Vitamin E in pregnancy: benefit or harm?

Vitamin E in pregnancy, according to experts, is especially necessary. It is indispensable at the conception stage, and is also necessary for the further development of the baby. If you are seriously thinking about starting a child, it is advisable to immediately start taking this medication, because its main function is to preserve the fetus. It is also necessary to take care of the proper maintenance of vitamin E in your diet beforehand. When the mother's body receives a sufficient amount of it, the fetus fully develops and receives the necessary amount of oxygen.

Opinion of doctors

However, some doctors do not agree that vitamin E for pregnant women is so useful. They argue that there may be an overdose with unpredictable consequences, since the drug is able to dissolve in fatty tissues, and they, in turn, often accumulate during the period of gestation.

Vitamin E intake

Vitamin E for pregnant women

Vitamin E during pregnancy in a woman's body must be supplied in the required quantity - this is one of

the main conditions for the correct development and growth of the future baby. In most cases, future mothers begin to think about a proper and healthy diet, only when they learn about this fact already happened. However, this is not entirely correct. You need to think about this at the planning stage, since many necessary substances are needed at the first stages of fetal development, while the mother usually does not know about her position and continues to observe her usual diet. Vitamin E in pregnancy The lack of any necessary substances during the development of the most important organs of the unborn child can adversely affect the entire period of gestation and lead to the development of congenital malformations. Therefore, when deciding on the need for vitamin E in pregnancy, one should trust common sense - it must be taken to a person constantly and in any condition, just do not exceed the dosage, in this case, accumulation in fatty tissues will not occur. Vitamin E during pregnancy dosage

Dosage of

Vitamin E in pregnancy, the dosage of which is also important, is one of the most important elements in the metabolism. This is a strong antioxidant, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is a fat-soluble element. This drug is a part of the cell membrane, participates in a huge number of metabolic processes and in a certain amount is simply necessary for the normal formation and development of the fetus.

Advantages and disadvantages of vitamin E

Vitamin E( tocopherol) is a protective barrier for vitamin A, it protects it from destruction by free radicals and increases its digestibility in the body. Also, the drug is indispensable in the synthesis of female sex hormones, thus supporting pregnancy in the early stages. Therefore, with its shortage at the initial stage, miscarriage can be triggered. In addition, vitamin E during pregnancy is involved in the production of lactation hormones, which are required for the development of the placenta and the preparation of the breast for feeding the baby. Its deficiency leads to hemolytic anemia in newborns, which was proved by the studies carried out.

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