The minimum pension for old age. Accrual order and size

General characteristic of

Citizens of the Russian Federation who have worked experience, provided that a certain age is reached, is paid a lifetime monthly payment at the expense of the state - the old-age pension. Proceeding from the fact that it is a question of a monetary sum, it becomes clear that there are limits. This means that the maximum and minimum old-age pension is established. minimum old-age pension According to the Federal Law, this monetary allowance can consist of three parts: basic, funded and insurance. It is necessary to deal with each individually and consider the main points of the definition. So, the basic pension is a monetary payment established by the state, where wages and various contributions during employment are not taken into account, that is, the state guarantees a certain income, even if there is no career. The accumulation consists in investing funds in assets to generate additional income. Every citizen has the right to choose an organization for the management of savings. The in

surance part is a payment guaranteed by the state upon reaching the retirement age. This is the main source of livelihood for individuals who have reached a certain age. In this regard, immediately there is an urgent question: "What is the minimum pension for old age?"


As with any other source of income, a pension has its own size. The share provided for payment is calculated taking into account the length of service, which must comply with the standards. what is the minimum old-age pension According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the size of the pension is determined based on the total length of service actually available to the person. The fixed amount is 55% of earnings, and 1% is charged for each year of seniority. The amount of payment established in this order can not be higher than 75% of earnings. There is also a minimum old-age pension, the amount of which is determined individually in each region of the country and is about 6,000 thousand rubles. This amount is calculated with inaccuracy, since in each subject of the Russian Federation it is different.

Pension calculation procedure

The old-age pension is calculated in proportion to the length of service. This method of calculation includes the definition of a full pension, where the total amount is divided by the number of months of required length of service. Further the received sum is multiplied by the work experience which already actually is available. The minimum pension for old age is calculated on the basis of the subsistence minimum. Early payments stipulated by law are appointed on the same principles as full ones. However, it is worth considering that the pension is paid if there is necessarily a complete total work experience only for those who have reached the retirement age.

the minimum pension for old age


Due to various changes in the pension legislation, the minimum old-age pension increases every year. Indeed, this process is simply necessary for the prosperous life of the country's pensioners. It is necessary to agree that it is practically impossible to live for such a monetary allowance as a minimal old-age pension. In this regard, it is necessary at the legislative level to fix the established amount of money that will meet the needs of our pensioners.

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