"Kerher" steam generator for home: customer reviews

Today less and less people use vacuum cleaner. And all because not so long ago there were steam cleaners. Among them the special place is occupied by the steam generator "Kercher".He amazes with his abilities and technical characteristics.

What is a steam generator?

Initially, the development was designed to make nurses easier to clean in hospitals, since there is a need for disinfection, but a limited list of tools that can be used. kerher steam generator

After the new invention has proven itself, it was decided to develop its home version. One of the first appeared a steam generator for the house "Kercher".

It is a kind of device in which water is heated to a very high temperature, resulting in a powerful jet of dry steam. It is she who conducts cleaning and disinfection of any surfaces that will not be harmed by high temperatures.

In many sources, the "Kercher" steam generator, reviews of which are always positive, are compared to this Cinderella, which copes instantly with most household cleaning tasks.

Types of steam cleaners and their functional features

Today the "Kercher" steam generator is available in several modifications. His models are domestic and industrial. For household use conditions, compact but powerful devices are produced that are capable of delivering steam within thirty seconds after switching on. To them goes a few baits to work with different surfaces that only can be in the house.

The industrial steam generator is designed for a longer service life, because it is used continuously. It is more powerful and voluminous, which allows for a single refueling of water to remove huge areas.

Of course, the steam generator for the house "Kercher" is much smaller. But this is dictated more by the peculiarities of its operation. Not every hostess uses it every day for several hours. And the cost of such models will be much lower than industrial ones.

Safe sanitation

At home, the household steam generator "Kercher" has proven itself as a universal cleaner and disinfectant. Its advantage is that all operations in the house are performed exclusively with clean water without any other chemical means. kerher steam generator reviews

This is ideal for people with allergies. After all, most chemical compounds cause them unpleasant, and sometimes painful, sensations. Also, this type of disinfection is simply necessary in a house where there is a small child. After all, the use of chemistry in his presence is categorically contraindicated. And cleaning with a simple rag does not give the necessary level of security.

With all the "dirty" problems, the steam generator for the house can be easily and quickly handled. Reviews "Kercher" gets for the fact that hot steam under pressure, it washes away any dirt, including old fat. In addition, he kills bacteria and fungi, and in the upholstery of furniture - even harmful insects that can settle there. Therefore, he significantly wins over other cleaning tools in the house.

Fast general cleaning

After the first use, all the housewives will appreciate the "Kercher" steam generator. And this is only due to the fact that it will at times reduce the time even of global general cleaning.

In any room, windows, walls, surfaces made of expensive materials, floors are washed quickly using it. Also, it cleans and refreshes upholstery upholstery and carpets, both natural and synthetic. steam generator for home kerher

Among the users of the steam generator, "Kercher" reviews are received and for the fact that its nozzles have special textile pads that prevent scratching of surfaces. They also remove dirt. This means that after the steam generator does not need to wipe the surface. The very covers are easily removed and erased in the typewriter.

Based on the characteristics, the steam generator becomes simply an indispensable assistant in any home. Working with him is a pleasure. And any cleaning becomes a fun and interesting activity.

Kitchen and bathroom

General cleaning is good, but the best steam generator "Kercher" has proven itself in the most difficult places that are in the kitchen and bathroom.

Everyone knows how quickly the floor gets soiled and the work surfaces where food is constantly cooked. Cleaning them takes almost as much time as the cooking process. But the steam generator will cope with this in a matter of minutes. A lot of steam pressure will reach the deepest pores. Kercher iron with steam generator

The problem with the annoying fat at the cooker and on the hoods is solved as easily. Steam heats it and removes it from the surfaces with hot water. The hostess will not even have to rub and scratch.

The bathroom always brings women to a mild panic. Even under the condition of regular cleaning, rust, fungus, salt deposition develops over time. Remove them with a rag is almost not realistic. But the steam generator does this for one or two. It's enough just to bring the jet to the surface and watch the dirt go away by itself.

Care of clothes and clothes

There is in this series of household appliances and iron "Kercher" with a steam generator. In fact, this is the same device, only a nozzle is added to it in the form of a steam iron. If you have such a model, then you have long forgotten how easy it is to iron bed linens and clothes. steam generator for home reviews kerher

Natural fabrics can be difficult to smooth out. They are dense and massive, or, conversely, rather delicate. Most irons can not cope with this task. But not the steam generator with the nozzle. It does not damage even the most expensive materials, since it practically does not come into contact with their surface. At the same time, folds straighten as if by themselves.

Ironing of bed linen is not only exhausting, but also dangerous. It has long been known that iron burnt natural fibers have a negative effect on health, causing skin irritation or allergic reactions. With a steam such problems will not arise, because its working temperature does not burn the fabric.

Safety precautions

Since this household appliance has an increased level of danger, it is always necessary to be cautious with it. Make sure that the water does not fall on those parts of the housing that are not protected from its influence. Otherwise, you may cause a short circuit. domestic boiler

But most of all, be careful when using the iron "Kercher" with the steam generator. It can leave severe burns on the skin. Therefore, never point it towards people and make sure that, during its use, there are no small children nearby who climb themselves into the danger zone.

In all the rest, working with "Kercher" is a real pleasure, which is worth the money that was spent to purchase it.