Pilot in the multivariate "Polaris".Recipes

Not every experienced hostess will take on the preparation of pilaf on a weekday, as observing all the necessary subtleties takes a lot of time and effort. With the advent of modern kitchen equipment, this situation has changed radically. It is very easy to cook a pilaf in the Polaris multivarquet, because the special program of the device allows you to set the desired temperature regime.

Pilaf in the Polaris Multivariate

Uzbek pilaf

To prepare this delicious dish you will have to stock up on high quality products. Do not forget to pay attention to the details. For example, rice must necessarily be round, and garlic - young. Spice, which should be stocked - this is a zira, and as the most important product should be lamb. Meat is better to take fresh or chilled with small bones and fat. How to cook a pilaf in a multivariate "Polaris"( recipe):

  1. Cut one kilogram of mutton( meat and fat) from bones and cut into a small cube.
  2. 500 grams of carrots cut into thin strips, and two bulbs - half rings.
  3. Peel the garlic head
    from the husk.
  4. Set the multivarker in the "Frying" mode, put the fat in the bowl and wait until it turns yellowish. After that, take it out and put it in a separate bowl.
  5. Fry the ovary bones until brown with the addition of salt and a pinch of zira.
  6. Add vegetables and meat to the bowl, and after a few minutes pour one liter of water into it.
  7. When the liquid boils, put garlic and two pods of hot pepper into it( their walls should not be damaged).Set the mode "Varka" for 30 minutes.
  8. One kilogram of rice thoroughly rinse and pour water.
  9. Remove the pepper and garlic from the bowl, put the rice( water should be drained), and put a whole garlic head in the center. Put the device in the "Pilaf" mode.

We cook the pilaf in the multivarquet "Polaris", do not forget to periodically add boiling water to the bowl. You can not allow the vegetables to burn because the taste of the dish will be completely ruined. When the croup becomes softer, put garlic and pepper inside, close the multivarquet with a lid and leave the pilaf for ten minutes. Remember that rice should never be mixed with other products. Instead, flip it with a spatula from the edges to the center. When the ready signal sounds, keep the appliance closed and cook for another 20 minutes in the heating mode. As you can see, cooking a pilaf in a multivariate "Polaris" is not too difficult. Once the dish is ready, transfer the rice to a large dish, from above lay the meat and remove the bones. pilaf in the multinark Polaris.recipe

Pilaf in the multivarice "Polaris" with vegetables and chicken

There are many recipes for this wonderful dish. In this case, we suggest you add green peas and corn to the traditional set of products. Read on how to cook a pilaf in the multivariate "Polaris"( recipe):

  1. Peel one bulb and one carrot from the peel. Grind the vegetables and put them in the bowl of the multivarker.
  2. Prepare the chicken( 350 grams), divide it into pieces and put it to the vegetables.
  3. Turn on the "Frying" mode and cook until the products are browned.
  4. One multistaken rice thoroughly rinse and put in a bowl along with a set of spices for pilaf and salt.
  5. Add two tablespoons ice cream peas and corn, as well as two multi-cups of water.
  6. Place the appliance in the "Pilot" mode for 50 minutes.

When the ready signal sounds, place the dish on the plates and invite everyone to the table. to cook pilaf in a multicolour Polaris

Sweet pilaf in the multivariate "Polaris"

Tasty pilaf from dried fruits is very useful, and the children adore it. In addition, you can make this dish during the fast. We cook the pilaf in the multivariate "Polaris" in this way:

  1. Dried apricots, dates and prunes( for 12-15 pieces) carefully rinse, pour boiling water, and then cut into slices.
  2. Put the dried fruits and one glass of washed rice in the cup of the multivark. Pour the products with hot water, which must first be mixed with a spoon of honey.
  3. Put the multivark in the "Pilot" mode for 25 minutes, and when the time comes out, leave the lid closed for another 10 minutes.

Sweet pilaf in the multivarquet "Polaris" is prepared very easily and quickly enough. You can serve it for breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon. we cook pilaf in multivarquet polaris


We hope that you will enjoy cooking pilaf in a multivariate and you will be more likely to please your loved ones with tasty dishes from rice.

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