How much sugar is in a tablespoon? There's an answer!

Many hostesses like to bake all kinds of sweets, which are happy to write down for all cheeks all members of the family. Pies, muffins, cakes, cakes, puffs, buns. .. Fortunately, that in the vastness of the ubiquitous Internet you can find a recipe for every taste and purse. The level of complexity in baking is also different - there are very unpretentious cookies, and there are literally masterpieces of confectionery craftsmanship. For example, multi-layer cakes with mastic.

Required baking component

One of the ingredients for making sweet baking( if you are not on a diet, of course) is sugar. In most recipes, you need to add a certain number of grams. Of course, if there is such a useful device in the kitchen as a kitchen scale, weighing the right amount of sugar is not a problem. And what if they do not exist? Of course, you can use a glass, but how to determine which size glass to choose?

how much sugar in a tablespoon

Many more experienced housewives pour sugar on the dough into the dough, but for those wh

o are just learning the basics of baking, this is a very difficult task. But the taste and "correct" sweetness of any dessert directly depend on the amount of sugar! There is an exit! In order to measure the right amount of sugar, you can use spoons: knowing how much sugar in a tablespoon, you can sprinkle it as much as indicated in the recipe. The same applies to a teaspoon.

Spoon spoon - discord!

So, how much sugar is in a tablespoon? Let's start with the spoon itself! The fact is that the tablespoons are different. For example, with a more or less deep scoop. Remember that a standard tablespoon length scoop is 7 centimeters, and its width is 4 centimeters. This is worth considering when using this cutlery instead of kitchen scales.

how much in a glass of sugar

Sweetness Grams

How much sugar is in a tablespoon? Without a slide - 20 grams, and with a slide - 25 grams. Accordingly, if you want to add 100 grams of sugar, then this amount is equal to five tablespoons without a hump or four - with a slide. If the recipe specifies a clear amount of the required amount of this free-flowing sweetness, but there is no balance - boldly start baking! After all, if you know how much sugar in a tablespoon( with and without top), to measure the right amount of any ingredient will not be absolutely no trouble!

Alternative dimension of

It happens that there will be guests on the doorstep. Seizing them for an empty table seems to be ugly, and running after cakes for tea or coffee is far away. In such cases, express recipes for sweet baked goods will be prepared, which is prepared simply, and most importantly - very quickly!

a teaspoon of sugar

When time is short, measuring sugar by eye is risky. In the excitement and haste, you can accidentally pour a whole kilogram of sweetness into the dough! You can, of course, measure sugar with tablespoons( as described above), but this will take precious time. In such cases, it is easiest to use a glass. This is the fastest! How many grams of sugar is in the glass? Depends on the glass itself! In a conventional cut glass( such are in some school canteens) is placed 160 grams of sugar, in a thin - 200 grams.

Recipe - a delicate matter!

Any hostess has met recipes in which ingredients are required to measure out literally to a gram. Especially on this are the French and Italian chefs. If you want to bake something like that, you can use a teaspoon instead of scales - it is small and it is convenient to measure the microdoses of the recipe products.

Another such measurement of weight is suitable for people who are watching their shape and health, or for those who follow a diet with calorie counting. For example, a teaspoon of sugar is 10 grams or 32 calories. Knowing this, you can always calculate your diet and not get lost.

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