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Psychologists and educators have proved that the child's education, upbringing and development best occurs in a playful form. And first of all, this theory applies to very young children who simply do not sit still for a minute in one place and hear what their parents want to tell them.

mazes for children

For this reason, most of the techniques based on the game have been developed. One of the world-famous exercises for training attention, perseverance, thinking are labyrinths for children.

The essence of the game

Labyrinth has long been considered one of the most difficult puzzles. However, this is not only a logical exercise, but also a fun game, thanks to which you can develop such qualities as attention, logical thinking, perseverance. Such exercises allow developing spatial thinking, raising the level of IQ, and training motor skills. In addition, psychologists have proved that it is the labyrinth game for children that is an excellent opportunity to teach your child to think not formally, but creativel

y and boldly. The main thing is to show and explain to the kid in a timely manner how exciting this entertainment can be.

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This game is a search for a way out of a certain situation, into which different characters fall. In a variety of forms are inscribed tracks, where one or more can be the only correct ones. For young children this should be easier, for older children it is more difficult and more complicated.

It is necessary to play only when the child himself is interested or will be open to the knowledge of the new. For the very young - this is an afternoon. Do not try to entice the kid by force, otherwise nothing good will come of your project.

Labyrinth for the youngest

Labyrinths for children of 3 years can have the appearance of a path where the characters are opposite each other. The tasks should look, for example, like this: "Help the bear pass through the forest to the house."The boundaries should be wide, then the child will be comfortable to draw a line like a finger or a stick, or with a pencil. Figures should be selected bright, with cartoon characters, which the child knows well. In order for the baby to find a way out, it is necessary to explain to him what is wanted from him, and to show by his example how to do it.

mazes for children 3 years old

Such a game for younger children will be more interesting if parents start to voice it. The more quests to spend with the child, the faster he will learn to see the way out of each next job.

Games for the middle preschool age

It's a little harder to pick labyrinths for children 4 years. The child, if played with him earlier, is already oriented in space and understands which way can lead to a dead end. Therefore, it is necessary to pick up a maze for children as with one track, and with a lot of turns and dead ends. In addition, it is worth considering the size of the pathways - they should be average or the same as in the previous age group. The child must learn to track the path not only with a pencil, but also visually.

mazes for children 4 years old

Labyrinths for children can be printed on the printer and put toys on them, moving them along the path of the labyrinth. You can come up with a short story or a fairy tale on this topic. A great interest in this age is the labyrinth coloring. The essence of this game is that when the output is correctly located and the desired track is drawn, a picture is obtained. When performing a task, always ask the child to stop at corners - this helps develop the ability to focus.

Getting ready for school

Labyrinths for children of 6 years can already be with small paths. But do not forget that too narrow aisles strain your eyesight and greatly weary the child's eyes. Maybe even lose interest in the game. Labyrinths for children of this age can be in the form of a picture, in which there are many tracks with dead ends. You can also suggest different options for hints. They will help to find a way and allow the child to choose which route was the easiest and shortest.

mazes for children 6 years old

Interesting for this age will be team competitions, where children in groups can find a way out of a difficult tangled labyrinth. Such games are team-based, they are held at speed. But do not forget that at the same time it is important for children who wins or loses, so always try to finish the competition with the words "friendship won".

Examples of labyrinths

Labyrinths for children - can be different, starting with a simple path and ending with very complicated and tricky moves. At home, you can make 3D labyrinths with your own hands - this will be a very entertaining lesson for both parents and children. It is enough to take baby toys, designer or sheets of paper and create your own game. Here are some examples:

For children of 3 years:

  • "Help the elephant get to my mother".
  • "Help Masha get to the house of the bear".

mazes for children

For children 4 years old:

  • "Find out which animal has lost the apple".In the figure, several animals and from each tangled line, but only one animal leads the path to the apple.
  • "Find out who the girls called."

maze game for children

For children of 5 years:

  • "Help the frog get to the house".A green kid can only jump on stones, white flowers can not be attacked.
  • "Help the hamster get to the house."Be careful - there are many dead ends in the labyrinth.

Labyrinth game for school-age children:

  • "Go along the path where words with the syllable" ak "are written.
  • "Choose routes on which the sum of two numbers is seven."

mazes for children


A variety of labyrinths for children can be found in children's prints. In addition, you can draw such a quest yourself or come up with it together with your baby.

Playing with children in games such as a maze, you not only occupy the child with something at home or on the road, but also develop small motor skills. This in the future will be useful for writing, as many first-graders today have very big problems with calligraphy. With the help of the labyrinth, spatial orientation develops. Play with your children, give them the task to go through the labyrinths themselves, and soon they will find the exits with different levels of difficulty.

Enjoy your game and pastime with your child!

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