Every housewife should know how much to cook beef

Excessive self-confidence very often brings inexperienced housewives. Meanwhile, the most ordinary dishes conceal a lot of secrets. And it is the ability to prepare a primitive culinary work in an unusual and incomprehensible way for others is a real talent.

Preparing beef

how much to cook beef

Theoretically, everyone knows how to properly cook beef. But, you see, it's not everyone that can enhance the taste of meat and give this special dish a special dish. Let's try to figure out what secrets are used by experienced chefs while cooking this useful product, and how much to cook beef.

Useful advice

To begin with, it is superfluous to note that the most delicious is cooked meat that has not been frozen, that is, fresh. Taste qualities depend on what part of the carcass is used. The most suitable for cooking is the brisket. To boiled meat was juicy and soft, you need to know not only how much to cook beef, but also about what temperature it should immerse initially. So, if the priority is giv

en to the preparation of a delicious broth, then the brisket( or other part) should be lowered into cold water. If necessary, get well-boiled juicy meat with all the nutritional properties you need to put it into boiling water.

how to cook beef

To the meat was delicious

Do not forget the hostess and the ingredient such as salt. Best to salt first shortly before cooking. How much time to cook beef depends on the age of the slaughtered animal. It is generally accepted that the youngest product is the most delicious. For cooking, part of the carcass of an animal aged up to 5-7 years is suitable. And cook any meat you need under the closed lid. Another nuance: if you pursue the goal of getting tasty boiled meat, and not broth, then boil it on a quick fire. The larger the pieces of beef, the more juicier the product.

how long does it take to cook beef

We share the secrets of

Some chefs while cooking beef use absolutely all cooks, but not all of them divide. We suggest you read some culinary secrets. The best allies of meat, as you know, are vegetables. The meat dish is especially transformed due to the onion, both in fresh and in a puffed form. Unique properties of this vegetable, which causes tears even in the kitchen masters, are used in cooking beef. So, having sent to the broth an average peeled bulb, you can significantly soften the meat. The same result is provided by the carrot root. Incredible juiciness beef and piquant taste of the broth is attached to the mustard. Approximately half an hour before cooking, this common spice is sent to boiling broth at the rate of a couple teaspoons of mustard per kilogram of meat.

What determines the cooking time

Trying to learn the simple truths and secrets of preparing tasty boiled meat, we moved a little from the most important question: how much to cook beef? There is no unequivocal answer. The fact is that the duration of cooking beef depends on many factors: the age of the animal, how many times the product has been frozen, what part of the carcass is used, and so on. It turns out that you should rely on the honesty of the seller of the meat pavilion or on your own intuition. We believe that the second option is more acceptable. Therefore start to prepare meat in advance and carefully supervise process of cooking, periodically piercing pieces of beef with a fork. A good hostess should feel how much to cook beef.