Plumbing "American" - what is it and how is it used?

In plumbing, the reliability of the connections is of paramount importance. To ensure the tightness of the connecting places, various fittings, nuts, clamps, gaskets and a mass of auxiliary elements are used. But, as practice shows, the best effect is provided by the simplest designs, to which the plumber applies "American" regardless of the variety. This is a special nut that works with additional components and is designed to connect two pipes. By the way, the very fastening is called "American".

Structure and type

By design, an American can be attributed to a group of couplings with a union nut. The element can provide a direct and angled connection, which opens up wide possibilities for conducting assembly operations.

plumber American

The connection kit includes the following components:

  • union nut( direct coupling);
  • nipple;
  • clamping nipple;
  • gasket.

When choosing it is important to determine the parameters that the "American" possesses. Plumbing, the size of which allows the use of c

onventional fittings, can be serviced with a union nut. In particular, the average length of the corridor is 36-48 mm, and the diameter varies in the average range from 22 to 57 mm.

Features of "American"

The main advantage over conventional elements providing sanitary connections is the ability to dismantle the pipeline without the need to rotate the pipes. At operations on a joint of a pipe and a coupling enough rotation of one nut is enough. During the manipulation, the pipe remains stationary. This is a tangible advantage, as interference in the construction of the pipeline can lead to disastrous consequences, and in some cases it is completely impossible.

American plumber

Another advantage is the tightness. Despite the elementary principle of fastening, plumbing "American" minimizes the risk of leakage. However, this is achieved through the use of special gaskets.

Materials for the manufacture of

Basically, "American women" use stainless steel, brass with inclusions of nickel and chromium, as well as cast iron and various combinations of polypropylene elements and metal. An example of the use of synthetic material demonstrates plumbing "American", a photo of which is presented below.

antey american photo

Although steel elements are considered to be the strongest, in terms of practicality and performance, experienced plumbers prefer chrome. By the way, such models are used even without rubber gaskets. Concerning the compatibility with the material from which the pipes are made, it is worth noting the versatility of the coupling. This is another advantage, which differs "American" -sanotechnics. Polypropylene or metal-compound provides the same tightness. In addition, it was the materials that made it possible to use this connection under extreme conditions - even when transporting structures, similar schemes of mounting of connecting points are allowed.


With the help of "American", threaded connections are created that can be disassembled. Also in the design, a seal is provided. Since there is a possibility of parsing, it is possible to use the element multiple times.

"American" with internal thread is used for joining pipes with the same diameter. With the help of a die, 7 threaded turns are formed on their ends. Before winding the element on one of the ends in it, you should place a sealant - you can use energy, flock, linen, as well as polyethylene tape. The other end is also compacted, the field of which the second side of the coupling is screwed into it.

On the plumbing pipeline, an "American" can be installed in any position - the main thing is to provide access for inspection of the docking area. The direction of motion of the water carrier does not matter either.

Keys for "American"

For the installation or disassembly of the American connection in the pipeline, different tools are used, but there are limitations. Typically, the installation of the coupling is carried out using a swivel or car key. Practice and work with universal keys, which are designed to serve "American women."Gas models can not be used for such work.

American plumbing polypropylene

Today, "American" types of sizes 12 and 34 are widespread, which have several internal protrusions - usually two, but there are also hexahedrons. The key for working with such plumbing can be done with their own hands. To do this, you need a piece of reinforcement with a profile that matches the parameters that a particular "American" has. Plumbing made of metal, as a rule, can easily be manipulated by heavy metal devices, but in the case of plastic such experiments are undesirable.

By means of thermal action and subsequent deformation, the workpiece can be cone shaped. This is required to ensure that the parameters of the projections are not very different. The finished key can also be used with hexagons. If there is no suitable key and there is no possibility of self-manufacturing of the instrument, then working with metal versions, you can use and conventional pliers.

Crane American

American plumbing dimensions

The concept of "plumber" American "" is not limited to a muff. No less common and a faucet with this type of connection. A classic example is a ball valve, which, however, is not as popular on the market as a conventional plumbing and other analogues. At the same time, it also has advantages due to the long thread, the special coupling design, the counter-yoke and the return thread. As a result, the master by simple operations with the key tightens two self-centered elements - a crane and the very "American".Again, the reliability of the docking space is provided by the simple design that the "American" possesses. Plumbing at the same time can be disassembled at any time without correction of the pipeline.

It is recommended to use the tap "American" when installing heating radiators. On both sides the connected unit can be easily removed and returned to the place, but this is not all the advantages of the connection. The user is able to manually adjust the water supply, and this also allows you to adjust the temperature of the heating system during operation.