Cholagogue food as an integral part of the menu

Every day we eat this or that food. Sometimes we make the menu for our family and ourselves, sometimes snacking everything that came to hand, but very rarely think about what action that food has that is on our plate, on the body. Most people divide dishes into "tasty" or "tasteless".Individuals( for various reasons) exclude from the diet a certain set of products( vegetarians, allergic people), adherents of healthy nutrition consider BJU and calories, but few know that food can be treated.


Beauty on a plate

According to surveys conducted among men, one of the most important criteria for female beauty was called smooth, clean skin. Its appearance is certainly affected by how complex care( cleansing, creams), genetics is carried out, but if the nutrition is unbalanced, then all efforts can go to "no."So, what products are useful for the skin? These are citrus fruits, currants, cranberries( vitamin C), marine fatty fish. It is worth including in the menu nuts, turkey( selenium), strawbe

rries, beans and plums( antioxidants).Also, the skin to maintain youth and beauty requires vitamins A, B, D, K. Do not abuse sauces, mayonnaise, smoked and sweet. what products are good for the skin

To help the gallbladder

Bitterness in the mouth, chronic nausea, vomiting, pains of varying severity in the right upper quadrant indicate that the gallbladder needs help. Elimination of problems with this body is impossible without a special diet. Along with special drugs to improve liver function, you should use choleretic foods. Among them you can name oils of vegetable origin - sunflower, peanut, corn, olive. With such oil you can chew porridge or dress salads, but the heat treatment destroys its useful properties. Cholagogue foods mainly belong to vegetables. This - rhubarb, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, cabbage, white and colored, cranberries, greens.

Choleretic slimming foods

People with overweight are prone to problems caused by abnormal liver function. Most often this is due to the fact that the gallbladder is compressed by fatty deposits. Bile, without a normal outflow, stagnates, which can cause the formation of stones. Cholagogue foods can not only improve its outflow, but also reduce weight. Their caloric content is low, and a large amount of fiber, vitamins, essential microelements and complex carbohydrates will allow you to get rid of the desire to eat for a long time again.

Prevention measures what foods are harmful to the liver

Any health disorder is easier to prevent than then long and hard to treat. Cholagogue food products allow for prophylaxis in a mild, absolutely natural way. It is for this reason, it is desirable to regularly use them. But what foods are harmful to the liver? This smoked meat, which almost always contains a large amount of salt and fat. Alcohol also does not add health, whatever it is invented about its useful properties - this is nothing more than an advertising trick. Another enemy of the liver is fast food. These include fast food, shop dumplings, cutlets and other semi-finished products.


Our health is 80% dependent on lifestyle and nutrition. Violating the well-known rules, we harm ourselves, undermine our health, worsen the quality of life. Therefore, it makes sense to think about what this attitude to your body will lead to, and it's never too late to change for the better.

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