When to plant cabbage on seedlings - the optimal timing

Cabbage sprouts - all the features of the

What only vegetables are not grown by modern owners of household plots. Annually there is a large number of new varieties and subspecies. One of the useful and beloved many vegetables is cauliflower. Thirty years ago, they had no idea of ​​its existence, and today it is the leader among the vegetables grown in suburban areas. Those who have known her for a long time, know what kind of soil she prefers, when to plant cabbage on seedlings, what and how to feed. For those who are just about to start cultivating it, some tips may be useful.

Terms of sowing

How to plant cabbage seedlings Each vegetable grower wants to harvest as early as possible. Therefore, many are interested in the question of when to plant cabbage on seedlings to get the first heads by the end of the summer and at the same time that they have a dense structure and are not damaged by pests. If you have a greenhouse or a greenhouse, you can sow seeds, starting in March. However, it is worth paying attention to

varieties. In these terms it is better to sow the early varieties of cauliflower.

Growth conditions for

Soil for cauliflower should be lighter and nutrient-rich than for other varieties of this healthy vegetable. However, sowing is still half the battle, it is necessary to create an optimal temperature regime, so that the plants can ascend and develop well. It is necessary to remember here that cabbage is a cold-resistant plant and does not require high temperatures to grow. After the seedling grows up, it is planted in the open ground. When to plant cabbage on seedlings

Watering and top dressing

How to plant cabbage seedlings? Let us discuss this question. According to the rules, it must be planted on a permanent place after the formation of four real leaves. The planting process does not require special knowledge, but it must be taken into account that it is best to plant it on beds in which manure was introduced, as it is very demanding for the presence of all necessary mineral elements. Therefore, in the future it must be fed. For this purpose, a complex fertilizer intended specifically for cabbage is best. This will allow you to correctly calculate the dosage, which is very important, because excess nitrogen will lead to the formation of loose and completely non-marketable heads. When to plant sprouts of cabbage color

For autumn harvest

This crop allows you to harvest in two terms - in summer and in autumn. When planting cabbage on seedlings to get heads in the fall, depends on the variety and region of its cultivation. On average, for the autumn harvest, seed sowing for seedlings is carried out in the first three decades of May. In this case, care for seedlings will be the same as in the early planting. On the question of when to plant seedlings of cabbage colored, grown in May, the answer is unambiguous - in June, but, again, everything depends on the weather conditions and the rate of its growth. When planting as a very small, and already overgrown seedlings, there is a possibility that not all will settle down. If you want to get a good result, then it must be planted on time, in phase 4 of these leaflets.


Here we are and talked about when to plant cabbage on seedlings. It should be added that any seedlings are very sensitive to a lack of moisture, especially in the first stage, while the plants have not yet had time to properly take root. So do not forget to water it every day until it gets well and grows. And then you will be provided with an excellent harvest.

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