How much to cook chicken breast and what to cook from it

Of course, chicken is one of the most dietary. It is a natural source of proteins that are easily absorbed by the human body, as well as numerous vitamins and minerals( zinc, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, chromium).It is this part of the chicken carcass that is the leader in the content of easily digestible proteins, so it is widely used in sports and dietary nutrition. And even it does not matter how much to cook a chicken breast.

how much to cook chicken breast Calorie and useful properties of chicken breast

Chicken fillet is a low-calorie product, it contains 99 calories. White meat, which is contained in the breast, has in its composition a minimum amount of fat. Also in the composition of chicken meat are nitrogen-containing substances and essential oils, which give dishes with this ingredient a special smell. It also contains glutamic acid, water, a small amount of carbohydrates. Recently, extensive studies have been conducted to identify the properties of chicken meat. However, since ancient times, broths bre

wed from it were used to restore strength after wounds or protracted diseases. However, do not forget that the real benefit can be obtained if you cook a chicken breast or stew, but do not fry or cook on the grill. Due to a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the prevention of strokes and heart attacks is carried out. B vitamins help not only to improve all metabolic processes in the body, but also to maintain the health of nails and skin, as well as cope with insomnia and even depression. Since the chicken fillet contains collagen, it is always easily digested. And the protein content makes this product an ideal building material for various body tissues: muscles, bones, positively affects the activity of the brain.

how to cook chicken breasts How to better handle chicken meat

When selecting meals for athletes or for dietary meals, it is important to know how to cook chicken breasts so that they retain the greatest number of nutrients. As already mentioned, it is best to boil or extinguish this product. In the fried form, of course, useful properties will remain much less.

How and how much to cook a chicken breast

However, it may happen that after cooking the breast will become too stiff. To avoid this, offer some tips:

- use breasts that have not been frozen;

- cook them for a short while, 20 minutes after boiling;

- put in boiling water, so that the breast does not break, then it quickly seizes around the edges and juice is stored inside;

- do not salt water, otherwise the fillet will again release the juice.

The question of how much to cook a chicken breast is principled. It is if you digest it, the meat can get dry.

boil chicken breast What to cook from boiled breast

First of all, a variety of salads can be prepared from a boiled chicken breast using various ingredients. In addition, with it are prepared gravy, minced meat, sandwiches.

Boiled chicken fillet is an indispensable product, which is necessarily included in the menu of athletes, and is also used in dietary nutrition. Just need to consider how much to cook chicken breast.

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