What to cook from pork: the advice of an experienced culinary expert

Pork meat can be cooked, fried or baked. It is great for cooking, both first and second dishes. The delicate taste of pork meat is perfectly combined with different foods. This facilitates the cooking process and gives space for imagination. Before deciding what to make of pork, you need to remember a few useful tips of experienced culinary experts. They will help to properly prepare the meat for final processing:

  1. Boil the pork only on low heat. Otherwise, first, all the nutrients from the meat immediately go into the broth. This is bad if the meat is cooked for later processing. Secondly, the broth will become gray and cloudy. This is undesirable when preparing the first dish( soup, soup or pickle).
  2. If you decide that it is necessary to cook pork from a second dish, in this case the meat should be lowered into boiling water( pre-salt).
  3. In order for the product to weld more quickly, do not increase the fire under the pan. You just need to add to the boiling water alcohol or regular vodka. It
    will be enough to 1 glass( 50 grams) per liter of water.
  4. Before frying meat, you need to beat off a bit.
  5. To keep the pork tender and soft after frying, the meat should be soaked in milk for several hours beforehand. Still it is possible to sprinkle slightly with its lemon juice, to grease it with vegetable oil and also to give a little to lie down. Dishes from pork. Steak

    what to cook from pork Even a beginner mistress knows that any dish can be made from pork. You just need to follow the formula and do not forget about the advice of specialists. Take, for example, pork steak. For this dish you need: for 0.6 kilograms of pork 1 egg, black pepper, a quarter of a glass of water, salt, breadcrumbs( breading).For cooking, vegetable oil is required.


    1. Cut the meat into pieces of medium thickness( 1 centimeter) and lightly discourage.
    2. The egg is beaten with water. Add the pepper and salt.
    3. Each piece of meat is dipped first in the egg mixture, then in breadcrumbs and only then put in a pan.
    4. Fry from both sides until tender crust. To the table we serve portion by section. Each steak is laid on a plate and decorated with vegetables and herbs. This option proves that it's easy and quick to make a spectacular and flavorful dish from pork.

    Baking meat in the oven

    how to cook pork in foil There is such a situation: you expect to visit old friends and want to impress them with their culinary skills. To do this, you went to the market, bought there a piece of fresh pork meat, but absolutely do not know what to do with it. In this case, you must remember a great way how to cook pork in foil. Of the products you will only need: per kilogram of meat 4 cloves garlic, salt, olive oil, pepper and herbs( you can choose rosemary, paprika, thyme, oregano, cumin or those that you prefer).

    Preparation process:

    1. Wash the washed meat with a napkin.
    2. Garlic squeezed through the press and rub it with a piece of pork.
    3. Above, we sprinkle abundantly with herbs, salt, sprinkle with oil, lemon juice and pepper.
    4. The flavored meat is wrapped in foil, put on a baking tray and sent to the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees for 20 minutes. Once the smell of spices begins to be felt in the room, you need to make less fire. After that, after 40-50 minutes you can turn off the oven and get the ready dish.

    Serve it on the table better on a plate of plates directly in the foil, and cut into pieces such juicy and tender meat to the guests will not be difficult.

    Dish fastly

    cook pork fast and tasty Every day the hostess does not have the opportunity to long tinker with complex exotic recipes. When you come home from work, you need to cook dinner quickly. In this case it would be desirable to have in reserve a duty method which will allow to save time and in time to feed a family. There is an excellent option for how to cook pork quickly and deliciously. To do this, you will need( in terms of 4 servings): 4 chops( pork), 120 grams of hard cheese, salt, parsley, black pepper, pork fat( if meat is very lean).

    How to prepare:

    1. Piece of pork washed and drained.
    2. In each piece, make a deep incision and fill in the pepper and salt.
    3. Meat wrap in cellophane, and then lightly discourage.
    4. Unfold the chipped pieces. In the slot, lay the cheese and chopped greens.
    5. Pork fry in a hot frying pan for 3-4 minutes on both sides.

    To the table such a dish is served hot. Garnish in this case can be any: vegetables, greens or what your home loves.

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