Massage for babies. Restorative massage for infants

Currently, almost all newborn babies are prescribed a massage. Such exercises in combination with proper gymnastics help the child to develop faster and adapt in the modern world. This article will tell you about what should be a massage for babies. If you do not have the appropriate education and skills, then you should first become familiar with certain rules.

General restorative massage for babies

massage for babies

Almost every newborn baby is born with a strong muscle tone. Do not be afraid - this is absolutely normal. Such a condition is a consequence of the fact that for a long nine months the baby stayed in mother's tummy practically in weightlessness.

To remove hypertension, massage for babies helps. Also, these manipulations can strengthen the body crumbs. During the massage, the blood flow increases and the muscles warm up. All this allows to increase immunity and to avoid many diseases in the future.

When is it necessary to do a restorative or relaxing massage for babies?

Most doctors( neonatologists, pediatricians and neurologists) recommend starting such manipulations in the first month of the baby's life. However, this is not always possible. If you go to a specialized medical institution, you will most likely run into a pre-entry massage for babies. Do not want to wait? In this case, you can independently carry out some manipulations and do not waste valuable time.

Massage for babies is prescribed for almost everyone. It does not matter at all whether the child has any deviations. During the first year of life, doctors recommend a total of three courses of massage with short breaks. All this will help the child to adapt and quickly acquire some skills.

massage for babies 2 months


So, you decided to do a massage for babies at home. What is required for this? To begin with it is necessary to be defined with a premise. It should be light and spacious. Before the session, the room needs to be ventilated. However, it should not be cold there. The most suitable temperature is at a level of 24-26 degrees.

Also worth choosing a surface. It should not be very soft. If you have a changing table, then use it. Otherwise, give preference to the most common kitchen table. Place a folded plaid several times on a hard surface and cover it with a diaper.

You need to decide on cosmetic means for massage. Prepare a pre-fat baby cream or oil. If the baby is prone to an allergic reaction, then you can use the most common powder without fragrances.

Before the session, carefully examine the baby and make sure of the following:

  • the baby is full;
  • crumb does not want to sleep;
  • the baby does not have temperature, runny nose and does not have a sore throat;The
  • baby does not have any medical contraindications for the procedure.

How to massage a baby yourself?

Massage for infants with hypertension involves a phased treatment of the entire body. You need to move from the bottom up, not missing a single part. First, it is necessary to stretch your fingers and feet, then treat the legs. Next comes the turn of the tummy and the pens. In the same order, you also need to move when you turn the baby over.

Remember that during all manipulations, you can not put much pressure on a part of the body. Perform only stroking and smooth movements. Muscle crumbs are still very weak, and the bones are fragile and more like cartilage. They are very easy to damage. Also it is necessary to avoid such parts of the body as the neck and the head area. The exception is only those cases when you have a medical education and you know exactly where those or other points of impact are located.

relaxing massage for babies

Fingernails, feet and feet

Lubricate the hands and feet of the toddler with the selected medium. After this, take a finger one by one and turn it slightly. Handle all the limbs in this way and go to the foot.

Draw a semblance of the sign of infinity from the heel to the fingers. Press alternately on the heel, then on the area between the second and third finger on the foot. You will see how the baby reflexively squeezes and unclenches the leg.

Next go to the caviar. They need to be gently massaged in the muscle area and stroked. Hips are treated in a similar way. However, you can not touch the inside. There are many important arteries and veins that are not yet protected by muscles or fatty layer.

massage for babies 3 months

Tummy and breasts

Massage for infants( 2 months) helps not only to lift the tone, strengthen the body, but also relieves colic. However, you need to do it right. Grease the abdomen area abundantly and start circling clockwise from the navel. After that gently gently plucking the movements, massage the umbilical ring. This will help strengthen the muscles of this area.

Take a few collecting movements from the barrel to the center of the tummy. Try to avoid the area of ​​the liver and spleen. These organs are too close to the skin and can be injured.

Massage for infants( 3 months and older) does not involve treatment of mammary glands. Especially this condition applies to girls. It is better to completely skip this zone altogether.

massage for infants with hypertension

Hands and shoulders

Treat the indicated area with the massage aid and start stroking the shoulders. Gradually get down on the arm, treating each patch of skin. Pay special attention to each finger. Slice the limbs alternately, bending and unbending them.

Massage for babies 6 months involves such manipulation: after processing the handles, put your thumbs in the palm of your hand when the child grabs them, pull lightly at yourself - the baby will try to sit down alone, straining the muscles of the press.

It is better not to touch the neck, especially if you do not have medical education. Leave this place for the work of specialists. This will help you avoid accidental joint damage and complications.

Abdominal exercises

massage for babies 6 months

Massage for infants( 2 months) includes such manipulation: take the baby by one handle and slightly pull it in the opposite direction - the kid reflexively tries to roll over, and you should help him in this.

Lubricate the back of the crumbs with a medium and gently stroke it. Massage your shoulders and lumbar area. After this, proceed to the exercises for the hip joints. Remember that a baby should not have any contraindications to such gymnastics. You can find out from your pediatrician or neurologist.

Fold the leg in the knee and take it to the side. Do the same procedure with the second limb. The kid must take the frog's pose. Do not worry about the fact that it hurts. Kids at this age are very flexible and can make such movements without difficulty.

Vertical gymnastics

When all the muscles of the child are mashed and warmed up, lift the baby over the underarm area up. Arrange the baby so that his feet touch the surface - the child will begin to reflexively make walking movements. Kids after six months especially like this exercise. They get new sensations and rejoice.

Take the child and shake it from side to side. Such an exercise will help develop the work of the vestibular apparatus.

massage for infants at home

Than to finish massage?

Any kind of gymnastics needs to be brought to an end correctly. The best way for this is water procedures. Remember that infants have an inborn swimming reflex. However, it dies closer to four months. If you want to go swimming with a baby, then you should start doing it as soon as possible.

The temperature of the bathing water after the massage should be 32-35 degrees. To begin with it is worth to atone for a crumb, since his body because of a special tool can be very slippery. Then let the baby enjoy the water. Lead it forward and backward, make circular movements with a small body. If desired, you can use a special circle, which is put on the neck of the baby.

If you abandoned the water procedures, you can give preference to a large ball, called a fitball. Exercises on it can be performed in a variety of ways: rocking, vibration, circular movements. All this will not only please your crumb, but will also develop a sense of balance and vestibular apparatus.

After all the procedures done, you must feed the baby. Most likely, at this moment the child will fall asleep a sweet dream. Do not wake him up. Such exercises greatly tire the still fragile body of the baby. Remember that after the massage the body of the crumb is heated, but in a dream it cools. Therefore it is good to hide the child so that he does not catch a cold.

restorative massage for babies

What does the massage give to babies?

After a few sessions you can already see a positive effect. The baby will start better and sleep longer, become more calm and confident. The baby will lose fear of their movements. Many children get a good appetite and gain weight after such courses.

In addition, massage will strengthen the immune defenses and relieve the child of increased tone. The effect of the work done is saved on average by 3 months. At the end of this time, you can repeat the course of gymnastics.

Summing up

You found out what massage for babies is and why it is needed. If possible, please contact the masseurs in specialized institutions. If you decide for any reason to conduct a massage course yourself, then be sure to consult before this with a pediatrician and neurologist.

Health to you and your baby!

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