Water pressure switch for the pump

The pressure switch is a device that is responsible for adjusting the pump station. In fact, it is an integral part of any water supply system at home. An important element of the device is considered to be an eccentric, which is connected to a stationary magnet. At the same time there is a contact. Next to the fixed anchor is the central axis.

The contact, which is next to the spring, is usually called a biscuit. Under the pressure relay rod is the lower axis, which is connected to the lever. It is necessary to adjust the bellows. Among other things, in the water pressure switch for the pump, you can select the washers that support the sensor of the device. In this case, the travel stop is fixed on the clamps.

differential pressure switch

How does it work?

When water is supplied to the device, the spring takes its working position and is fixed. As pressure increases, compression reaches a critical point. This process in the mechanism is accompanied by the closure of the upper contact. Further, adjusting mechanisms co

me into play to maintain a stable pressure. In this regard, today many modifications are envisaged.

The most common adjustment mechanism is considered to be forced start. Some call it a dry start. As a result of its action, the pump works smoothly, and if we talk about electronic models, then what is happening can be monitored by special indicators.

water pressure switch

Checking the device

It is recommended that periodic inspections be performed to ensure correct operation of the device. First of all, this is due to the verification of the springs, since it depends on them that the mechanism works. As a rule, in many models they are installed in different diameters. However, there are models where the springs are absolutely identical. To test them, remove them and, for this purpose, unscrew the two nuts.

The springs are then checked for integrity and reinstalled as much as possible. After that you can go to the inspection of filters. If they are dirty, they should be completely cleaned. Lastly, the relay is checked for pressure in the system, for this purpose, specialists use pressure gauges.

How to properly adjust the relay?

To start, disconnect the pump from the system. The next step is to drain the water by opening the tap. Thus it is necessary to use a manometer and to watch its indications. When the water is completely drained, a value of zero must be shown on it. Further it is necessary to increase the pump pressure. For this purpose, a large relay spring is twisted. After that, the data of the manometer is again compared.

The water draining procedure must be continued until the device is adjusted to the required pressure. At the same time, the spring should be tightened more and more every time. If the pressure has jumped too much in the system, then it needs to be adjusted with a small spring. It is important to understand that it is not capable of significantly reducing the rate. This is due to the fact that it depends on the large spring, and in the first place you should set it up.

Relay with adjustable differential

As a rule, the differential pressure switch with adjustable differential is equipped with three-pole switches. The average weight of the model fluctuates around 0.5 kg. Such relays can be used at temperatures from -20 to +30 degrees. The maximum pressure drop for the device is 2 bar, and a minimum of 1 bar can be supplied.

For connection to the plumbing system, the device has a "P16" type connector. In general, the relay casing is quite protected and capable of withstanding a high load. The maximum working pressure is 6 bar. In addition, it is important to note that the adjustment of the device can be done in the area from 2 to 6 bar.

water pressure switch for pump

Relay with automatic start-up

Electronic water pressure switch with automatic start-up is quite rare. In this case, in size, this type is considered large-sized. An important element of the device is a silicon-type sensor. In general, he is able to keep the pressure high, and can be used at temperatures from -10 to +30 degrees. The protection system in many models provides for quality. In this case, short-circuit cases occur extremely rarely.

Also, the protection system greatly helps when the instrument is not connected correctly. In the setting of the water pressure switch with automatic start-up it is quite simple and can be adjusted very smoothly. Most often it can be seen installed on various measuring equipment, which is involved in technological processes.

relay-regulator of water pressure

Models with compressor

These model sensors are capable of calculating absolute as well as overpressure. Shells are usually made of steel. In addition, they have special seals. In general, the water pressure switch for a pump with compressors is universal, and therefore used in different industries. The most in demand they are considered in industry. At the same time, the working environment is not important for them, they can perceive the output signal in the region of 20 mA.

It should also be noted that the error is insignificant. At a minimum, the instrument can be set to a pressure of 2 bar, and the maximum of the compressor can withstand 20 bar. Protection class they have a series of "IP65".At the same time, some models are equipped with heavy-duty cases marked "IP69".The connection of the pressure switch with the compressor to the system is carried out through the threaded connectors. In this case, their diameter depends on the model.

What is a relay with a safety valve?

The safety valve in the relay allows the device to withstand a high pressure. In general, this type is equipped with a ceramic sensor. At the same time, the sensors are rather inaccurate. On average, the signal is sensed around 8 mA, and the error in the relay with the safety valve is approximately 1%.

The maximum pressure system can withstand 100 bar. In this case, the protection class for it is "IP65".The device is connected to the water pipe through a plug with a thread of 1.5 mm. In general, these water pressure switches are in great demand among the workers of the housing and communal services. In this case, they can be installed on different hydraulics.

electronic water pressure switch

Models of high pressure

This type of relay is equipped with special sensors. As a rule, they are set in a multi-type type. In this case, they are able to work in three or two ranges. In addition, it is important to note that the water pressure switch sensor must be calibrated before use. Otherwise, his work may be violated.

These devices weigh about 0.6 kg on average. They can be used at temperatures from -20 to +30 degrees. The contact group of the device is allowed to load in the region of 4 A, and the maximum pressure drop is 120 bar. The minimum is 5 bar. Connection for many models is provided internally. Cases at the relay are delivered with the marking "ИП 43".

The average working pressure of the device fluctuates at 55 bar. Sensors in them are provided radiometric, and the signal is perceived to 20 mA.In addition, it should be noted that the error in these types of devices is insignificant and is 0.5%.Checking the water pressure switch( adjustment) must be carried out at least once a month. As a result, for many pumping stations it fits well.

water pressure switch

Relays with contact systems

Multifunctional contact systems can significantly improve the operation of the water pressure switch. At the same time, their accuracy also increases. Deficiencies include only a weak defense system. In this case, the devices are poorly perceived by low temperatures.

Thus, at pumping stations they require special conditions. The connection to the system at the water pressure switch is provided threaded. It should also be mentioned that they often need maintenance and calibration. The contact system must be carefully cleaned.

water pressure switch adjustment

Devices with a lock

The device's blocking device is a very useful thing. Due to it, the relay-regulator of water pressure is capable of withstanding heavy loads. Sensors in many models are installed ceramic. The maximum pressure is perceived to 50 bar, and the minimum values ​​are at 3 bar. In this case, the shell, as a rule, is made of stainless steel, they have protective sleeves. Of the features should be noted quite strong springs.

In general, these models do not need frequent maintenance and are capable of working for many years. The rod is very strong. In this case, the contact, as a rule, is only one, and under the bellows of the device there is a stop limiter. In this case, it acts as a lever and controls the water pressure.

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