Chandelier for the living room: advice on choosing

The chandelier for the living room performs several important functions simultaneously: fills the room with light, gives the interior elegance, decorating it, enhances the effects of the chosen stylistic direction. Sometimes, in order to transform space, it is enough just to purchase a new lighting device. It is he who will be able to radically change the room, filling it with new colors. chandelier for living room

Chandelier type for living room

When choosing the main lighting element for the living room, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of chandeliers. Conditionally they can be divided into ceiling and suspended. The choice of a certain model is influenced by such factors as ceiling height, finishing material, interior style and, of course, safety. In order for a person to feel as comfortable as possible, the following principle must be adhered to: a ceiling chandelier for a living room is more often used in small rooms, and a hanging chandelier is used in spacious and large rooms. ceiling chandelier for living room

Optimal dimensions of chandeliers

It is very important when choosing a chandelier to consider the correspondence of the dimensions of the room and the lighting device itself. Here, the matter is not even in aesthetic form, but in functionality. For example, a large chandelier for a living room in a small space will lead to congestion. Designers have made a certain formula by which you can calculate the optimal size of the ceiling light. Its main values ​​are the length and width of the room.

It looks like this:( length + width of the living room) * 10 = diameter of the device, where the length and width are measured in meters, and the diameter is in centimeters.

For example, the dimensions of the room - 3x6 m, then( 3 + 6) * 10 = 90 cm.

It is also important to choose the right quantity and power of lamps. On this criterion affects, as in the first case, the size of the room. Optimal lighting for a room such as a living room is considered 20 V per 1 m2.Such parameters are enough to make the premises light.

modern chandelier for living room


Which color should I prefer when choosing a chandelier? This question is quite relevant. In order to answer it, professionals advise to distribute the entire palette that participates in the room. To do this, you need to select the main background and background shades. If there are not so many additional colors in the room, then the chandelier for the living room is selected, shading this particular scale. However, this rule is inappropriate in the case of an abundance of colors. For such an interior, an ordinary white chandelier will be optimal, with the help of which it will be possible to balance the space, giving it harmony. chandelier for living room pendant

Features of the choice of lighting models for the living room

Any room is not only different in size, but also in layout. Therefore, it is very important to consider these criteria when choosing a chandelier.

  • Small living room. As a rule, such rooms are rather close, so all interior elements should be as compact as possible. Chandelier for the living room - no exception. It is better to prefer small-scale models with LED sources. They fill the room with a bright but soft light, while not completely concealing space.
  • Large room with high ceilings. In the interior of such premises, a bulky crystal chandelier with light bulbs arranged in several tiers will perfectly fit. It will look grand on the ceiling, giving the space a certain chic and elegance.
  • Narrow and long living room. The best option would be to divide the room into two zones with small chandeliers. Compactness in this case is an important aspect. With this solution it will be possible to visually change the layout, i.e.create two independent sites.

Stylistic solutions

Making out the living room space, you must strictly follow the rule of conformity. It must concern all the details, even the smallest and the least. Choosing the shape and color of the chandelier will require special attention, since it is one of the central items of the interior. To date, the range of models is amazing with its variety. They are made of glass, plastic, crystal, metal. It is this wide choice that allows you to choose the most optimal model for a particular style. Classic chandelier for the living room is still considered the most common option, which for quite a long time remains at the peak of popularity. They easily fit into modern interiors of apartments and private houses. But models with a specific design will only fit a certain style of interior. classic chandelier for living room

Chandeliers and interior styles

It's no secret that each stylistic trend has its own characteristics that need to be fully consistent. Consider the most popular of them:

  • Classicism. He possesses refinement, greatness, spaciousness and luxury. Therefore, the chandelier must fully meet these criteria. Models are chosen large, even bulky, preferably of crystal and metal. Optimal decor for such chandeliers are massive lampshades, faceted suspensions. Lamps, as a rule, are located in several tiers.
  • Modern style. A distinctive feature of this direction is comfort and practicality. Modern chandelier for the living room should be without excessive pathos, with graceful lines. Such models are creative, even somewhat flirty.
  • Neoclassicism. The interiors made in this style are similar to the classic, but without pomposity. The chandelier should be light, with delicate elements.
  • Art Deco. The living room bears the character of negligence and brutality, but this does not mean that the design of the chandelier must fully comply with this. A beautiful sparkling model, made in soft colors, will look harmonious enough.
  • French style. Tenderness, simplicity, refinement, refinement are the basic rules of the interior designed in this direction. In such rooms, a chandelier for a living room with a simple floral motif will look good. Light bulbs should be chosen soft yellowish color, as for the design in the French style, the cold coloring scale is contraindicated.

design of chandeliers for the living room

At present, choosing a beautiful and original chandelier is not a problem. Designers' advice can help in this, however it is undesirable to blindly follow them. The most important thing in a choice is personal preferences and own taste.