there is nausea, dizziness, vomiting, weakness and you know for sure that this is not a poisoning, then the condition speaks of pregnancy. Listen to your health and your body. Just do not tune yourself to a toxicosis, do not wait for it, so as not to reap the fruits of false pregnancy and psychological frustration.


Another way to understand that pregnant without a test is to pay attention to the state of the nervous system. Excessive irritability, rapid and frequent change of mood indicate hormonal disorders that often cause pregnancy. Exclude only those cases in which a woman is always tense and often suffers from depression.


How to understand if you are pregnant or not? Look at your urination. If it is rapid, without apparent causes, then you can think about a successful conception.


Strangely drawing pains can also talk about pregnancy. how to understand that pregnant without a test suffers mainly from the bottom of the abdomen and / or the lower back. Feeling is like pain before the onset of menstruation or during them. Only they should not be strong. If you can tolerate them and do not resort to pain medication, then this is considered the norm.

Internal sensation

Many women claim that when fertilization took place, they felt it. Something changed inside. But this is the most inefficient way, how to understand that you are pregnant. Because some women set themselves up for this and as a result they feel that there is already a little man in the tummy.

Visit to the doctor

How to understand that you are pregnant - this is to see a doctor. Of course, with each delay, you should not run to ultrasound, but if the menstruation is not more than a week from the due date, and the probability of conception is large enough, it is worth to visit a gynecologist. Or you can buy a test, but even it does not give 100% guarantee that the result is correct.

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