American bare terrier: a description of the breed, photos and reviews

How often people want to have a pet, but they have many reasons not to fulfill their dream. One of them is an allergy to animal hair. But what to do when the desire to give care and love is so strong? There is a beautiful breed that will not make you suffer with wool cleaning - it's an American, a naked breed of terriers. On his body, the wool is either completely absent, or grows very rarely and in the form of a barely noticeable fleecy hair.


american naked terrier

It is an American naked terrier that is an excellent pet option for people with severe allergic reactions to animal hair. Its appearance is completely characterized by the name of the breed. This hairless dog is a descendant of the rat terrier, which was famous for its excellent hunting abilities and devotion to the owner.

In the naked variety, the skin has a uniform color, sometimes with a contrasting spot, which increases in size, depending on the age. The shade can change under the influence of sunlight, like a sunburn. This feature has

an American naked terrier.

Description of breed

american naked terrier reviews

Representatives are characterized by developed musculature, deep chest, powerful shoulder girdle and hind legs. The long neck, tapering slightly to the head, has a smooth curved shape. Forelegs straight, with elbows pressed to the trunk. The head has a wedge-shaped convex shape, with V-shaped ears on each side. They can stand when the dog is alert, can also be half-standing or hanging on the cartilage. Their position is stabilized when the dog reaches puberty. Characterized by a tail of a saber-like shape. The height is up to 45 cm, weight - from 3 to 6 kg. By standards, there are clear distinctions that give the right to assign one or another individual to pure breed.


american naked terrier puppies

There are two varieties of this breed, such as the American naked terrier. Puppies are born with a soft wool cover all over the body surface, which disappears by the age of 6-8 weeks. Adult representatives of this breed have vegetation only on whiskers, chin and eyebrows. Sometimes on the body there are single hairs, more like a fluff. This is considered acceptable. Skin tactilely soft, prone to sweating under stressful situations or increased external air temperature.

The second variety is covered. Representatives of this species have a short, dense and smooth woolen covering, including on whiskers. The color is acceptable in the variants: monophonic white, sable, variegated, with the obligatory presence of spots. They can be of any size. The location is also not particularly restricted. Mandatory condition - the spots should be white.

The official name of the breed is American Hairless Terrier. It is recognized in Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. But the popularity of these smooth pets is increasing both in Europe and Japan. International breed does not yet have.


photo American naked terrier

The American naked terrier is a companion dog by nature. It differs with energy, curiosity, has an inquisitive mind, it is perfectly amenable to training. From it you can bring up the type of dog that is needed by a particular host. This breed is so communicative and easy to learn that the owners are sometimes surprised by the results themselves.

Due to its belonging to hunting breeds, the American naked terrier has corresponding instincts. They show fearlessness, but these dogs do not show holes in vain, because they are held back by an unusually developed intellect. Despite good hunting qualities, this breed is not adapted to this occupation. Their skin is too vulnerable to such activities.

But an excellent friend this dog will be happy for both the owner and the family as a whole, including children. Kids love American terriers. They are often credited with the role of caring nannies, but they fall into childhood without much trouble. They just let the will frolic and play. Their sociability and friendliness are so developed that they get along well with cats. They revel in the attention of a person, communicating with him by methods of flirtation, attentive listening, showing various signs of devotion to the master.

Representatives of this breed are so energetic that they are ready to share their positive charge with the people around them. Their vigorous vitality is clearly expressed in their amusing facial expressions and joyful gaze. Affectionate, like cats, they sometimes forget their belonging to dogs.

american hairless terrier

The motor activity of the American Terrier is high. He is characterized by light, fast movements, characterized by agility. The front paws provide a large amplitude, as well as the rear, which in addition give a powerful push. In general, when moving, the American Terrier moves smoothly and at an enviable rate. Such indicators are present due to the developed musculature and the balance of the fore and hind limbs. The dog perfectly controls its body.

Invalid attributes of the

breed. Often, a biased bite in the photo is clearly visible. American naked terrier has a feature - an incomplete set of teeth.

When the breed is clean, the following signs are not allowed:

  • club foot;
  • growth is more than indicated, i.e. over 45 cm;
  • flaws in the color of the covered species - pale yellow-brown or the same with a dark mask, monochrome nose, fawn, light shade of silver-blue;
  • ears stand-up with a turn in the inside, developing, wrong location;
  • Rare hair more than 0.1 cm in length from a representative of the naked variety at the age of more than six months.

american hairless terrier

Why can disqualify a dog?

For the shortcomings at the exhibitions, the corresponding scores are lifted. Disqualification can result in:

  • anger, insecure behavior;Deafness( partial or complete);
  • too short leg length;
  • ears completely hanging;
  • is congenitally short tail;
  • stiff or long coat;
  • signs of albinism;
  • for a coated variety - insufficiency of white spots or completely monophonic color, with the exception of white.


Care for these representatives of terriers should be serious. Although to the conditions of life they are usually unpretentious - they do not need special spaces for living. This variant of the pet perfectly approaches both for an apartment, and for the private house. However, you must carefully monitor the condition of the skin.

The dog should be washed twice a week. With prolonged exposure to sunlight, treat the skin with a special cream with a protective factor. Due to the lack of wool, the temperature of the American Terrier is slightly different from those with hair follicles. Therefore, you should stock up on special clothes in several versions, which can protect you from rain, cold or hot sun during a walk.

Also pay special attention to the condition of teeth and gums. If it is obvious that there are inflammations or other symptoms, it is better to immediately contact a veterinarian.

In the diet, the American naked terrier has no special preferences. It is worth simply sticking to the general recommendations for feeding ornamental rocks. Equally well can come as dry food, and cooked food.

american naked terrier description of breed

The opinion of the owners of

The best friend for a person in conditions of massively spreading allergy symptoms is the American naked terrier. Reviews of this breed only confirm all of the above qualities that this pet possesses. The owners believe that there is no more suitable breed for keeping in the family. Moreover, the question of allergic manifestations on the presence of animal hair is completely removed.

Owners call a companion dog of the American bare terrier breed. American Hairless Terrier really responds to this great name, since the intellect and intelligence of this pet sometimes amaze. He is able to be sensitive to the owner during his illness or fatigue. Like a best friend, he can sit silently and with restraint in special moments, although nobody taught him this.

According to the owners, in official descriptions of this breed, not everything is always true. For example, many believe that this dog is unreasonably called decorative. They argue that, despite the need for special care, their pets are very reserved and not at all capricious representatives of their breed.

american naked

Owners of nurseries are always ready to bring a lot of positive qualities of the American terrier in opposition to all the arguments of potential owners. In fact, you will not find any more unpretentious in nature, such a reliable and intelligent friend. The least that the owner can give such a wonderful pet is the care of his tender skin. The plus is also the fact that there is absolutely no molting period.


The American bare terrier is a clever dog that is great for a family or a lonely traveler.

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