Dehumidifier with own hands. Design and assembly

Many modern apartments face the problem of excessive humidity, especially if this humidity is kept indoors for a long time. The damage caused by dampness is difficult enough to eliminate, so it's best to try to prevent the problem. For this purpose, a household air dehumidifier, which can be purchased at the store or made independently, is perfectly suitable. Do not underestimate the damage that can cause high humidity, because it is not only about the aesthetic appeal of the premises, but also about the health of its inhabitants. repair of dehumidifiers

Acquaintance of

What is this dehumidifier, and "with what it is eaten"?As a matter of fact, it is the specialized climatic technics intended for maintenance of optimum level of humidity in a premise. For homes or apartments with insufficient or no air conditioning, a household air dehumidifier is simply necessary. This indispensable device will help to condense moisture, thereby preventing its settling on walls and other surfaces, which causes the formation of mold. If

you bought the device in the store, you will only need to check the volume of liquid in its tank, set the desired level of moisture in the room and turn on the device. Such a dehumidifier for an apartment most often has a built-in timer that automatically turns off the device after a specified time. air dehumidifier

Do I need a dehumidifier?

Not every house or apartment needs this type of equipment. The moisture level can vary in direct dependence on the quality of the pipes and the current season. In order to determine whether there is excessive moisture in the room and whether there is any need to purchase a dehumidifier for the house, it is necessary to pay attention to such factors:

  • A sharp musty smell indicates the presence of a water leak that does not dry up by itself.
  • Mold is one of the first and most obvious indicators of excessive humidity in the room.
  • Condensation( that is, drops on the glass and other surfaces) indicates that it would not hurt to buy an air dryer for the apartment. After the cause is eliminated, it is this device that will help reduce the effects of condensation, and also prevent the formation of harmful mold.

dehumidifier for apartment

Types of dehumidifiers

The equipment differs depending on the physical principles on which it is based. To date, there are four types of household dehumidifiers:

  • adsorption( works with the adsorbent contained inside the device);
  • evaporative( directs moist air to a special cold surface, as a result of which it condenses and flows into a specialized compartment);
  • based on Peltier( based on the effect of cooling semiconductor structures, as a result of the passage of an electric current through them);
  • rotary adsorbing( considered to be an improved class, its operating principle is a combination of the two preceding).

How the

works The condensing air dryer operates in accordance with the principle of condensation of water vapor contained in the air. Due to the interaction of the refrigeration circuit with a condenser and a special evaporator, an air dehumidifier operates. The reviews confirm that this is the most effective way, especially from the economic point of view. Simply put, due to a special engine, moist air enters the device, which is then cooled in the evaporator with the aid of a coolant. The dried air subsequently passes through the hot condenser, and then again enters the room. Such a device has a number of advantages, it is mobile, works autonomously, has compact dimensions. In stores today there are many different models, but there is also the possibility of making an air dehumidifier by oneself. There are several ways to make a device for dehumidifying yourself. We will describe some of them below. household air dehumidifier

Desiccant from refrigerator

What do we usually do with an old refrigerator that still works, but looks like from the last century? Most often such specimens are sent, at best, to the dacha, and at worst - to the garage or to the dump. However, the old working freezer may well come in handy on the farm, for example, to make an air dehumidifier of its own. Of course, other materials will be needed, among them: a piece of organic glass, coinciding in size with the parameters of the chamber, several screws, special silicone adhesive( sealant), two fans, a rubber tube, a hollow inside, an electric heater. dehumidifier reviews First, dismantle the freezer door, we will not need it. Next, attach one of the fans to the bottom of the Plexiglass so that it blows necessarily inside the refrigerating chamber. To do this, make a hole in the glass of the desired diameter and securely fix the fan with screws. All holes and joints must be treated with sealant. The next step, which is necessary to create an air dehumidator with our own hands, is the addition of a second fan to the top of the Plexiglass. This device is designed to produce hot dried air back to the apartment. dehumidifier for home Next, you need to mount a rubber tube, its task - the withdrawal of condensed moisture from the dehumidification apparatus. To install the tube at the bottom of the device make a small hole, where the hose is inserted. The hole must be treated with glue. The free end of the tube is drawn into a vessel, where the condensate will drain. Finally, you need to attach the plexiglass with the fan to the place of the old freezer door - and your air dryer is made by hand.


There is a simpler and less expensive way. It suits those whose budget is very limited, and the humidity in the house is not too low. To create a simple dehumidifier you will need a large can, a little coal and a sharp knife. Carefully do at least 10 holes with a knife in the lid of the jar, pour the charcoal inside your can and close it with a prepared lid. Place your homemade dehumidifier in the place with the highest concentration of humidity. Remember that coal in the bank will need to be changed at least once a month.

People say

The opinions of people about the desiccants diverge. Some prefer store devices, explaining this not only with the functionality and reliability of the device, but also a guarantee for the repair of dehumidifiers. Others, on the contrary, say that there is absolutely no need to spend money on buying a dehumidifier of a famous brand, if you can build it yourself. Of course, professionally manufactured devices are much more effective than self-made devices, but for those apartments where the humidity level does not exceed the norm, the latter will be great, and no extra costs are needed.

Useful advices

And finally I would like to bring to your attention a few general recommendations that will be useful to each owner:

  1. 50-60% - the normal level of humidity in the room.
  2. The windows must be closed for the duration of the dehumidifier.
  3. The noise level should not exceed 46 dB.
  4. Some models are equipped with a power saving mode.
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