Sectional gates with own hands

Sectional gates today often quite often become part of garages. They are easy to use and very technological. After all, this design is advantageously different from the one that implies the presence of swing gates. Among other things, they look very aesthetic and work at the expense of the electric drive. In this case, such a gate is simply irreplaceable in the event that there is a shortage of free space. Several types of sectional gates are offered on the market, among others, one can distinguish lifting ones, which are the most common for the reason that they have the greatest number of advantages. As an alternative solution, you can independently manufacture sectional gates, but you should take into account that this task can not be called the easiest. However, in this case it will be possible to save.

Acquisition of

sectional doors

parts In order to install sectional doors, you must purchase the parts for this. It is not recommended to assemble such a structure separately, as there are ready-made kits f

or installation, they are distinguished by their durability and durability. In addition, the manufacturer applies a detailed instruction for the installation to the kit.

Preparatory work for

The sectional door must be installed in a well-prepared opening. For what it is preliminary to determine the dimensions of the future design. By means of the construction level, it is worth to check how smooth the surfaces have an opening, since this will determine the correct operation of the lifting system. In addition, it is also important how deep the garage room has. This figure in this case will depend on the height of the opening, to which it is necessary to add 50 cm. During the installation of the doors that have a drive, 100 cm should be added to the height parameter. Not all the cases have the possibility to install sectional doors,lie at the base of the garage, are not strong enough. That is why it is desirable to take this moment into account at the construction stage, if possible.

sectional garage doors

When installing the gate sectional, it must be remembered that the most suitable dimensions of the lintel are in the range from 25 to 50 cm. If you do not take into account this characteristic, you will have to purchase a more complicated design of the gate, which will make them more expensive. In order to ensure a better fit of the opening and the elements of the gate, it is necessary to level and cover the plaster surface, which, among other things, will achieve more impressive insulation characteristics.

Features of sectional doors

Sectional garage doors have the following elements:

  • main cloth;
  • standard locks;
  • guide modules;
  • mechanisms are spring type, which is designed for balancing in motion;
  • mechanisms for starting the electric drive.

These features indicate that the door mechanism can be operated using the remote control.

Lifting sectional doors

Thermal insulation qualities

Sectional doors assume the presence of separate sections, which are coupled with loops. Tires must be installed along the edges of the opening, these elements must go under the overlap. Tires, by the way, are necessary in order for them to move sections. In the process of when the gate opens, the sections are folded and located in the upper part of the opening. There are varieties of panels that the consumer can choose before buying. Sectional garage doors can have different shades and patterns, but on top of the section they are covered with special polymer compounds, which act as a reliable protection against external negative effects, as well as corrosion. Sectional doors have a thermal insulation, which gives the design of the quality of heat savings. In addition, this addition makes it possible to ensure quiet operation and uninterrupted operation under a wide temperature range, which is limited by the manufacturer to a limit from minus 50 to plus 60 0С.

sectional gate with own hands

Gate assembly technology

Lifting sectional doors assume compliance with certain rules, the first of which indicates the need to use drawings. Initially, the markup is made, this will determine the location of the bearing elements. In the presence of such components with more impressive dimensions it is necessary to expand the opening. After this you can start assembling the frame structure, which is installed in the opening. But at this stage, it is not necessary to make the fastening too strong, since it may be necessary to adjust the position of the frame.

Installation of sectional doors during the installation of horizontal rails is done with bolts. After that, proceed with the assembly of the fabric. The installation should be started from the bottom. The elements of the panel have rollers. In order to achieve convenient use of the gate, from below the panels it is possible to strengthen the handles. Provides protection for the mechanism of a special casing.

assembly of sectional doors

Gate parameters

In order to save money, you can purchase components that are designed for self-made gates. Such sectional doors with their own hands are half as much compared to those that only install. But the quality of the system will remain just as good. The cost reduction is due to the production of standard designs and the exclusion of the cost of their assembly.

Preferring the "Gather yourself" series, you can purchase one of 10 sets, each of which is designed for a gap of a certain width within 2000-3000 mm, in addition, the gate can be presented in one of three colors, namely: white, brown andthe one that is called "Golden Cherry".

installation of sectional doors

Such sectional doors, installation instructions are attached, provide the most common dimensions of openings. The constructions are made taking into account GOST 31174-2003.That indicates high performance.

You can consider an opening with certain parameters. So, if the height is limited by the limit of 2110-2585 mm, and the width is 2000-3000 mm, then the height of the lintel can not be less than 300 mm. In this case, it is necessary to provide lateral distances from the opening to the wall within 120 mm or more. The garage space in depth should be equal to 500 mm, to which the height of the door leaf must be added.

Features of the

kit selection Before installing the sectional door by yourself, it is necessary to choose a suitable kit. The door leaf should be slightly larger in comparison with the dimensions of the opening itself. This is because the inside of the gate is pressed against the outer surface of the opening.

In the presence of an opening that has a height between 2110-2585 mm and a width of 2000-3000 mm, the lintel should not be less than 300 mm. The lateral distances should be at least 120 mm, while the depth of the garage should be added 500 mm, which is true when installing a structure that does not have a drive.

sectional gates

Analysis of the quality of the

After the sectional gates have been installed, it is possible to proceed to the inspection of the work, which is especially important for the self-implementation of the process. If the conditions are met, the canvas will remain at the level at which it was lifted. It will not go down on its own.

Gate cost

If you wish to install gates that require a separate pre-assembly, you will first need to purchase a kit with the appropriate dimensions. Thus, the gates with dimensions equal to 2500х2135 mm, have a value of $ 466, their canvases are presented in white. If it is necessary to install sectional doors with dimensions limited by parameters within 2500x2235 mm, then it is necessary to pay a little more - 488 y.e. The gate with dimensions of 2500x2410 mm costs 495 dollars. It is necessary to assess your abilities before purchasing the kit, since incorrect installation will cause wasteful spending.

Whatever gate you choose, it is worth considering that the installation should be done taking into account the dimensions, and the surfaces, including all the bases of the opening, should be carefully checked for flatness and parallelism in relation to each other. Otherwise, the installation may turn out to be of poor quality, the construction will not work properly and will require repair due to the rapid deterioration of the parts that have been subjected to the greatest load.

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