How beautifully to cut fruit? Will prompt love

Today is another wonderful day worthy of an equally remarkable filling. We adorn him with the gifts of nature. Fruits and berries can not only satiate the hungry, quench the thirst of the suffering, but also create a shower in the shower, not to mention the triumph, where they are more than appropriate. .. How beautifully to cut fruit? Here are some original and uncomplicated ideas. Let's start with a simple version.

Orange happiness

how to beautifully cut fruit

Peel the orange from the peel, cutting off the white flesh, and cut the naked fruit with a sharp knife mugs. Lay them in a dish overlapping each other in a circle.

Fruit shish kebabs

beautiful fruit slicing pictures

Dress skewers in colorful dress of cherry berries, halves of strawberries, pieces of pineapple and kiwi in random order.

Fruit-berry ice-cream beautiful fruit slicing

This paragraph is not so much about how beautiful it is to cut fruit, how much about how to give them original. Complete pieces of kiwi, pineapple, banana, strawberry, peach and raspberry berries are put in spe

cial molds or disposable cups, pour in syrup, stick wooden sticks into the center of the fragrant potpourri and send them to the freezer.

Bouquet for mother how to beautifully cut fruit

The easiest way to cut a fruit beautifully is to use a cookie cutter. But first prepare a melon and a pineapple( a variant: a water-melon), cutting slices in centimeter in the thickness. Moldochka nashtampuyte flowers, and in the center of each cut a small hole, which is filled with grapes or cherries. Carefully place the composition on the skewer.

Crab from apple beautiful fruit slicing pictures

Even a five-year-old child will know how beautifully to cut fruit, if you together make this sea creature from an apple. Cut off the barrel from the ruddy apple and stick two carnations into it, indicating the eyes of the future arthropod. The remainder of the apple is cut into slices, two of which you will decorate in the form of a claw. Spread two fans in front of each other, put "claws" on the top, and place the body of the crab on top of the entire composition, with eyes facing the claws.

Juicy basket how to beautifully cut fruit

Decoration of any festive table - beautiful fruit slicing. The pictures presented here are not a dogma, they are just ideas for inspiration. Use these tips. Cut the pineapple along into 4 pieces, cut off each sweet flesh.

beautiful fruit slicing pictures

Now you can easily cut pineapple into triangles. Fold them with a ladder on a natural tray of pineapple peel. Make the basis of the composition on the dish, laying out the pineapple "gondolas" with a cross. Fill in the remaining unoccupied places of the dish with pieces of fruit and berries that you have, observing only one rule - contrast. Complete the decoration of the fruit basket with flowers on short stems.

Apple swan( peach, mango) beautiful fruit slicing

Cut a barrel from the apple and put the fruit on the cut. Cut a sharp knife from two sides of the imaginary center into four segments as shown in the photo. Slide each segment backwards with a "ladder".It will be the wings of a swan. Cut out the head of a swan on a long neck from a cut barrel. Cut a small groove in place of the alleged attachment of the body and head. Gently connect them.

Roses from apples how to beautifully cut fruit

Cut the apples into slices. Just put them in the syrup so they become softer. Spread a sheet of prepared puff pastry, sprinkle it with sugar and, if you like, cinnamon. Cut it into strips, on top of which lay apple slices overlap. Fold the strips with lobules into rolls. beautiful fruit slicing pictures Put the roses on the baking sheet, and even better, put each flower in the cake mold and put them in the oven, heated to 180 degrees for 25 minutes( before blushing).

beautiful fruit slicing

In the language of love

Beautiful cuts from fruit are able not only to cheer up. They can tell about hospitality, become an unusual gift or a magical doctor, but most importantly, they have the power of a silent. .. declaration of love.

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