Faucets with bath thermostat

For sure, anyone who has single-lever and two-valve mixers face the problem of adjusting the water temperature. Sometimes it is not easy to achieve the desired temperature, and then maintain the adjusted heat balance. Modern mixers with a thermostat can perform these functions.

What is it?

Faucets with thermostat

Mixers with a thermostat are sanitary devices designed to automatically maintain a constant temperature of the water jet and always one flow( head).As a rule, there are two regulators on the thermostatic mixer. One - to set the desired temperature, the second - to set the optimum water supply pressure. At any time, the specified parameters can be changed.

In the literal sense, there is no thermostat in the mixer, it does not heat the water. There is a thermoregulator that controls the heat balance of the water: once it changes to cold / hot or changes the pressure of the stream, it instantly rebuilds and restores balance.

The shower mixer with thermostat will make the water treatment very comfortable.

In addition, in families where there are children, this is the ideal choice, providing security and ease of use.

Advantages of

Shower mixer with thermostat

Absolutely any mixer with a thermostat has one distinctive feature: activation and regulation of the desired head of water is carried out thanks to the handle on the device.

This device has impressive advantages:

• Economy. Mixers with a thermostat allow you to avoid excess water consumption when adjusting the desired temperature. After all, they are supplying water with preset parameters.

• Heat balance. Such a system helps to avoid unpleasant cases associated with a change in water temperature. That is, there will be no situations when warm water changes sharply to cold or hot water.

• Resistance to pressure fluctuations. A jet from such a device will always run evenly. And do not have to depend on the neighbors, which then turn on, then turn off the water.

• When running water heaters are used, water temperature jumps often occur. With a thermostatic mixer, this problem will disappear.

• If an autonomous water heating system is used, usually heating the water to 70-80 degrees, there is a potential danger of getting burned due to some breakage. And the use of a special mixer completely eliminates this risk, because the supply of water instantly turns off.

Disadvantages of

Installation of a mixer with a thermostat( reviews indicate this) is recommended only in the bathroom, because:

• It is somewhat inconvenient to use such a device in the kitchen.

• This mixer only fully demonstrates its properties when performing hygiene procedures.

• The device will function correctly only where there are no pressure drops in the water supply system.

• The mixer with thermostat is quite expensive. The price starts at 6000 rubles and can go up to 20,000 and above. However, these financial costs pay off quite well as they are used.

Principle of operation of

mixer with thermostat price

The main device of which the mixer consists of a thermostat is an internal valve. It is made of three parts: a cartridge, a metal cylinder and a thermostat. The latter consists of a paraffin and a copper rod.

The handle located on the device sets a certain temperature, the valve mixes hot and cold water to the desired proportions thanks to the thermostat.
If the temperature of the hot water starts to rise in the pipe, the paraffin rod expands. This increases the space between the cylinder and the thermoregulator surface, and the balance is restored. Similarly, if the supply of cold water changes, only now the paraffin rod is compressed.

What do I need to connect?

mixer with thermostat reviews

Buyers have repeatedly faced the fact that the mixer with bath thermostat is not suitable because the communication pipes are located according to old standards.
For correct and correct operation of the thermostatic device, it is necessary that the pipe that supplies cold water is located on the right side, and the one that supplies the hot water is on the left. If the pipes are placed differently, you can forget about the comfortable taking of a bath or shower, as if incorrectly connected, the thermostat will not give out the set temperature, and frequent head jumps can occur.

It is advisable to insert fine water filters and pressure reducers into the communication pipes before installing this mixer. This is necessary to mitigate temperature changes. Mixers are quicker to fail if the water is too stiff. Installation of filters and gearbox is an optional procedure, but with their help the service life of the thermostat increases several times, the main thing is to change the filters to new ones in time.

Only the correct installation and compliance with all necessary conditions for the placement of the device can fully guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the system.

Mixer with bath thermostat

Mixer with bath thermostat

Judging by the feedback of the owners of such devices, the mixer with thermostat has the following features:

• It is very convenient to use, you only need to twist one handle and do not have to wait for the water temperature to adjust.

• If the pressure in the pipes is constantly fluctuating, the pressure in the mixer can be very weak or completely off, which is extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, before buying it is worth paying attention to the water supply.

• If there are young children, such a device will be an excellent purchase. They certainly will never burn, you can set a temperature limit of 38 degrees or purchase a device with a fuse.

• There is an innovative mixer with a thermostat, its price is rather big, but thanks to the sensor it is not necessary to turn the water supply knob. The necessary temperature is adjusted once, and when you want to wash your hands, you just need to bring them under the tap, and the warm water begins to flow. It is very convenient for the sinks in the bathroom, but here in the kitchen this technique is not the place.

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