How to choose an orthopedic mattress: useful advice, rating of producers

Full sleep is not a luxury, as it allows a person to regain strength after a busy day. During the night rest there are processes that contribute to the renewal of the whole organism. The action of toxic substances is neutralized, cells are being restored, metabolic and energy processes are activated.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress

In order for a person to benefit from night hours, many factors need to be taken into account, among which rest conditions occupy not the last place. It's time to purchase an orthopedic mattress. The issue price is a sound and healthy sleep, health preservation, excellent mood. It is necessary to find out in advance what qualities this accessory should possess.

What is an orthopedic mattress?

Reviews numerous buyers can draw the following conclusions:

  • Not all mattresses put up for sale under the guise of orthopedic, are those in fact. Most often, manufacturers attribute the usual spring mattresses to the orthopedic effect. Such products will not cause harm, but there is no use in waiting
    for them.
  • Not only adults, but also children's orthopedic mattresses are issued, however they need to be purchased taking into account individual characteristics of a person. Many residents of our country are contraindicated and even harmful. The age category of a person should also be taken into account.
  • The sizes of orthopedic mattresses should correspond to dimensions of sleeping furniture. To ensure that the purchased mattress is not more than the internal size of the bed, you should make all the measurements using a tape measure.

Orthopedic mattress price

Orthopedic mattress is an adaptation that allows to reduce the load on the spine and normalize blood circulation. Products manufactured by modern industry have a double positive effect on the human body:

  • affect the spine and muscles;
  • creates the necessary conditions for proper heat exchange and ventilation.

The most important myth of

Manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses know perfectly well that there is no such thing in nature. There is the term "mattresses with orthopedic effect".This means that the furniture itself is not capable of curing a person of the disease, but it helps to relieve the spine, helps to remove irritation and fatigue. This effect can be achieved provided that the vertebral column at night does not experience additional loads, i.e., will be in a comfortable state.

Many Russians believe that the best mattresses are orthopedic, and do not know that this term is used only in the CIS countries. The situation is explained quite simply: residents of Russia and the regions of the near abroad, not wishing to delve into details, require the best manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses from foreign manufacturers. Those, in turn, sell products to our compatriots with certain medicinal properties, without specifying that the product has a fairly modest orthopedic effect. Especially for Russian buyers, mattresses with Ortopedica labels( orthopedic products), and even Superortopedica( supertortopedic products) are supplied.

The best orthopedic mattresses

To address the issue of how to choose an orthopedic mattress, it is necessary to find out what kinds of products of this kind are produced by modern commodity producers.

Impressive variety of

The most well-known classification is based on a variety of materials used to create an elastic part of the mattress. Here are the orthopedic mattresses:

  • spring;
  • latex;
  • wadded;
  • based on foam rubber;
  • air;
  • water.

The sizes of orthopedic mattresses

According to the simplified classification, orthopedic mattresses are divided into the following categories:

  • spring;
  • without springs.

Characteristics of spring products

Similar orthopedic mattresses consist of 4 components:

  • spring unit;
  • dense layer;
  • bulk fillers;
  • case.

The main component of the mattress is a spring unit, which is used to manufacture hardened high-carbon steel with a thickness of 1-2 mm. Depending on the quality of the main component, there are:

  • orthopedic mattresses with independent springs;
  • products on a dependent basis - the so-called Bonnel blocks.

Orthopedic mattresses

Bonnet technology

Mattresses made with the Bonnel spring unit consist of 5-bi-curved spring springs. Such a design with the use of special units to fix the stiffness avoids unnecessary contact of the turns. This system, which helps to maintain the body in the right position, is considered ideal from the point of view of anatomy, since it creates optimal conditions for rest.

However, the Bonnel-base has a couple of significant drawbacks. Do not forget about this, thinking about how to choose an orthopedic mattress.

  1. In connection with the effect of the so-called hammock effect, due to the fact that all the springs are stretched simultaneously, the orthopedic properties of the mattress decrease with time.
  2. Such products quickly lose their elasticity, as the same springs are pressed all the time. As a result, the mattress becomes unusable.

Orthopedic mattresses

Application of independent pocket-type springs

In this version, each spring having the shape of a cylinder is put into a special pocket( pouch).According to the technology used, all pockets are sewn together. This kind of springs has many advantages.

Firstly, such products do not make any noise during operation, as they are not fastened together by wire.

Secondly, blocks of independent springs allow using from 500 to 1000 springs per square meter. This reduces the wave effect and improves one of the main characteristics of the mattress - point elasticity.

Third, due to the use of springs of different rigidity, the maximum orthopedic effect can be achieved.


Products made without the use of springs

Mattresses springless orthopedic are usually chosen by people who are irritated by the pushing effect of metal springs. Such products are very tough. Mattresses without springs can be used only on the recommendation of a specialist, because they have a lot of contraindications, in particular, some diseases of the spine.

Rigid mattresses spring-free orthopedic are available in two versions:

  • from one material;
  • from several materials with different properties.

In the manufacture of these accessories, both natural and synthetic fillers are used:

  • coconut coir;
  • latex;
  • foam rubber;
  • waterlax;
  • of sisal fibers;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • string lock;
  • seaweed.

For insulation, bat and wool are used.

Mattresses springless orthopedic

How to choose an orthopedic mattress: the main aspects of

When selecting such an important accessory, you should find out from the seller a few points.

  1. If you decided to purchase a mattress on springs using Bonnel blocks, you need to specify how the product was assembled - manual or machine. Manual assembly does not allow to ensure the necessary fixation of springs, so they eventually loosen and start to creak. The machine assembly is much more expensive, however it allows to produce a good quality product with a real orthopedic effect.
  2. Two-cone spring must have 4-5 turns. The design of poor quality can not provide the necessary rigidity and elasticity. Such springs either burst, or quickly sink.
  3. It must be ensured that the filter( rigid gasket between the spring section and soft flooring materials) is made of quality raw materials. In the olden days, for this, sackcloth, folded into several layers, was used. Today, manufacturers use more modern materials( thermo-pressed felt or spunbond).
  4. Be sure to ask what kind of filler contains an orthopedic mattress. Customer testimonials say that it is not worth buying a product with a batting filler, because both cotton and woolen cotton wool have low elasticity and are prone to rolling. Foam is also not very suitable, because it crumbles and quickly settles. Horse hair in many consumers causes allergies. In addition, these products are very expensive. Coir and latex are considered the most acceptable option.
  5. As an upholstery, jacquard fabrics are the most suitable. This material is very durable and durable due to the high thread weaving density. It is not recommended to purchase products with upholstery made of synthetic fabrics. The optimal ratio is 60% CB and 40% synthetics. The mattress, covered with flock, does not let moisture pass and badly "breathes", so experts do not advise to stop their choice on such products.
  6. If you compare the quality of quilted and buttoned mattresses, then the first is much higher. The quilted variant assumes a complete fixation of the tissues: at the same time, the nonwoven fabric, sintepon and upholstery fabric are stitched. Pay attention to the quality of the stitches( there should not be lines missing).The recommended size for the cells is no more than 2 dm².
  7. Thin orthopedic mattresses are most often purchased for children. The smallest fit accessories based on coconut coir thickness of 3-7 cm. Older children should choose samples that can withstand everyday jumps and somersaults.
  8. When choosing an orthopedic mattress, its rigidity should be taken into account. Distinguish products of standard, medium and increased rigidity. The latter option is recommended for use by full people and children of adolescence. To buy hard mattresses for people of retirement age is not worth it: it's better to stop on soft models, as well as products of medium stiffness.

Manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses

Which orthopedic mattresses should cause suspicion?

  • Products with a persistent chemical odor should be avoided. The presence of a pronounced "fragrance" indicates that poor quality glue was used in the manufacture of the mattress.
  • You should not buy products of little-known manufacturers. Small companies, as a rule, use a manual way of assembling, because production facilities do not allow them to automate this process. The quality of such products is much lower.
  • Products for adults and children's orthopedic mattresses without observation lightning do not allow to determine their content. This is used by unscrupulous producers of products, as well as sellers. Instead of the promised 5 or 6-vitkovyh springs, you can find inside 4-vitkovye components, and the promised high-quality fillers are the usual foam rubber.

The main companies-manufacturers that represent products in the Russian market

From numerous reviews of domestic buyers, the national rating of orthopedic mattresses is developing. The most popular in our country is the product of five well-known companies:

  1. Consul.
  2. Askona.
  3. Toris.
  4. Dreamline.
  5. Ormatek.

Orthopedic mattresses for children

Consul company has been working on the mattress market for a long time and is the most popular mattress brand in Russia. The products of this manufacturer are 30-50% more expensive than other similar firms( from 2 to 140 thousand rubles).

Weak covers of mattresses manufactured by Consul company are covers. They are sewed without a cant, because of which the top layer of the mattress does not hold the shape well and moves away. Cases of this company contain only one zipper( inspection).In the models most affordable for Russian consumers, mattress covers are made of cheap synthetic materials. Customers often complain about the unpleasant smell emanating from Consul's products.

Many Russians believe that the best orthopedic mattresses are manufactured by Askona. This company is the largest producer of similar products in our country. The cost of Askona products is quite high( up to 35-37 thousand rubles), because the company spends a lot of money on advertising. Of the minuses should be allocated a long production period, the absence of removable covers and the unpleasant odor coming from the products. Among the advantages is a huge assortment( any sizes of orthopedic mattresses will be found) and a 30-year warranty on spring blocks. This company supplies products for the IKEA chain of stores.

The range of mattresses from the company Toris is quite modest, although the prices will suit many potential buyers( from 1800 rubles).Consumers are unhappy with the mandatory prepayment on order( other manufacturers can pay for the goods at the time of receipt) and unpleasant smell of products. Among the advantages of products can be identified the presence of beautiful cases.

Dreamline company sells its products at quite reasonable prices( from 1500 rubles).This company produces, in addition to orthopedic mattresses, all kinds of bedroom furniture. In the range of Dreamline products there are good hard mattresses on springs( Strong series) and soft latex products with high anatomical properties( Soft series).

Ormatek company can also find a good orthopedic mattress. The price of the finished product of this company, as a rule, is lower than that of competitors( from 2000 rubles for one product).In terms of production, the company ranks second in Russia. A decent choice of products, the availability of removable covers and fast delivery attract many buyers. All mattresses( thin orthopedic and spring-based) are packed in a double film, which provides the products with additional protection.

Orthopedic mattresses with independent springs

Some tips for the care of orthopedic mattresses

So, it was done! The mattress with orthopedic effect is chosen and paid for. It's time to think about how to clean it from dust and various contaminants. Here are some tips.

  • It is recommended to vacuum the product from time to time using a special nozzle for upholstered furniture.
  • It should be taken care that the mattress does not penetrate the moisture, as this can affect its orthopedic properties.
  • If a spot appears on the mattress, then it is necessary to apply a cleaner only to the problem area. After this, rub the contaminated area with a sponge, soak it with a clean cotton cloth and dry it.
  • The mattress is recommended to be ventilated every week. At the same time it does not have to be taken out into the street - it is enough just to open the window and turn the product over to the other side.

As you can see, the answer to the question "How to choose an orthopedic mattress?" Was successfully found. Now, having consulted the attending physician, you will be able to find the right product in accordance with your taste, material possibilities and peculiarities of the organism. Successful purchases and always a good mood!

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