Cream cake - types and recipes

Which cream for a cake to choose

It's hard to imagine a celebration without a cake. This is the finishing touch, the final chord, if you want. Without a cake, the holiday seems somehow. .. unfinished. You can go on the path of least resistance and buy a cake at the nearest store. You can order and order in a pastry shop. And you can bake yourself! And if everything is more or less clear with biscuits, their composition is approximately the same - eggs, sugar, flour, butter, spices, then the cake cream sometimes puzzles. Which to choose? How to cook?

cream for cake Cream from condensed milk

Let's start with the basics - cream for a cake of condensed milk and butter, known to everyone since childhood, classics. To make it, you need a jar of boiled condensed milk and two hundred grams of softened butter. Both ingredients must be thoroughly beaten to a lush mass. There is another cream for a cake based on condensed milk, it is a little more complicated, suitable for those who like the classic recipe, but

you want something new. It is done almost the same way - two hundred grams of a softened butter mix with a hundred grams of boiled condensed milk, add two egg yolks, vanillin or liquor to taste. Still on the basis of this cream, you can make a banana cream if you add a couple of ripe, soft bananas to the mixture of condensed milk and butter and mix everything with a mixer or blender.

Banana cream

Another recipe for banana cream is more light in structure, but not in fat content. For it will require cream. And as you know, for whipping need the most fat cream, not less than 30% fat content. Two hundred milliliters of good cream we'll take with a couple of spoonfuls of sugar, or, better, sugar powder. Add vanillin and mashed in a smooth ripe banana.

cream banana Creamy cream

In general, another classic cream for a cake is whipped cream with sugar. It turns out a gentle air mass. And to 400 milliliters of whipped sugar-free cream to add 500 milliliters of any yogurt, whipped with 20 grams of dissolved gelatin, you get a chic cream souffle.


All of the above creams are suitable for biscuit cakes. And if we are talking about a cake made from thin cakes, for example, about "Napoleon", the custard for a cake will be more suitable. In a saucepan, put four tablespoons of sugar, add a teaspoon of starch and three eggs, mix thoroughly, add a glass of milk or low-fat cream and heat over medium heat, stirring constantly until the first bubbles. During the heating, the cream thickens.

cream for cake from condensed milk Cream of. .. semolina porridge

There is another rather unusual cream for a cake. Its singularity is that it is made. .. of semolina porridge! But the taste of this few people can understand. There is one secret - that the cream does not taste like porridge, you should pour the rump with cold milk, stir and then heat it. So, four tablespoons of manga pour a couple of glasses of cold milk, mix thoroughly, put on the stove. Cook, stirring, over medium heat, cooked porridge cool. Meanwhile, whisk 250 grams of butter and a glass of sugar, add vanillin and zest of half a lemon, the combination of these two ingredients will give the cream an unforgettable taste. Mix the butter with the cooled porridge, mix thoroughly, you can once again beat. And ready to chic cream for cake! However, be careful with him! Experience shows that the cream before the cake may not "live", evaporate directly from the bowl. This is the most simple creams for cakes, go for it and it will work out!

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