Maine Coon( cats).Maine Coon breed: description, character, photo

Maine Coons are amazing animals. Excellent memory, playfulness and goodwill are just a short list of their merits. But what do we know about this variety of cats?

Maine Coon. Description of the breed

In the world there is a huge variety of species and colors of furry pets from the family of felines. But do you know which are the largest cats?

The Maine Coon has been bred about a hundred and fifty years ago. It is the pride of North America. And today its representatives are considered to be the largest animals of the cat family, which were domesticated. In addition, the maine coon breed( photo is in the article) very quickly gained universal love in America, so today these cats are in the top ten in popularity in the United States. What are they captivating their owners? Well, for example, the maine coon cat possesses an uncommon intellect. The photo proves this: in the eyes of animals the thoughts shine.

Representatives of the species have an amazing inner strength and great voice. In additi

on, the Maine Coon breed( photo below) is not only notable for its size. These are animals with subtle grace, strikingly beautiful hair and soft character.

cat breed Maine Coon

It is interesting that the purring of these cats is reminiscent of the sound of American folk.

Standard of the Maine Coon breed. Photo of representatives of

These animals have always been mobile and strong. Such representatives of the cat family are quite capable before lunch to race with a neighbor's dog, then completely rid their home of mice and rats and, of course, to give time to their masters. However, despite the natural playfulness, these pets have impressive sizes and are able to look quite menacing.

Representatives of the breed have a muscular and massive body. A medium-sized head, a wide nose and a flat skull are characteristic of this cat. The maine coon breed is characterized by wide ears in the basement. Limbs of medium length, strong. Representatives of the breed are owners of widely planted, large and thoughtful eyes. Their color can range from gold, yellow and brown to green. Some Maine Coon cats( the photo below shows this) can boast a blue-tinted eye.

The wool of the representatives of this breed is silky and fluffy, and has an abundant undercoat. In the neck and head, it is of medium length, and further long. Thick at the base, very fluffy and long( can reach the shoulder of the animal) tail - one of the characteristic features of the Maine Coon cat. The breed has a large palette of colors. Its classification is extremely complex. This diversity is due to the genes of Maine Coon cats. The photo in the article shows you only a small part of the possible colors.

than to feed Maine Coon

Nature of animals

Representatives of this breed are the most peace-loving cats. The Maine Coon breed is also famous for its tranquility. This animal will never come up with the idea that it would be nice to drop that expensive crystal vase from the mantelpiece. Maine coons are very neat and usually share all the utensils of the house on their own and others'.

maine coon breed description

These animals categorically do not accept narrow apertures and limited spaces, as a result of which they do not have the habit of climbing on the mezzanine, linen closets, shelves and other places that would suit the taste of another breed of cats. In addition, their size simply does not allow them to bother their masters.

Maine Coons have the ability to adapt very quickly and without special problems to the habits of their owner. They tend to notice its degree of activity at different times of the day. This allows them to quickly adapt to the rhythm of the owner's life. That is, if you, for example, are engaged in graphic design and spend a lot of time at the computer, your pet will sit for hours and study vector graphics and ways of working in Photoshop. And if you are an avid tennis player, then do not be surprised if your pet will soon begin to bring rackets in your teeth.

Sometimes it seems to the owners of Maine Coons that these animals know about what is happening in the house, much better than the owners themselves.

Representatives of this breed are giants with a big and loving heart. These cats are funny, but calm. Unlike other very energetic breeds, they do not tend to create bedlam in the apartment, while the beloved master is not at home. Some people may think that Maine Coons are indifferent and withdrawn creatures, but this is not so. Cats begin to trust people after a certain period of time. And then, making friends with his master, the representatives of this breed show him all their loyalty and tenderness.

Not all Maine Coons like to sit on their lap with the owner. But they love being close to him. Many representatives of the breed have a habit throughout the house to accompany the owner. They easily find a common language with other inhabitants of the house.

Self-esteem is one of the most pronounced features of this breed. Parenting will never allow the maine-kun to encroach on someone else's bowl or to steal food from the table of the beloved master, and even more so, he will never condescend to begging.

These cats are rarely given a voice. When this representative of the cat family still decides to say something, you will be surprised, because Maine Coons are the owners of extremely thin voices that do not fit in with their overall dimensions. In addition, they do not meow, but rather produce sounds similar to human speech, which have many expressive intonations.

Another interesting habit of such pets is to stand on your hind legs in order to consider something better. Maine coon cats are easily accustomed to walking on a leash.

Perhaps, because their ancestors once traveled on swimming ships, Maine Coons love water. Many owners of these amazing cats report that their pets are able to swim and do not mind visiting the shower with their owner.

Many maine coons, before drinking water, tend to rake her paw. There are also lovers of drinking not from a bowl, but from the paw. Scientists believe that this method allowed Maine Coon to remove various debris from the surface of the natural reservoir.


The intelligence of these animals from and up corresponds to their dimensions: the Maine Coon cats are real thinkers with the ability to contemplate. These pets are extremely smart, logical and consistent in their actions. Owners of outstanding intelligence have been repeatedly investigated. Scientists say that these animals sometimes perform conscious actions, as well as a labrador or a border collie.

The owners also often noticed this ability of the Maine Coon cat. Reviews of the owners are filled with admiration for the extraordinary mental abilities of their pets. Some say that their cat surprisingly easy and quickly learns commands.

maine coon reviews

Trembling with the family and offspring is something that the maine coon cats always display. The photo above is proof. Therefore, the males of this breed do not need to be isolated from the offspring even in the first minutes of life of the kittens. The Maine Coon cat is the real father of the family. He immediately takes an active part in the education of his children.

It is interesting that the ability to memorize a large number of commands and words is one of the merits of these cats. They are distinguished by phenomenal memory. In addition, these animals can very subtly catch the intonation of the host. That is, maine coon, cat or cat - it does not matter, can understand a person even with the help of hidden views, gestures and sounds.

Socialization of

Classic descriptions of the breed of cats often do not mention the fact that sometimes representatives can fundamentally ignore people they do not know. For example, a guest can easily fall into the disfavor of a cat. The Maine Coon breed is characterized by the fact that its representatives sometimes need time to get used to the new man. That is, your home favorite will bypass the guest side or simply not pay any attention to him. Of course, it will pass from the time. But the process will go faster if the stranger does not constantly climb to the cat in order to pat or, worse still, to squeeze.

As already mentioned, maine coons can not stand when they are forcibly taken in their hands or put on their knees. Often they just want to be close to the owner or sit at his feet.

Since the representatives of this breed have an extremely soft and friendly character, they easily get along with other animals that live at home. They can easily make friends with a dog or even a bird. As well as it is necessary to peace-loving giants, they too like children.


In the overwhelming majority of cases, the owners assure that in the past life their pet was a dog. Uncommon intellect is a distinctive feature of the Maine Coon breed. The cat is able to memorize a large number of teams in the shortest possible time intervals. The devotion and ability of these pets to train is boundless. Naturally, they are quite demanding, and for the disclosure of their potential, the cat needs close contact with the person.

Activity Mobility and curiosity are what the maine coon stands out for. The description of the physical loads optimal for these animals is given below. Representatives of this breed appreciate the dynamic, full of events life. The age of the cat does not affect his life level at all: he is still playful, and the level of activity is still off scale. The only thing is: in order for them to play freely, they need a maximum of free space.

Physical activities and walks

Regular exercise for these animals is not just a whim but a vital necessity. Physical exercise is one of the keys to the full development of your pet. Maine-kuns need to move a lot in order to provide a good load on the muscles, which they have developed well.

Maine coon cat games are perceived as an imitation of hunting. To wait for the prey and sneak up on them unnoticed - their favorite part of the game. The master must show ingenuity and prepare an ideal sacrifice for his pet. For example, you can buy a small machine in the toy store on the remote control, then wrap it in a soft cloth, so that the maine coon cat does not hurt the muzzle, teeth or paws on the hard plastic.

It has been repeatedly observed that these big cats adore wearing something in their teeth. Therefore, you should give your pet a ball. Another useful gift for Maine Coon is a spacious house with a scratching pad.

It is necessary to walk as often as possible in the open air to such athletic pets who have preserved their hunting instincts. Representatives of the Maine Coon breed are calm about leashes and collars. In most cases, during the next walk they do not attempt to escape or climb the nearest tree. Walking these animals are ready at any time and in any weather. However, the optimal walk schedule is one that includes three or four outputs per street per week.


Large sizes, smart eyes and thick wool are the distinguishing features of a Maine Coon cat. The breed on each photo demonstrates its delicious fur coat. But this silky and long coat, no doubt, requires regular care. It is necessary at least once a week to comb out your pet. To do this, you need to buy a metal brush( preferably more powerful).It is necessary to choose the one whose teeth are rounded, otherwise the pet can be injured.

Usually the inner surface of the body, for example, the animal's stomach, is rich in brass. If koltun coiled relatively recently, it is worth trying to unravel it. But if the wool has long started to resemble dreadlocks rastamana, you can safely take scissors and cut this "beauty."During moulting, that is, in autumn and spring, it is recommended to comb the animals more often.

Maine Coon Cats

Washing your pet is necessary regularly. As already mentioned, Maine Coons love water, so it's unlikely that you will have problems with bathing your pet. Pets have nothing against shampoos. Of course, until he catches the cat in the face, so it's worth taking a responsible approach to choosing a detergent for the animal. Maine coon should be washed with soiling. It is recommended to treat your pet with insect repellent after each walk.

Behind the ears of the pet should also be watched. The inner surface of the animal's ears should be pink. Wipe your ears with a soft cloth, after which it is recommended to sprinkle them with antiseptic.

The claws of this breed of cats grow fast enough. In some cases, the animal can not cope with them even with the help of a special scribe, as a result of which it is recommended that the owners at least once a week arm themselves with nippers or a special claw, and make their own pet manicure.

Maine-kunam more like closed toilets, in most cases, such dimensional animals refuse to go into the tray. The filler is better to choose the lumpy one.


Many owners are wondering about what to feed Maine Coon. After all, for sure, these cats are very fastidious in choosing food. In general, they can be fed in the same way as other representatives of the cat family. In any case, such questions are up to you. The main thing is that the diet is balanced, and the food contains all the necessary microelements and vitamins. If you know the general rules of feeding cats, then the question of what to feed Maine Coon, disappears by itself.

If you want your pet's food to be natural, then its basis should be meat and offal. The diet should in no case consist only of meat or only from dry food. In the first case, his coat will suffer, and in the second case - growth. All this should be given either in cooked or in pre-frozen form in order to prevent possible infection with helminths.

Maine-kunam is useful to chicken, including chicken heads, hearts, stomachs and liver. They will like veal, turkey and beef.

A variety in the Maine Coon diet can be made by giving the pet purified prawns, natural yogurt and cottage cheese. Once a week, you can give boiled quail eggs. Kittens can be treated with cream.

breed maine coon photo

In the Maine Coon diet, lamb and pork, whole milk and tubular bones with which the animal can injure the stomach should not be present. Raw fish is strictly prohibited.

Also your pet should not be limited in water - make sure that his bowl of liquid is always full, and the water in it is fresh. It must be changed three times a day. If there is such a possibility, then for water it is generally better to take a small fountain, since pets often have a habit of dragging their bowl around the room and drowning toys in it.

And how many maine coon is eating? Description of the breed has repeatedly indicated the large size of these cats, so they should eat accordingly, too? Calm down! He eats as much as other domestic representatives of the cat family.

Do not cut food for your pet too finely, because it chewing, develops the jaw and protects itself from the appearance of various gastrointestinal diseases.

The bowl must be selected from either stainless steel or ceramic. It is desirable that it had a rubber rim and had a fairly wide bottom. The diameter of the cup of your pet should not be less than 15-20 centimeters.

Maine Coon in the apartment

The vast majority of these animals have impressive dimensions. The townsfolk believe that the big Maine Coons are having a hard time getting used to the cramped, furnished apartments. However, let the size of these animals do not mislead you. As practice shows, a small area is not an obstacle for the maine coon breed. The feedback of many owners suggests that the animal can take root in any territory, regardless of its area, thanks to its natural ability to adapt to everything.

Maine Coons in no way will jump into the corners of your cramped apartment. They love when they have their own personal territory on the dais. Get a spacious house for your pet that will have a ladder. This gift will allow the pet not only to feel quite comfortable, but also to watch you.

Closely monitor the windows, especially if you live on the upper floors. The big maine coon( photo of this animal below) when falling from a high altitude can often not be grouped.

Big Maine Coons Photo

According to statistics, 80% of deaths of pets living in urban conditions occur precisely because of a fall from height.