How to properly dilute alcohol for domestic consumption

Alcohol is usually brewed to make a drink more suitable for ingestion. For the human body the most favorable and safe liquids with a strength of not more than 40%.Vodka is the most famous drink with such alcohol content. This product has already become national for Russia. Foreigners associate with him the concept of "Russian man".Vodka can not only be bought in the store, but also cooked at home in the kitchen. The main principle of vodka is the dilution of natural alcohol with water to the desired concentration. This process is simple, requires mandatory compliance with the main factors: proportion, additives and technology.

Proportions for correct alcohol dilution

how to properly dilute alcohol Two main components are required for cooking home-made vodka: water and alcohol. Alcohol is usually taken at a strength of 96%.Water should be clean without foreign impurities and salts. Water is better to take a spring or to clean the usual tap, passing it through a special filter. In extreme cases, you can take distilled or boil wa

ter from the tap. In any case, it must be transparent without foreign inclusions. Getting to work, you need to know clearly how to properly dilute alcohol. The secret is as follows: the prepared components are combined in a clean container in the ratio "2: 3".Thus, 2 parts of pure alcohol and 3 parts of prepared water are taken. Other concentrations will not give the desired result.

Flavors and aromatic additives

Alcohol diluted with water becomes less strong, but this is not enough to get a truly high-quality product. In order to be able to drink home-made vodka easily and with pleasure, after the main ingredients are added to the mixture, you can add a little honey, sugar and citric acid. This will make the drink softer. The liquid will not burn the throat, and honey will add to it a slight fragrance. This is the basic rule for those who want to understand how to properly dilute alcohol and not spoil the final product.

Cooking technology and holding time

The mixture obtained in this way is not vodka yet. Those who have studied chemistry know that the mixing of liquids occurs gradually. Therefore, first the mixture should be shaken well, and then left for 3-4 days until the product ripens. This procedure is mandatory. There is one more nuance. The reaction of the water and alcohol compound occurs with the release of heat. But one does not want to drink warm vodka, therefore, it is necessary to place the container with the product for all time of infusion in the refrigerator. This procedure does not end with how to properly dilute alcohol.

Cleaning of the finished product

In order for the prepared beverage to be clean and clear, it must be cleaned. To do this, before cooling into the tank, you need to throw several tablets of activated carbon. After a few hours, the mixture must be filtered through a cotton or dense fabric and only then sent to the cooling. Now the description of how to properly dilute alcohol can really be considered complete.

Culture of drinking

how to drink alcohol Not everyone can easily swallow 96% alcohol. It will not only require a great desire, but also a long training. Lovers with experience have even developed a special instruction for the consumption of undiluted alcohol. But more often in life we ​​have to drink not pure alcohol, but various kinds of alcoholic drinks. Few know how to drink properly. This science is rather complicated and requires certain skills in the field of cooking. You need to know clearly how and what to pour a particular drink, as well as what and when to eat it. And one more golden rule should be remembered: "Everything is good in moderation".You can drink a little good vodka, eat properly and feel great all evening without consequences the next day. And you can "get" champagne, overeat with chocolate and in the morning "die" for nausea and headaches. The culture of consumption of alcoholic beverages provides for the correct combination of products and the observance of quantitative norms.

Desired concentration

how to dilute alcohol Sometimes at hand there is not pure alcohol, but, for example, 70 percent. How to be in this situation? How to dilute alcohol to get regular vodka? Everything is very simple. You need to take 100 milliliters of 70% alcohol and exactly 78 milliliters of clean water. Otherwise, the cooking technology remains the same: the products are combined together, additives are made, purified, allowed to stand and cool. No one can distinguish a finished product from ordinary vodka. Sometimes for a speedy cooling part of the water is replaced with pieces of ice of the same amount. Stirring in this case is more efficient, and the drink is cooled much faster.

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