Recipes for cooking fish in the oven

Recipes for cooking fish in the oven are quite diverse. This dish can be made for a festive table or family dinner. Fish, baked in the oven, has a delicate taste and is very satisfying. Difficulties in the cooking process usually does not arise. It is advisable to take a fillet pitted, especially if you plan to make a casserole or a similar dish. Ingredients can be taken different. There are recipes for cooking fish in the oven with various vegetables, cheese, etc.

How to cook salmon steak?

recipes cooking fish in the oven

So, you can make a salmon steak by following our advice. A kilo of fillet will need a spoonful of honey, lemon, a few cloves of garlic, a bunch of dill, three tablespoons of olive oil. Finely chop the greens. From the lemon squeeze out the juice, mix it with dill. Put the cloves of garlic through the press. Then all the remaining ingredients are combined, mixed well. In the received weight put salt and pepper to taste. Fillet of salmon is washed under cold water, dried on a paper to

wel. Next, the fish is laid out on food film, the above is placed the marinade. The dish is wrapped and left for half an hour. After that, the film is removed, the salmon is laid out on a baking tray( the skin should be at the bottom).Fish under marinade in the oven is not prepared for long, it must be taken into account. The maximum time should not exceed half an hour at an average temperature. If you overdo the dish, then it can become disintegrating or unpleasant, "rubber" tastes.

Cod baked with vegetables

fish marinated in the oven

Recipes for cooking fish in the oven provide for a variety of ingredients. So, the original taste is cod, baked with vegetables. For this recipe, you can take other types of fish, the main condition - it should not be too watery. A half-kilogram of cod will need a medium-sized zucchini, a medium-sized onion, a pair of cloves of garlic and 100 grams of hard cheese, ground on a grater. Fish cut into small pieces, zucchini - thin circles, onions - semirings. Vegetables are fried, garlic cloves are added to them. Half of the mixture is placed in a fire-resistant bowl. From above there is a fish, which is salted and peppered to taste. The third layer is put the remaining part of courgettes with onions. Recipes for cooking fish in the oven provide that you can take vegetables and others. So, zucchini are easily replaced by carrots, potato slices, etc.

fish in the sleeve in the oven

How to cook the sauce?

After that, the sauce for the dish is prepared. A glass of cream mixed with three tablespoons of ketchup, cheese and 15 ml of aniseed liqueur. Add crushed dill, spices, and salt. The resulting sauce is filled with fish and vegetables. The dish is sent to the oven for half an hour. Interesting tender taste has fish in the sleeve. In the oven to cook it is quite simple. For this, the fish is marinated for a certain time, after which it is baked. There are many recipes for this method of preparation, so you can choose the most suitable in terms of ingredients, and in terms of time-consuming. But you need to be sure that the result is a satisfying and satisfying dish.

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