Magnetic designer Magformers: reviews

Modern kids learn how to handle the tablet, before they learn to go for a pot. Programmers create special applications with bright pictures, which, unfortunately, very quickly replace books.

A study conducted by Western specialists showed that parental control is mandatory for games on the tablet. Children who can use it at any time begin to develop worse than their peers. Molding of plasticine, drawing and modeling are receding into the background, giving way to a fashionable gadget.

Choosing a designer

Parents should try to organize the leisure of the child not only with the help of machines or dolls. Tools for the development of creative skills are familiar to all of us, but what about intellectual? Here, constructors come to the rescue.

Until recently, the leader among such toys was the company Lego. More than 80 years of Danish brand products are the most desired in the world. However, several years ago, the magnetic designer Magformers appeared on the Russian market. magnetic designer rainbow magformers

The original 3D designer was developed by American experts from Rainbow Products, but today the brand belongs to a company from Korea - Gymworld Inc. The change of ownership did not affect the quality of the products at all - strict control and continuous development continue to be a priority.

What is "Mgformers"?

The main geometric shapes( squares, triangles, diamonds and rectangles) of various colors and sizes are used as the details. Inside the plastic case there are special magnets, the attraction of which is several times stronger than that of the usual ones. They rotate freely inside, so they can be connected by either side.

Safety above all

A huge number of substandard toys that can be dangerous to kids' health often appears on store shelves. Too low price is a factor that should be alerted first of all. We advise buying products for children only from well-known manufacturers.

Creating a magnetic designer Magformers, the analogue of which is not yet represented in the toy world, the developers paid special attention to safety.

The presence of magnetic parts a little alarming, because each of us heard terrible stories about swallowed magnetic balls and serious surgical operations. As for the "Mgformers", here the magnets are only in large detail, which does not fall into the body of the child. In addition, the design of each figure and the material are very durable and do not allow them to be pulled out.

Magnets used in the creation of "Mgformers" are considered the most harmless for humans to date. These are neodymium magnets, which are successfully used in the manufacture of headphones and hard disks. magnetic designer magformers analog

According to the quality standards and certification requirements, the magnetic designer Magformers is marked "From 3 years".However, European experts came to the conclusion that this development game can be used by children and in younger age under the control of parents.

Do not limit the imagination of

Since birth, the baby is surrounded by special toys. Rattles with mirrors and contrasting patterns, interactive beasts and music books, training tablets - these things undoubtedly contribute to the development of the child. However, their use is based on a certain algorithm, which is not subject to change.

"Magformers" encourages the baby to self-activity. Perhaps the first acquaintance with the designer will require the help of adults. But the older the child becomes, the more interesting it will be for him to feel the limits of his imagination. Coordination of movements, creative thinking and fine motor skills - to develop through the game will help the magnetic designer Magformers.

Parents' comments indicate with what incredible interest their children create unusual crafts day after day. It turns out that sets of geometric forms carry away adults as well. Many people remember with pleasure childhood with their children. magnetic designer magformers

Light discontent only causes the cost of "Mgformers."Small sets on the official website in Russia will cost 3-4 thousand. However, experienced moms and dads are not advised to stop their choice on them. Details are not enough for large-scale construction, and the interest of the baby can quickly fade. For boys it is better to choose a magnetic designer Magformers with wheels to create vehicles.

Learning the colors of

Despite the positive feedback, some parents doubt the need for this purchase.

For the first acquaintance the magnetic designer "Rainbow" Magformers( 2700 rubles) is perfect. The set has 30 elements: 18 squares and 12 triangles. magnetic designer magformers xl cruisers This amount is enough for a house, a rocket, a garage for a car or a funny turtle. Girls will be interested in playing fashion designer, because of the details you can make a funny hat or handbag.

Gold medalist

Magnetic designer Magformers Wow Set two years ago received the Best Toy Award from an expert in children's goods - independent reviewer Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. Participation in the study was made by experienced psychologists and teachers, as well as children and their parents. magformers wow set

There are 17 elements in the set:

- 5 squares;

- 8 triangles;

- 2 pairs of wheels;

- super-rectangle;

is a figure of a boy.

With the help of twenty thematic maps the child can build original car models. Sellers of "Megformers" note that it is Wow Set, whose cost is about 2600 rubles, is the most popular set.

On the construction site

Special interest for boys is represented by thematic kits dedicated to construction and special services. Magnetic designer Magformers XL Cruisers "Builders" will open your kid a special world of technology. With the help of parts, you can create a model of a bulldozer, a tractor, a snow plow or an excavator. magnetic designer magformers reviews

In addition to geometric shapes, the kit includes details that are available for real construction equipment: special levers, a siren with a light signal, and another figure of an engineer.

Rescue service

Machines with spetssignalami in real life always attract attention - that's why every kid would like to have at his disposal a magnetic designer Mafgormers "Rescue Service."

33 elements allow you to create a police car, as well as an ambulance and even a fire brigade. For the latter model, a ladder is provided, and the lifesaver included in the kit is equipped with small magnets to climb and extinguish the fire from a height. Light and sound signals will make the game even more exciting.

The cost of XL Cruisers kits is 5000 rubles. According to the responses of the parents, the prices in Russian stores are slightly overestimated. If you make an order on a foreign site, even with the delivery of "Megformers" will cost less than an average of 2-3 thousand rubles.

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