German Pinscher: Breed description and photo

The day when a pet appears in your house, without a doubt, will become one of the most significant. However, sometimes a puppy, growing up and turning into an adult animal, becomes a burden to its owners. Often a pet is given to another family or even thrown into the street. Therefore, in order that this does not happen, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of the dog.

One of the most popular breeds is the German Pinscher. Description of the breed indicates that this is a very active dog, requiring an authoritative master. From this article you will learn about these wonderful dogs. So, what is a German Pinscher breed? german pinscher


As soon as the German pinscher appears in your house, he will begin to strive for leadership. That is why these dogs need an experienced and confident owner who will become an indisputable authority for the animal. German pinscher( photo can be found below) requires the owner of a certain preparation. The content of this breed will require the owner of ti

me and ability to build relationships with the pet and support them in the future.

German Pinscher puppies have a need for mental loads and movements. These dogs love to travel, make long walks and play in the fresh air. They have an extremely developed hunting instinct. If the dog smells a mouse, then in the shortest time a giant pit is formed in your favorite flower bed, but the burrow will be discovered, and its inhabitant will be destroyed. Naturally, the beauty of roses planted yesterday does not change the decision of the German pinscher. His relationship with cats and a variety of domestic rodents can be very tense. The socialization of a particular individual will determine whether your pet will find a common language with other dogs.

German Pinscher is a dog devoted to the owner and his family. However, when communicating with young children, the dog may have misunderstandings, because, firstly, these animals do not tolerate rudeness in their address, while the kid has a tendency to grab everything that comes to hand. And secondly, many individuals of this breed jealously guard their bowl and toys. In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, it is necessary to control both the animal and the child.

Owners of German pinschers are especially impressed by their independence, energy, activity, and also high intellectual abilities. All this contributes to the fact that training is not exhausted neither by the animal, nor by the host. However, this breed does not like routine, so the coach will need to put all his strength to make the lessons interesting to the German pinscher. Whether this happens to the owner or not, will decisively influence the result of training.

If the dog does not like the direction of the next lesson, the pet can ignore both the training itself and the coach, even if he is the master. In this case, all the negative qualities of this breed, such as cunning and stubbornness, will manifest themselves fully. The dog will demonstrate that he does not understand what is happening, openly sabotaging the whole process of training. However, there can be no talk of harsh methods of influencing the dog, since it will simply close in and become independent. In the complex of training, it is extremely important to have a consistent and firm position in relation to your pet. varieties of German smooth-haired pinscher

German pinscher throughout his life will show extreme suspicion and distrust towards strangers. Of course, that such qualities can be very useful and fully justified - it all depends on the place of residence of the dog and the purposes for which it is used. However, if it is a question of the fact that the dog will live in the village, from an early age the dog must be taught not to bark and growl at every passer-by and especially to people who come into the house. Early socialization is necessary for this breed, so the dog will feel much more confident in various situations.

If we talk about extreme and emergency situations, then representatives of this breed - the owners of the furious nature of a true fighter. They are able to demonstrate to the violator of calm all the seriousness of their intentions. If the game of muscle was not enough, and the enemy does not even think about surrendering from a foreign territory, the German pinscher, having received the approval of his master, without hesitation will enter into battle with the opponent. However, it must be noted that such cruelty of the dog will only manifest itself in relation to its obvious enemies and, of course, suspicious strangers.

Despite the fact that the German Pinscher has a violent temperament, concentration and official zeal, he is by no means deprived of such qualities as nobility, kindness and sensitivity. Representatives of this breed surprisingly successfully combine qualities, thanks to which the dog will become a loyal defender and a devoted companion of its owner. Often, the German Pinscher takes on the role of the invisible shadow of the master and unobtrusively accompanies him throughout the period of cohabitation. This is because the dog wants to be closer to the object of his sincere love and affection. A well-bred representative of this breed will become a faithful and devoted friend for many years.

standard German pinscher

German Pinscher: Species

Like many other breeds, the Pinscher has several types. Species of the German smooth-haired pinscher - this is actually the Pinscher German, Doberman, Zwergpinscher and Australian Pinscher. In addition, according to the type of wool, the breed is also divided into four subspecies. Glatthaar or smooth-haired pinscher, zayden or pinscher-holder of silky wool, rauharaar or coarse pinscher and affen - long-haired German pinscher( photo of all varieties are presented below).

Standard of breed

The standard German pinscher is a medium sized dog. Her body is proportionally folded, compact and elegant. The German Pinscher looks like a Schnauzer. Short hair makes this breed ideal for keeping in a city apartment. German pinscher is independent and alert, energetic, cheerful, loyal to the owners and obedient. Despite its low growth, this dog is ready at any moment to protect its owners.

A characteristic feature of the character and behavior of this dog is extreme activity, mobility, courage, agility and, of course, a balanced temperament. The German pinscher, despite his proud and independent temper, is very friendly and obedient. Often he does not trust strangers.

Disadvantages of the individual are inhibition, timidity and nervousness, and vices - malice and cowardice.

The height of these dogs at the withers is about 45-50 centimeters. The weight of the dog corresponds to the height. The disadvantage is a slight deviation in either direction.

german pinscher description of breed


The wool of German pinschers is thick, short and straight. It fits snugly to the body, shines and has moderate stiffness. In addition, the coat evenly covers the trunk, has no undercoat.

The individual's flaw is a soft, long, curly or sparse coat, as well as the presence of prolysins. The disadvantage is dull, soft, rarest and loosely adhering coat, which in places is too short.


The standard German pinscher has small stand-up, high and wide-set symmetrical ears. They are usually sharply cropped. If the ears are not docked, then they are high, in the form of an elongated equilateral triangle, hanging on the cartilage.

The disadvantages of the individual are low set or oversized ears, and also close or widely set. Vice - large and hung ears, which are widely set. The vicious abortion of the animal's ears is also a vice. puppies of the German pinscher


The eyes of the German pinscher are very dark and sparkling. They have an average size, an oval shape. Set fairly wide, low and straight. Tightly fitting, dry, with dark edging eyelids. The whites of the eyes are not visible.

The disadvantages of the specimen are somewhat bulging, too large or too small eyes. The individual's flaw is large or small, light or sunken eyes.


Fangs of German pinschers are small, snow-white and strong, the jaw has a scissor bite. The incisors are located on the same line.

A vice of an individual is considered to be an undershot, undershot or a direct bite. Disadvantages are fangs erased inappropriately age, the presence of a yellow plaque on the teeth, as well as the irregular location of the incisors, the presence of extra or broken incisors, especially if it prevents one from determining whether a bite is right or not. German Pinscher Photo


German Pinscher has a cat's, arched paws. Pillows are strong. Claws and pads are black. Disadvantages of the individual are flat, slightly or slightly elongated paws, and blemish is hare or "paper" and clumsy limbs, and also if the dog's claws are white.

Care for the Pinscher

The German Pinscher wool is dense, shiny, short and smooth, with no bald patches, uniform length throughout the body. The color of this breed can vary from light brown to black or be blue with a brown or red tan. Due to the fact that the dog has short hair, care for her, unlike education, is not difficult. The dog should be cleaned with a rubber glove or wipe with a damp cloth to remove the shedding and old wool. During the molting period, the German pinscher loses a bit of wool, but additional care is still needed.

Part of pet care is frequent and long walks, so that the dog spills out the accumulated energy.

Pinscher training

A mandatory item in the education of this breed is individual socialization. If the pet is not raised, then the dog can have excessive aggressiveness, not only in relation to relatives, but also to people. The training of the German pinscher must be constant, consistent and, of course, varied. These dogs are very smart and clever. They perform commands well, and are always ready to learn something new. It is not necessary to apply an orderly tone in communication with the representatives of this breed, much less brute force. They definitely will not benefit your pet: the dog will only close in and become disobedient and stubborn.

The enviable endurance of the German pinscher allows dogs of this breed to make bike rides, and also run around the yard with children, long walks on a leash. Pinschers and free-range poultry are accepted.

In addition to active games, the German pinscher needs regular high physical exertion. The dog of this breed will not let the owner take a minute to rest. Contrary to such activity on a walk, in the house the dog behaves quite calmly. That is, she does not bother or bother, but only if she has enough to go for a walk. German Pinscher Description

Movement and running

A German pinscher is a trotter whose back remains strong and strong in movement. Spacious typical lynx, fairly smooth, with a strong push. The dwarf German Pinscher is harmonious in movements. They are strong and confident. Do not interfere with the good length of the step.

Advantages of

Puppies of the German Pinscher are playful and vigorous dogs. They have good-natured and calm disposition. German Pinscher is supportive of children. In critical situations, he is fearless. A faithful and incorruptible four-legged friend is, without a doubt, a German pinscher. Description of the breed indicates that this is a clean dog, which is not inclined to empty bark. He has a strong immune system. German smooth-haired pinscher is a rat-catcher, a remarkable watchdog and a companion dog.

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