Kitchen set with their own hands. Kitchen furniture: DIY

If you assemble a kitchen set with your own hands, you will save a considerable amount, because the finished furniture, despite its abundance in stores, does not cease to be very expensive.

Designing of furniture

kitchen set with own hands

If before you there is a task independently to make kitchen furniture it is more preferable to choose a classical variant which is presented by hinged cases, and also curbstones equipped with drawers. Such a design can be used in the space of any room in the kitchen, whether it is small or large. Do not give furniture curvilinear complex outlines, you do not have the experience of cutting, as this will complicate the process. Moreover, special equipment is required to cut radii.

Making a kitchen set with their own hands, it is necessary to use fasteners, which can be made with screws, nails, as well as dowels, and without glue.

Material selection

kitchen table transformer

If you want to produce high-quality and durable furniture, it is preferable to use a solid wood array. It will, of course, c

ost more than other materials, but it will also last longer. The most common material in the production of kitchen furniture today stands painted MDF.It has excellent performance characteristics, but the price in this case is also quite impressive. If there is a desire to save money, it is better to choose a laminated chipboard. It is not so expensive and very practical. A small corner kitchen set can be made from postforming, which is not so common because of the lack of naturalness. But it is practical and wear-resistant. It is based on plastic, which is represented by various colors. In order to save money, the side and rear walls are usually made of chipboard, which is devoid of coverage.

If you decide to make a kitchen set yourself, then it is preferable to choose a dyed MDF or veneered chipboard because these materials are easy to process.

Features of the

corner kitchen unit

headset After the furniture project is ready, you can buy all the material and cut it, the professional will cut the blanks more qualitatively, especially since this service is not so expensive. If fastening of elements among themselves will be made by means of dowels, it is necessary to prepare holes for them, using a conductor, it is recommended to use a confirmation for studs. Doing kitchen sets with their own hands, we should not forget that in the back of the cabinets must be openings for sockets and water supply and drainage systems.

Tools and materials

Kitchen Area

The process can not be performed without the use of special tools, among them are:

  • hammer;
  • electric jig saw;
  • hacksaw;
  • measuring tape;
  • electric saw;
  • clamps;
  • electric plane;
  • building level;
  • vise;
  • ruler;
  • plumb line;
  • desktop;
  • conductor;
  • screwdriver;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • drills;
  • knife;
  • files;
  • ;
  • sandpaper;
  • pliers;
  • .

Do not forget about personal protective equipment: a respirator, gloves, goggles, as well as a bathrobe. In order to obtain more accurate parameters, it is recommended to use a laser rangefinder.

Determination of dimensions

size of kitchen table

When preparing a kitchen set, the dimensions should be chosen according to the parameters of the room. Before you decide to do it yourself, it should be noted that the dimensions of one panel are 2440x1830 mm, which is accompanied by some difficulties in carrying out work. So, one locker can measure( in, w, g): 800, 300, 550 mm.

The furniture facade must have a height and a width of 696 and 296 mm, respectively. It should be remembered that the doors should be smaller in relation to the cabinet itself by 4 mm, which is necessary to prevent seizing the elements when opening. The height of the facade should also be less than the height of the structure, since the door is fixed above the floor surface by 100 mm.

Given the parameters of the facade, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the main components of the locker, namely: two side walls, a lid and a bottom. The rear wall, as a rule, is not considered the basic detail. After you subtract the thickness of the side walls that are 32 mm, get the dimensions of the bottom and the cover, which are equal to 284x550 mm, while the side walls will have dimensions equivalent to 800x550 mm. These same arguments should be used when calculating the remaining parameters of the furniture set.

Features of preparatory works

drawings of kitchen tables

After it was decided what parameters the kitchen set will have, the dimensions should be displayed on the drawing. It is necessary to prepare screeds, they will need about 300 pieces, in addition, a furniture edge will be needed. To ensure the opening and closing of the facades, prepare loops( one for each door or cover).

kitchen set dimensions

assembly technology Initially, you need to hem the blanks. This can be done with a hot iron. Once the edge has cooled, it is recommended that its edges be cut using a clerical knife. In order to achieve smoothness, nazhdachkoy should walk along the edge of the parts. Now you can mark the position of the fastener and prepare holes for it. At the same stage, make holes for the shelf holders. Then you can start assembling cabinets and filling them with shelves.

If you decide to design the kitchen set yourself, the Khrushchev should not be blocked by it, because access to it is necessary during the operation of the room. At the final stage of the assembly, you should install the legs, turning the cupboards upside down. After this, the facades should be strengthened. Now you can start installing the headset, you should do it after all the repairs are completed. Surfaces of the floor and walls should be smooth and clean. These manipulations should be started from the extreme module. If you are installing a corner kitchen set, then it is necessary to begin fixing with these corner elements. After each subsequent cabinet should be firmly strengthened not only to the wall, but also to the neighboring product by means of a 5-millimeter screed. The work table is fixed with screws.

As soon as it was possible to complete the work with the lower cabinets, it is possible to start fixing the upper ones. The distance between the edges of the lower and upper modules should be approximately 650 mm or more.

Corner set

Manufacture of main cabinets has been described above, but if there is a need to complement the furniture set with corner elements, then for their manufacture it is possible to use chipboard. After the blanks have been sawn, you can begin the assembly.

It is recommended to start from the main cabinet. Initially, the prepared holes must be installed dowels. After the dowels are replaced, confirmations should be mounted.

Now it is possible to move to the periphery of the cabinet, where it is necessary to mount the cruciform fixing screws for doors. At the same stage, rails are installed for the retractable system. After that, you can strengthen the fiberboard, which will serve as the back wall. Then it is recommended to proceed to the assembly of the boxes and their attachment to the wall. The corner kitchen set at the next stage assumes the fastening of subsequent cabinets that are joined to previously installed ones.

Manufacture of a kitchen table-book

For oversized kitchens, the table is perfectly suitable for the type of book. If necessary, it can be folded and put to the wall, open only one or two of its parts.

The following dimensions( in, W) can be used as the main dimensions: 750,

800 mm. Based on the data you can make drawings of kitchen tables.

It will be necessary to prepare the elements, such as: the base, the three components of the countertop, and the legs in the number of pieces. In order to make such a design, it is necessary to purchase a chipboard( 3500x1750x16 mm).Large caps in the number of two pieces will have dimensions in the range 800x635 mm each, while a small lid will be just one, and its size is 800x250 mm. The main racks will need two( 734x250 mm), but the stiffeners - three( 708x110 mm).

Assembly work

The kitchen table-transformer should be started with laminating the details with a melamine edge. Next, you can assemble a pair of legs with the euro screws, and then fasten the hinges to them. Now you can start assembling the base of the table. To do this, the lower edge should be installed at a height of 100 mm from the floor surface, receding 70 mm from the edges of the walls. The upper edge must be located centrally between the preceding edge and the table top.

The lids on both sides are further strengthened, at this stage it is possible to bring everything together and analyze the geometry. Covers should be strengthened with butterfly loops, then proceed to install the legs. This is the kitchen table-transformer ready.

Making a kitchen corner

The corner corner is a sofa, its height can be limited to 850 mm, but the length of a more impressive sofa will be 1200 mm, this parameter is 900 mm in a small sofa. The width of the side pieces is limited to 450 mm, whereas the backrest height is equivalent to 300 mm. The dimensions of your corner will depend on the parameters of the kitchen. It is worth considering that the size of the kitchen table in this case will be slightly less than the usual, as the sofa is below the chairs, and sitting at a higher table in this case will be inconvenient.

It is proposed to make the manufacture of chipboard, but a more solid construction will be, if you use a joinery, in addition, you should prepare the bar, as well as the board. The backrest will consist of plywood, you will need both rake and foam rubber. The construction after the completion of the work is to be done. Sidewalls should be installed on the bars, but a level or slightly below the foam should be installed one more bar, which will act as an armrest.

The size of the kitchen table should correspond to the above-mentioned parameters of the corner sofa. Under the lid of the latter should be placed boxes, at the base of which a pair of boards 150x25x1200 mm, as well as trimmed with dimensions of 150x25x300 mm, which will become the walls. The bottom must be covered with plywood. All components from the outside should be reinforced with self-tapping screws 70 mm.

The sides of the backrest must be paired with horizontal bars. After it was possible to assemble the backrest frame, it is possible to strengthen the plywood to which the foam rubber is supposed to be reinforced. The kitchen corner in the next stage can just begin to sheathe. Initially reinforced foam rubber. It is preferable to use several thin layers than one thick one. In the latter case, the seats quickly enough to miss. Next, proceed to the upholstery, you can do it with a stapler. It is important to correctly measure the material taking into account the substrate of foam rubber. The kitchen corner on this can be considered complete.

It is preferable to entrust the professionals to the cutting work before the independent manufacture of furniture, since it is impossible to do it qualitatively independently without the availability of the corresponding equipment.

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