Large carp, baked in the oven. A few delicious recipes

The silver carp( or, as the Chinese called it, the "water goat") is found in the rivers of Russia and Ukraine, it is also cultivated artificially, but this does not diminish its useful properties. After all, the use of this fish is an excellent prophylaxis for many diseases, in particular, heart diseases.

How to cook carver in the oven

There are a lot of recipes, we will focus on the most popular ones. Fish in foil: carp baked in the oven

To prepare this dish, you need to use fillets, enough will be half a kilogram. Mayonnaise mixed with spices and salt, apply to the fish, then you need to make small incisions along the fillets and put there on a slice( or half of the lemon), leave a little promarinovatsya. If desired, the lemon can be replaced with any aromatic herb, for example, thyme, parsley or mint. Meanwhile, pieces of foil are laid on the baking tray, which must be oiled. After pickling the fillets, it is wrapped in foil, which already contains the onions cut into rings. The pan is put in a preheated

oven and bakes for 40-50 minutes. At the end of cooking, the foil can be opened and the snack can be slightly bruised under the grill. The silver carp in the oven is very juicy and fragrant.

Fish with cheese carver in the oven

Put the pieces of fish( naturally, washed and dried) in a mold that was previously oiled. On top, place the onions cut into half rings and sprinkle with your favorite spices. Bake for 30 minutes in the oven, heated to 160-180 degrees. The silver carb baked in the oven is not ready yet, it needs to be gotten and sprinkled with grated cheese( enough will be 100 grams), put it back in the oven and hold it a little until the cheese melts. Now the dish is ready.

Large carver baked in oven with sour cream how to cook carver in the oven Cut fish into pieces and roll in seasoning, sprinkle a little lemon juice. Leave to marinate( if the pieces have an unpleasant odor of the pond, leave to marinate longer, up to 12 hours).Then the carver should be rolled in flour and fry in a hot frying pan with butter. Cut several large bulbs into rings or half rings, lightly fry in oil and put them in a baking dish( do not forget to oil it beforehand).On the onions put pieces of fish and sprinkle with herbs( ideally it should be dill, but you can and parsley).Now fill the dish with 100 grams of sour cream and put in the oven for 30-40 minutes. We take the carp, baked in the oven, and sprinkle with cheese. Then again it returns for five minutes in a fever. The resulting dish will decorate not only an ordinary family dinner, but also a festive table.

As a conclusion

It should be noted that the small fry are rather bony, so they should be used carefully. If you use a larger carcass, get more meat, and bigger bones. The silver carb, baked in the oven, is very tasty, and it is not so important with what seasoning or in what way it will be made, the main thing is that as a result a juicy and beautiful dish will turn out. As a side dish, you can use potatoes( mashed potatoes) or simply a vegetable salad with olive oil or homemade mayonnaise.

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